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Un grupo de Meetup es una comunidad en la que puedes encontrar desde actividades que te gusta realizar a aficiones que te encantaría probar, y donde disfrutarás de un ambiente con el que te identificas y del estilo de vida que te gustaría adquirir. Una comunidad de personas que se juntan porque les une un mismo nexo común. Bumble has changed the way people date, find friends, and the perception of meeting online, for the better. Women make the first move. On iPhone + Android. Local single moms, free online dating website where single mothers can find love. Find sexy single mothers today in your local area. Profiles are 100% free and can be created in minutes. AWS databases are built for business-critical, enterprise workloads, offering high availability, reliability, and security. These databases support multi-region, multi-master replication, and provide full oversight of your data with multiple levels of security, including network isolation using Amazon VPC, encryption at rest using keys you create and control through AWS Key Management Service ... The world’s most experienced data protection, business continuity, and ransomware protection provider, safeguarding applications and systems on-premises and in the cloud. Queue definition, a braid of hair worn hanging down behind. See more. Extract rows that meet criteria with Filter function. In Excel, you can filter the rows meeting the criteria first, and then copy them to another location. 1. Select the range included headers you want to extract rows from, click Data > Filter to add the Filter icons beside headers. See screenshot: The Federal Reserve Board of Governors in Washington DC. Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System. The Federal Reserve, the central bank of the United States, provides the nation with a safe, flexible, and stable monetary and financial system. Google Meet para grupos y equipos: Los grupos dentro de una organización también pueden usar Meet para crear reuniones de video que ayuden a los compañeros de trabajo a conectarse uno a uno, colaborar en equipo y más.Google describe que es perfecta para los equipos que necesitan acceso a las funciones más avanzadas de Meet, como conectar participantes desde una llamada telefónica ... Further Reading. There are many definitions of “open” and this is but one. The 2007 working group’s definition sits at the unique intersection of open government and open data and has United States sensibilities.. For a broader notion of open data, see the Open Definition (2005).. See the resources at the right, and continue reading below for annotated principles of open government data ...

Kickstarter Roundup: September 6, 2020 25+ Ending Soon (including: Cafe Chaos : The Odd 1s Out) & 50+ New This Week (including: Streets)

2020.09.06 21:32 Zelbinian Kickstarter Roundup: September 6, 2020 25+ Ending Soon (including: Cafe Chaos : The Odd 1s Out) & 50+ New This Week (including: Streets)

What this is:

This is a weekly, curated listing of Kickstarter board game projects that are either:
All board game projects meeting those criteria will automatically be included, no need to ask. (The occasional non-board game project may also sneak in!)
Expect new lists each Sunday sometime between midnight and noon PST.

Ending Soon

Project Info Players Backers Min / Avg Pledge Ends Comments
Pony Wars Collectible Card Game Creating a collectible card game // Has raised $933 of $200 so far. (~466%) ☑ 8 $60 / $117 Sep 08 kicktraq #hmm
Dungeon Coin A microgame that fits on a coin. Die & Retry in order to finish the dungeon. // Has raised €1,114 of €200 so far. (~557%) ☑ 1 175 $5 / €6 Sep 08 kicktraq
Grimm Fairy Tales TAROT a Game of Souls A card game based on Coup d'Etat, first played within the dungeons of France over two centuries ago! // Has raised $34,261 of $25,000 so far. (~137%) ☑ 3 - 5 289 $25 / $119 Sep 08 kicktraq
