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FÖLJ MED MIG (Come With Me) Agnetha Fältskog (Sweden) Ni som tror på att lyckan sig vänder Följ med mig, följ med mig, Vi skall fara till främmande länder Följ med mig, följ med mig. Vill du lyckan och kärleken fånga Följ med mig, följ med mig, När vi hör signalerna många Följ med mig, följ med mig. Följ mig Lyrics: Jag kände inte dig / Du kände inte mig / Vi satt vid samma busshållplats / I natten och räkna stjärnorna / Jag ville ingenting / Du ville ingenting / Men plötsligt var jag ... 'Waiting' lyrics. FKJ (French Kiwi Juice) Lyrics 'Waiting' (feat. Madelyn Grant) But don't you know it kills me? To sit around so... patiently Don't you see it's not easy The way you keep... teasing me Don't you know it drives me, drives me mad Can't hardly... stand it Nooo Well, I'm done, so done View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the 1987 CD release of Kom Följ Med I Vår Karusell on Discogs. Label: WEA - 242 186-2,WEA - 242 186-4 • Format: CD Album • Country: Europe • Genre: Pop, Children's • Lyrics to 'Fly' by Nicki Minaj. I came to win, to fight, to conquer, to thrive I came to win, to survive, to prosper, to rise To fly To fly I wish today it will rain all day Lyrics for Följ med mig på vägen genom livet by Svend Asmussen, Alice Babs. Type song title, artist or lyrics. Top lyrics Community Contribute Business. Sign in Sign up. Följ me följ me Lyrics: Nere på stranden, där finns det mesta / Läckra puddingar som gillar å festa / Bruna bönor som visar allting / Där finns biffiga män med tangastring / Hittar bästa ... Behöver du exempel, följ vårt Slå hårt, skjut ner Tills kaos och blod och dieselrök är allting du ser Du vandrar i motvind där ljungviggar slå Du vet att du måste så kriga nu på Häcklare samlas där ledare gå Så håll bara linjen ni utvalda få Stå fast, slå hårt Behöver du exempel, följ vårt Slå hårt, skjut ner A list of lyrics, artists and songs that contain the term 'fly' - from the Lyrics.com website.

Am I reading 'Fragile' correctly?

2020.08.01 05:28 monkinchoo Am I reading 'Fragile' correctly?

First off this is probably in my top 3 songs in e (though basically every song is) but after the first time I read the lyrics I can hardly listen to this song unless I'm ready to REALLY listen and I always end up crying...
At the end of the first verse the lyric 'Salt crystals dissolving, cook off the tap water' is talking about preparing some kind of drug right? (ketamine, heroin, something else??).
Then the incredibly haunting and emotional breathing and the second verse where the emotions mixed with the drugs sounds like his mind is just falling apart. At the end of the verse he is reflecting on his life and bargaining/pleading 'I’m missing something.. I’ll do it all for nothing'
Then the outro - if I translated right - he is on the border between life and death, finally telling himself 'Följ ljuset' - follow the light... And the song ends
In the universe of this song, is this him basically overdosing and dying?
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2016.11.01 06:34 raoulduke25 From campy folk songs to hard-hitting headbangers: a retrospective of an enigmatic and curiously persistent religious music scene

I couldn't tell you the number of times over the years that the subject of Christian metal has come up in which somebody asks, "How can you have Christian metal? Isn't that a contradiction?" Those of you who have been listening to music for a long time might wonder what would prompt somebody to ask this. After all, you may be thinking, music is just music and people can sing about whatever subject they like in whatever style they like. And this is true, but this wasn't always so.
The big disconnect comes into play when you understand what Christian music was limited to for the past couple thousand years: music intended to be used in the Mass or Divine Liturgy. Music was introduced into Christian services as a way to solemnise the Christian sacrifice and as such was there to lift the spirits of the worshippers to think of higher things. As such, no percussion was used as percussion has a temporal aspect to it, marking time in rhythmic sequence. The music had to be removed from the confines of time. Not only was percussion not used, but no instruments were used at all until the fourteenth century, and even then, it was only the organ.
Instruments in general (and percussion especially) were associated with revelry, carousing, and the like. Not necessarily evil things, of course, but not appropriate for worship. The concept of writing Christian music with instruments would not happen until the Renaissance. Writing Masses with percussion was done in the eighteenth century, but these Masses were not originally intended to be sung in an actual Mass. But slowly over the years, Christian artists began to appropriate various "profane" instruments into their music. Again, never for worship purposes, but rather just to make music.
But even with the explosion of musical genres in the twentieth century, I don't think anybody had any idea where Christian music would go. Religious people by default shunned musical innovation. The atonalists were criticised equally by musical purists as well as clerics. Jazz was heavily stigmatised by practising Christians and wouldn't become mainstream for several decades. Rock underwent the same stigma and as artists began delving into lyrical themes of drug use, illicit sex, and the occult, there began to foment an idea that rock music (not just the lyrics) was literally of Be'elzebul himself.
But there was a group of people in California in the late sixties who practised Christianity but were culturally part of the hippie movement. They protested the war on Saturdays, but they went to church the next morning. They played rock with guitars and drums, but they sang about Jesus. They had long hair and tattoos, but they carried bibles under their arms. They lived in communes, decried cannabis consumption, sang original scripture songs instead of the traditional hymns used in evangelical churches. This appropriation of guitars and percussion into Christian songs was the beginning.
For hundreds of years, Christianity was the leading cause for innovation in western music. But now that Christian music was taking from other existing forms, it fell into a place where it would be perpetually cursed: always riding on waves of the successful music from four (4) years ago. So the first Christian rock album (The Minority - From Bach to Rock) would come in 1967a and it sounds curiously like early Peter, Paul & Mary, Bob Dylan, and the Beatles from 1963.
This hippie-infused Christian folk/rock would remain in relative obscurity before eventually leading to Christian hard rock in the seventies. In 1980, four (4) years after the release of Judas Priest's Sad Wings of Destiny, the first Christian metal album, Hear the Light, would be released by Barnabas, a California-based band formed in 1977.
Other bands that started cropping up around the same time with releases in the early eighties were:
Starting in 1983, Christian metal scene began to branch into other subgenres:
By the time 1985 rolled around, scores of good Christian metal bands were forming or had already put out releases. The Christian metal scene is doomed to obscurity forever for various reasonsb and all but the three (3) most popular bands classify as "obscure" by the standards of this subreddit. So whilst Stryper is practically a household name, people who are even remotely familiar with Christian metal will know some bands like Barren Cross, Saint, Bloodgood, and Bride. So here are some of the ones that fly under the radar sometimes:
The tail end of the eighties would see the very first seeds of what would become the Christian extreme metal scene:
Maybe if this forum is still here a decade from now, I can cover the nineties and delve into the history of the Christian black metal scene. But for now, this is where my story ends. For those of you who are interested in more, feel free to visit /christianmetal. Thanks for reading.
a. Special thanks to ColinOnReddit for digging this release up and sharing it with all of us here some time back.
b. Christian metal can never be mainstream, for the main reason that if you are promoting Christian beliefs, you will be a tiny minority in the metal scene, and if you like metal, you will be a tiny minority of the Christian church. Both groups - metalheads and Christians alike - have generally agreed with each other in that Christianity and metal are incongruous to each other and to have heavy metal songs sung from a Christian perspective is contradictory.
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