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Personal review of Apocrypha S - Toyosu pit 2014.12.20

2014.12.20 20:57 monsterpanda Personal review of Apocrypha S - Toyosu pit 2014.12.20

Before the show there was some bickering over whether or not to sing happy birthday. The community on Twitter was divided before the show. This became taboo subject to talk about among the fans in Japan. I did not want to report this, but since there is some confusion, I thought it would be best set the record straight due to misinformation.
The day started early. Everyone was expecting to show up around noon... but the first reports of "Hey there is a line" over twitter came in at 8 am. I was at tsukiji eating Keiji (I highly recommend anyone going to SSA, as it is only available in the winter time and is hard to find)... so hurried my lazy ass between 10-11, earlier then I planned.
As I waited in line, it started to rain like it does in Hilo. You know, da kine. So I waited in line wearing only a Babymetal hoodie, since I was used to this kind of weather. Then the "let's sing the birthday" paper got passed around. I was angry at what started as a good intention was dividing the community. The person doing this was calling themselves the official birthday committee with no name attached, trying to sound official, it just came off all wrong. One person was really wise and tweeted, "If they really wanted it to happen, they should of gotten cute girls cosplaying asking people to do this". But before this sour note started to take place everyone got excited.
Tweets were coming in, "I saw the one of them, and they returned the Kitsune sign back to me... " Or "I hear the sound check. A song I never heard before" along with "I hear the new song the one." There was confusion, is it a new song or the one? The place was starting to become cheerful. Then the crowd started to get excited and stood up... The cool Takyubin came (think fed ex trucks) and boxes and boxes of merch came out. People were very excited as earlier reports was there were only 7 boxes were at the show (I am not sure if that caused everyone to panic and arrive early).
I also found out later, hanging out in the bathroom was the place to be since you can hear the sound check clear, as the bathrooms for the venue are the same, allowing it to be a outside & venue bathroom. During one point of the sound check construction next to the pit started and left this eerie thundering gong sound filing the air. And just when we were close to the merch line starting, the rain began to pour.
Since I had a nice spot My position Pic 1 & Pic 2, I cheered as they set up the 3 items to buy. I got my shirt to say I celebrated the Queens 17th birthday.
After getting the merch, I tried looking for people I follow on Twitter but the rain made it hard to hangout and talk to people. I was shocked to see Hiyo-Metal walk by chasing her Father in the rain. She is so much smaller in person. I guess her charisma makes her look bigger in pictures. People started to hang out at the cafe next door to get away from the rain. There I saw the famous Heavy Metal Cosplay Family, HISA-METAL, SAKI-METAL & the 3 Chibi METAL. They were so cute as they waved Onedari Daisakusen toyosu note stickers I handed to them.
While I was hanging out in my group, I was told that they shut down the merch line. I felt bad for the people who were waiting for hours in the rain. During the setup things looked disorderly, as the facial recondition machines kept going in and out of the venue. I joked, I guess you never know what happens at the BABYMETAL show.
Before we headed back to the cattle call I was told I should not bring my umbrella. Most people will just stash it in the hallway and pick up any old umbrella without doing a coat check for events like this. (note if it looks like it is going to rain pick up a 100 yen umbrella from a convenience store for SSA.) I braved the cold rain that was pouring hard. People started to gather around the entrance. There was this big number thing. They told people if you have a bad number go to the back. Then they started calling in the numbers to enter. First in blocks of 5. Then in 10s... I was in the 180 block... And as I was entering I thought I saw Maron-metal. But before I had a chance to say Hi, I focused on my most important mission of all... To give the Queen, her angles and the gods a gift. In Japan there is a section where you can drop off gifts and fan mail to BABYMETAL. (Just make sure it is clearly marked for whom it is for.) I placed the items carefully in the box, and wondered if they would enjoy my offering.
After giving my gift, I said screw it to the 500yen drink I had to pay to get in. Since Toyosu Pit is a live house they still had those stupid One Drink Min. rules. If you did not have 500 yen you were not getting in.
As I entered the pit, I noticed all the nice spots in the center were taken. I was told that the A block you had to look up to see the stage. So I gunned for the front rails of the B block. Since the center was all gone I placed my self on Moa's side closest to the center by the rails. It was great to see the show in a place I have never been to before, so I thought I would see what Ohmura is really like, as I don't get to see him often from Center or Yui side, which have been my positions at previous shows.
After the nervousness of if I really picked the right spot settled, I noticed a song just like "The One". it was then I discovered it was Dragonforce (lol). Then they played other metal songs. Even Judas Priest, a nod to what is coming in May with "Rock on the Range". The crowd started to sing in the chorus sections for some of the songs... Then silence filled the room, and a loud applause. I saw someone check their cell phone for the time, and the show was about to start. Everyone started to clap, then it died, then we clapped again, then it died again... I lost count, but just as the crowd was getting restless, the venue started to played more metal music to which the crowd sang along to, to try and calm us down.