Stefan Feld City Collection - Hamburg & Amsterdam Hamburg & Amsterdam kick off the Stefan Feld City Collection which will expand over many years to come! // Has raised $801,009 of $50,000 so far. (~1602%) ☑ varies 3025 $65 / $265 Sep 08 kicktraq
The Megan Board Game Table This Project is about the Megan board game table family. The innovative gaming tables designed and loved by thousands of gamers. // Has raised £282,651 of £30,000 so far. (~942%) ☑ 418 $1129 / £676 Sep 09 kicktraq #bling
ENDANGERED ORPHANS: HOUSE OF RATH New boogeyman. New orphans. New gameplay. Once again, the orphans are running for their lives—this time in the House of Rath! // Has raised $109,531 of $4,097 so far. (~2673%) ☑ 2 - 6 2055 $30 / $53 Sep 09 kicktraq
On the Rivet: The Race for the Champion's Stripes A racing-themed strategy game where every rider counts, from front to back. // Has raised $5,855 of $5,500 so far. (~106%) ☑ 3 - 7 68 $55 / $86 Sep 09 kicktraq #take2
Is That Banana Loaded? (TM) New dice and card game. Steal the Gold from the Goblin and get Home, but beware other players will battle you with their crazy weapons. // Has raised £383 of £200 so far. (~192%) ☑ 2 - 5 22 $14 / £17 Sep 09 kicktraq
The Squire - Hardwood Dice Storage Companion Magnetized, modular and multi functional, add what you need for your adventure and store your treasured dice set in it for safekeeping. // Has raised £6,100 of £1,500 so far. (~407%) ☑ 129 $27 / £47 Sep 10 kicktraq #bling
Cretaceous : A Dinosaur Hunting Adventure Take on the role of mercenaries sent back in time to capture dinosaurs. Will you bring back the biggest prize in 65 million years? // Has raised $3,336 of $5,800 so far. (~58%) 2 - 4 48 $48 / $70 Sep 10 kicktraq
Dining with Dracula A family-friendly blood draining worker placement & time management adventure, where Dracula’s relatives compete to inherit his empire! // Has raised $33,678 of $25,000 so far. (~135%) ☑ 2 - 4 663 $59 / $51 Sep 10 kicktraq
ATTACKITCA Pirate Sea Battle A sea battle between Pirates and The British Empire. Who will win and conquer // Has raised €9,441 of €13,550 so far. (~70%) 2 79 $42 / €120 Sep 10 kicktraq #take2
Cafe Chaos : The Odd 1s Out An Odd 1s Out Food Fight Card game // Has raised $684,818 of $10,000 so far. (~6848%) ☑ 3 - 8 7109 $25 / $96 Sep 10 kicktraq
Uprising - Curse of the Last Emperor A fully cooperative 4X fantasy board game for 1-4 players set in a post-apocalyptic world. // Has raised $265,190 of $40,000 so far. (~663%) ☑ 1 - 4 2696 $79 / $98 Sep 10 kicktraq
Left at the Bottom of the Garden Chapter Two A set of high quality, lead-free metal miniatures of lost toys, suitable for tabletop gaming, painting and collecting. // Has raised £6,663 of £800 so far. (~833%) ☑ 231 $7 / £29 Sep 10 kicktraq #minis
LEGACY! The Ultimate Card Game to Close the Wealth Gap LEGACY! the card game that empowers our youth to build their LEGACY in an equitable world. // Has raised $5,623 of $507 so far. (~1109%) ☑ 2 - 5 113 $29 / $50 Sep 10 kicktraq
Playmats and Bags for Board Games Designed from popular feedback. Made by BoardGameTables.com. // Has raised $221,652 of $10,000 so far. (~2217%) ☑ 4104 $29 / $54 Sep 10 kicktraq #bling
Mathic Number Card Game Mathic Number is an educational math card game/deck that helps parents and teachers build number sense in their students. // Has raised $396 of $250 so far. (~158%) ☑ 10 $30 / $40 Sep 10 kicktraq
SYNDICATE: An Interplanetary Conquest Board Game (REDUX!) Build the most formidable interplanetary criminal empire in this new thematic sci-fi board game. // Has raised $48,900 of $35,000 so far. (~140%) ☑ 1 - 5 867 $55 / $56 Sep 10 kicktraq #take2
Beets Bombs and the Blüffs A Game for People who love Bragging, Bluffing, and Blowing up their friends. // Has raised $6,829 of $2,500 so far. (~273%) ☑ 4 - 6 168 $25 / $41 Sep 10 kicktraq
"IZAYOI" Board game Made in Japan - 十六夜小町 As an artisan, collect beautiful wakomono(Japanese accessories), but don't outdo your master. An easy to play, yet strategic board game // Has raised ¥1,982,615 of ¥100,000 so far. (~1983%) ☑ 3 - 5 353 $26 / ¥5,616 Sep 11 kicktraq
New Osaka : Battle to Rebuild Prosperity In a city still ravaged by Kaiju, your Corporation needs to fight, utilize its workers, & manage its resources successfully to prevail! // Has raised $9,156 of $8,000 so far. (~114%) ☑ 2 - 5 122 $79 / $75 Sep 11 kicktraq #take2
Final Act II - Reinforced Lead a tank company into battle. Plan, maneuver, fire! A fast pace tactical adrenaline rush - easy rules tough decisions. // Has raised $6,967 of $11,500 so far. (~61%) 2 171 $35 / $41 Sep 11 kicktraq
GUN&SLINGER A game of mystery, hope, and finding your way in a world twisted by the forgotten child of a god that ate the sky. // Has raised $22,864 of $4,350 so far. (~526%) ☑ 900 $12 / $25 Sep 12 kicktraq #rpg
Jokes On You - Party Game for the Creative & Witty Write / Re-Write Your Own Jokes, Puns, Dad Jokes Mad-Lib Style // Has raised $570 of $150 so far. (~380%) ☑ 3+ 28 $24 / $20 Sep 12 kicktraq
Lightning Strike! card platform game (manufactured) A 1 - 4 player game where lightning striking the same place twice is a bad thing! // Has raised $417 of $80 so far. (~521%) ☑ 1 - 4 13 $20 / $32 Sep 12 kicktraq
Two Trumps and a Lie Card Game Can’t tell the actual Trump quotes from ones that are completely made up? SAD. But hilarious! So let’s Make Game Night Great Again! // Has raised $31,450 of $10,000 so far. (~314%) ☑ 3+ 848 $25 / $37 Sep 12 kicktraq #take2
GROWL: Madness and Plagues 3 bites turns a human into a wolf... this is madness! // Has raised $28,267 of $15,000 so far. (~188%) ☑ 4 - 10 1076 $5 / $26 Sep 12 kicktraq #reprint #expansion

New This Week

Project Info Players Backers Min / Avg Pledge Ends Comments
"Sun, Sea & Souvenirs" - a fun family board game A fun family board game for ages 10 - adult // Has raised €201 of €31,500 so far. (~1%) 7 $30 / €29 Oct 01 #lolwut
3 CARD GAMES Inventive & minimal design. // Has raised €1,027 of €3,500 so far. (~29%) 2 - 6 26 $11 / €40 Nov 02
6 more historic international strategy board games 6 MORE "Peg Pastimes" classic collectible strategy games from Nigeria, Greece, Morocco, Siam, England and Hawaii // Has raised $2,340 of $2,000 so far. (~117%) ☑ varies 34 $15 / $69 Oct 04
As You 'Wich A Hilarious Game for Sandwich Lovers // Has raised $15,083 of $10,000 so far. (~151%) ☑ 3 - 8 323 $20 / $47 Oct 02
Autofarmer: The card game A competitive card game about growing cannabis. Withstand nature and opponents in the merciless world of danky dank weed growers. // Has raised $1,497 of $15,000 so far. (~10%) 2 - 4 44 $12 / $34 Oct 01
Baseball Wars 1 on 1 card game great for ALL ages No boards, graphs, pen/pencil or dice (Just cards, instructions included) Multiple ways to play // Has raised $83 of $25,600 so far. (~0%) 2 3 $20 / $28 Nov 01 #take2 #lolwut
Birthright: Tactical Strategy Card Game Humans, Dwarves, Goblins, and the Undead war to claim the throne by moving cards on a board giving a whole new dimension to card games. // Has raised $2,800 of $35,000 so far. (~8%) 2 39 $40 / $72 Oct 01
BOMBS: the card game. a print and play card game designed to play with friends and family. // Has raised MX$1,459 of MX$2,000 so far. (~73%) 2 - 5 22 $2 / MX$66 Sep 25
Carbon City Zero: World Edition Carbon City Zero: World Edition is a collaborative deck-building game, in which players develop a sustainable city. // Has raised £8,172 of £4,000 so far. (~204%) ☑ 1 - 4 242 $20 / £34 Oct 02 #newedition
Chokomannaro - 2 games in 1 - Cute little chocolates invade our world but they bring an awful secret with them. Find out what it is by playing Chokomannaro // Has raised €408 of €6,000 so far. (~7%) varies 18 $21 / €23 Sep 30
Code On: Can you crack the genetic code? Code On is a problem-solving card game that involves cracking the genetic code! More details at: http://www.cognition-games.com // Has raised €5,319 of €6,000 so far. (~89%) 2 - 4 108 $27 / €49 Oct 02