Then the music stopped and a ladies voice announcing the show will start soon came on. It was something I have never heard at a BABYMETAL show. The lady also warned of what not to do such as taping and such. Then the projector showed images onto the curtains. We were told a tale, of the legends... and the chosen ones will be witness to the off record tales… They showed us everything since the last Apocrypha event. glorious pro shots of LA. Lady Gaga, heavy Montreal, encore NY and London. The Lady Gaga shots were decent, but the LA & NY shows were Legend 1999 quality. But boy, the proshot of London was amazing. Sweeping crane cameras showing Yui waving the flag, shots from the crowd, capturing crowd surfers and the excitement. They really did a good job of capturing the show, on and off stage to make you feel like you were there.
In all honesty if the show ended there I would of been happy.
Then the famous silhouetteson the curtain, and the thunderous sound of the drums… BABYMETAL DEATH. The crowd was in unison going mental to see BABYMETAL. This is when my position of the pit was a wise choice as the gates were padded nicely. It was comfortable even when I was being pushed. From this point on, I was taken to the magical land of where reality blurs and the fantasy begin.
Just as I got over the shock of "I'm really here" Doki Doki Morning came on. The Japanese crowd has the moves and call back perfected. Then something I have never seen happened, the Queen took control of the call and response. She commanded "Say" and boy did I scream and raise the Kitsune sign even more fierce. This was the most energetic and commanding performance of Doki Doki Morning I have ever seen. I needed time to process this...
But nope, they added something else that I am still confused by. Is it a cover? Is it a new song. I'll be honest, I have no clue. It felt more pop with a really heavy sound, very BABYMETAL, but before you judge the song know this. "The dance is really cute". Hands making a big circle above your head, a wiggle and that damn cute smile. Every time the girls made the bubble over their heads the crowd started to do one in unison. I had a huge grin on my face and my brain could not process anything at this point. (Note: we now know it was not a cover, but a song prob to compliment Giveme Choco.)
Next came Onedari Daisakusen... Before I figured out what was going on, whom do I see on stage? Su metal. She started make her presence known that she is in the House!! I'm not a hip hop person, but I did not care. I Had my hands up and just hopped like crazy. I even used the rails to boost me up even higher then I should as I was going crazy. Yui, Moa and now Su in support of the Onedari Daisakusen, I almost went mental and wanted to just really toss real money to the floor. It was seriously "shut up and take my money" I need a copy of this NOW!!
Catch Me If You Can came on next. The kami band solo... But what do I hear? Ohmura's 3 note prick on someone else's solo? Oh, Ohmura your just really too good. You have to listen for it or you'll never know, it adds and never distracts when he is even messing around. (Also thank you to the bootleg, I missed Ohmura playing happy birthday! - that is how much my brain was having trouble keeping up) Then BOH came on on slapped that Bass. A new solo riff!! I don't write swears often, but seriously, Fuckin no way... How much new crap can BABYMETAL throw in my face. Fuckkkkk... I need to go to SSA, it's going to be a full blown "I can change even the same old songs and make it new again." One guy was even propped up in front of the kami band to show the crowds appreciation of the awesomeness of the gods.
Akatsuki came following the thunderous roar of CMIYC. Thank you, I can finally put my brain to rest and melt away at the Queens voice. The hands were all up in the air forming a wave like pattern as we worshiped the goddess.
After the Akatsuki was over I see Su holding up something. Is it a new mike? Oh my god, she is holding a flower... And Headbanger!! kicks in. Like the Queen with power she forcefully tosses it stage left. The sweet 15 year old is now 17 and commanding the stage with authority. Heado ban. Heado ban. I then notice Yui and Moa making eye contact as they switched positions. It was magical. They were communicating when they exchanged looks. "How's the show going? because I am having a blast." It was the biggest smile I seen to date. They were really having fun being on stage and celebrating Su's birthday.
Then good old Giveme Choco. This time I am on Moa's side so I have not got to see what Yui is like on the stage during the call and response. True showmanship, a cute "More, More" in Japanese, begging us to scream louder then possible. She gave us this pouty face like we can do better... So I muster more then what you thought was possible. Then her smile gets bigger and bigger. It was so worth it to destroy my vocal cords... and just when I thought I could rest, the queen commands. So as her faithful subject I obliged. The crowd was mental at this point. Throughout the show we had crowd surfers, but during Giveme Choco, if you were center and front, you could not watch the show as bodies kept flying down, it was like a conveyer belt of bodies just flying down.
Then "The One". The crowd chanted "Wall of death" "Wall of Death", but people are not prepared. Su does the parting move, but there is no time. The chariot race has begun, so the sections in the front just go mental and we have small circle pits forming. (I read one tweet later there were mini WOD) The circle pit in front of me was brutally fast. Then it hits me. Aoyama God is a beast on the Bass drum. Seriously WTF. I heard people say he can mimic any BPM that can be produced on the drum machine, but I have no fucking clue how he is doing all this keeping the charge going on at full speed. The chanting was the first time in Japan, and we were in euphoria.
As the girls say "We are BABYMETAL" and gets the crowd pumped, they go off stage with the sassy "See you~" we all adore.. The gods start waving good by and throw the pick and stick. Then it happened. The announcer lady took us back into reality. "The show is now over"
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