Cracker Games One giant cracker. Six brilliant games. Reusable, re-playable & plastic-free. The perfect addition to your Christmas table. // Has raised £4,999 of £2,000 so far. (~250%) ☑ varies 134 $14 / £37 Oct 01
Crazy Taco Start a new day at the mexican fast food restaurant. Do not lose popularity and deal with all the customers and issues that may happen. // Has raised €4,577 of €4,300 so far. (~106%) ☑ 1 - 2 213 $18 / €21 Sep 21
Devil in the Wilderness - A Card Based Miniatures Game Get in on this game of witch hunting in Colonial America.. where you can be the hunter, the hunted... or both! // Has raised $2,520 of $1,500 so far. (~168%) ☑ 2 - 5 30 $25 / $84 Oct 01
Dungeon Coin A microgame that fits on a coin. Die & Retry in order to finish the dungeon. // Has raised €1,114 of €200 so far. (~557%) ☑ 1 175 $5 / €6 Sep 08
EETENKI / 詠天記 -The Queen Himiko Chronicles- A Made in Japan board game in which you are a shaman leading a small country, aiming to become "Himiko," the queen of ancient Japan. // Has raised ¥339,209 of ¥2,000,000 so far. (~17%) 2 - 4 30 $95 / ¥11,307 Oct 02
Father Christmas Kidnapped! A print, cut and play cooperative Christmas-themed boardgame with a fun story to read as you play. // Has raised £2 of £250 so far. (~1%) 2 $2 / £1 Sep 30
Finger Your Friends! - An Adult Comedy Party Game! YOU ARE THE GAME! Tell awesome stories, answer awkward questions, accept ridiculous challenges & Finger Your Friends! // Has raised $460 of $25 so far. (~1840%) ☑ 4 - 6 14 $25 / $33 Oct 01#nsfw
FUTURES - A Transformative Storytelling Game Imagine and share your stories of alternative future worlds. // Has raised C$2786 of C$2500 so far. (~111%) ☑ 1 - 8 121 $20 / C$23 Oct 03
Gone Bunkers: A card game for people who love war games A card game for people who love war games and nuking their friends. Did we mention you are also going against robots & aliens? // Has raised $1,426 of $3,500 so far. (~41%) 2 - 6 28 $20 / $51 Sep 30
Grim Horizons – Adventures Told Through Combat The sci-fi miniature wargame set in the decaying ruins of the far future. // Has raised C$301 of C$1000 so far. (~30%) 2+ 8 $16 / C$38 Oct 06
GROWL: Madness and Plagues 3 bites turns a human into a wolf... this is madness! // Has raised $28,267 of $15,000 so far. (~188%) ☑ 4 - 10 1076 $5 / $26 Sep 12 #reprint #expansion
Ivion - The Herocrafting Card Game Play out the brutal climax to an epic story in Ivion, an immersive 2 player experience. Craft your hero and reach for glory! // Has raised $16,886 of $28,743 so far. (~59%) 2 171 $39 / $99 Sep 24
Lark A Game of Challenge & Chance // Has raised $4,685 of $10,000 so far. (~47%) 2+ 87 $25 / $54 Sep 24
Laser Ponies: An RPG for Everybody An all-ages tabletop RPG of magical ponies who shoot lasers from their eyes! // Has raised $807 of $700 so far. (~115%) ☑ 35 $ / $23 Oct 01
Lightning Strike! card platform game (manufactured) A 1 - 4 player game where lightning striking the same place twice is a bad thing! // Has raised $417 of $80 so far. (~521%) ☑ 1 - 4 13 $20 / $32 Sep 12
MathCraft - multiplication table +/-/:/x a game for children that teaches the multiplication tables +/-/x/: // Has raised £1 of £850 so far. (~0%) 2 1 $34 / £1 Sep 18
Mayflower Pilgrims card game A quick-to-play game recreating the story of the Mayflower Pilgrims and their first year in New England // Has raised £119 of £2,500 so far. (~5%) 1 - 5 5 $27 / £24 Sep 20
Mercado de Lisboa A thinky filler game by Julián Pombo and Vital Lacerda with artwork by Pedro Soto // Has raised $91,865 of $25,000 so far. (~367%) ☑ 1 - 4 3061 $34 / $30 Sep 18
MFL International - Mini Football League Playing American Football at home without demolishing the apartment! MFL is a board game that requires tactics, skill and strategy. // Has raised €1,598 of €10,620 so far. (~15%) 2 22 $70 / €73 Sep 25 #take2
Perfect Earth: Orangutans A unique board game for the entire family, about the impact of deforestation on the Orangutans of Borneo and Sumatra. // Has raised €2,552 of €25,000 so far. (~10%) 2 - 6 44 $36 / €58 Sep 30
Perfect Pyramid: Pyramid building playing cards A pyramid building card game and playing cards that allow for a number of easy to learn and fun game variations for the whole family. // Has raised $78 of $6,500 so far. (~1%) 1 - 8 4 $15 / $20 Oct 01
Philosophia: Floating World An epic sandbox adventure set in feudal Japan. Philosophia: Floating World is a fully simultaneous deckbuilder for 1 to 6 players. // Has raised £29,857 of £24,000 so far. (~124%) ☑ 1 - 6 403 $92 / £74 Oct 01
Political Pandemic Panic Board Game Race your friends to become president amidst a global crisis in this game of absurd jokes, deception, and dumb luck. // Has raised $1,497 of $25,000 so far. (~6%) 3 - 8 27 $55 / $55 Oct 03 #hmm
Puzzle Dungeon Deluxe Edition Reprint The endlessly playable monster-hunting solitaire card game. // Has raised $10,992 of $6,000 so far. (~183%) ☑ 1 204 $18 / $54 Sep 21 #reprint
Rebellion A Social Deduction Party Game // Has raised $1,983 of $10,000 so far. (~20%) 23 $25 / $86 Sep 30
RIFTFORCE Elegant deck construction and tense hand management packed in 1 box. A duel game from an experienced team with 3150 possible match ups. // Has raised €15,271 of €10,000 so far. (~153%) ☑ 2 510 $30 / €30 Oct 01
Rules. A 3-4 player party game where you follow, change, enforce, claim, and break the rules. // Has raised $2,401 of $4,000 so far. (~60%) 3 - 4 95 $20 / $25 Oct 04
Rurik: Stone & Blade (Reprint & Expansion) Seize your destiny and claim the throne! The first expansion to the critically-acclaimed Rurik: Dawn of Kiev, a euro-style board game. // Has raised $114,062 of $50,000 so far. (~228%) ☑ 1 - 4 1640 $39 / $70 Sep 23 #reprint #expansion
Shards of the Jaguar Shards of the Jaguar is a "dungeon-deduction" game, where you play the heroes and the dungeon as well, by setting dangerous traps. // Has raised €14,067 of €20,000 so far. (~70%) 2 - 4 287 $54 / €49 Oct 01
Solar Rage Un juego de mesa de 2 a 4 jugadores, que combina batallas espaciales con la gestión de recursos. // Has raised €1,449 of €5,000 so far. (~29%) 2 - 4 47 $24 / €31 Oct 01
Streets An urban tile laying game for 1-5 players from the designer of Villagers. // Has raised £161,886 of £29,500 so far. (~549%) ☑ 1 - 5 4344 $31 / £37 Oct 01
Tails of Conflict Cats battle dogs in this fast-paced deck-building card game of adorable animals! // Has raised £2,317 of £10,000 so far. (~23%) 2 - 4 53 $39 / £44 Sep 27 #take2
The Pet Cemetery Chain cards together to outwit, outplay, and race your friends to the end in this light 30-min pet monster themed board game. // Has raised C$9280 of C$10000 so far. (~93%) 2 - 6 159 $30 / C$58 Oct 01
There's A Yak On The Track! There's a Yak on the Track! While Rocco the Rhino works to move the Yak, you try to steal as many of the train cars as possible. // Has raised $704 of $15,000 so far. (~5%) 13 $17 / $54 Oct 16
Tomorrow Dies Today - A Strategy Game for Supervillains A strategy board game with 3 game modes: Syndicate (Solo/Cooperative), Mayhem (Team vs Team), and Cutthroat (Competitive/Co-Op Hybrid) // Has raised $12,708 of $15,000 so far. (~85%) 1 - 6 133 $65 / $96 Oct 01
ToysandArt : Skyball Big Win Board Game Board game for 2 to 8 players Solid confection. Family fun time // Has raised $150 of $10,000 so far. (~2%) 2 - 8 4 $59 / $38 Oct 01
Trophy Town.. A unique board game celebrating the rich sports history of Boston and the 2 Decades of domination.! // Has raised $2 of $4,000 so far. (~0%) 2 - 4 2 $40 / $1 Oct 03 #take2 #lolwut
War and Peace 6th Edition The 6th edition of Mark McLaughlin's War and Peace // Has raised $31,711 of $22,000 so far. (~144%) ☑ 2 312 $39 / $102 Sep 30 #newedition
WARSCRIPT™ — Play-by-Mail MMORTS Massively Multiplayer Sci-Fi Strategy Game — Played through the mail! // Has raised $636 of $8,900 so far. (~7%) 20 $5 / $32 Sep 30
WAY OF THE SAMURAI : Blood and Bushido Expansion + Reprint A Solo Card Game of Samurai Fights! // Has raised €26,023 of €5,000 so far. (~520%) ☑ 1 1045 $11 / €25 Sep 29 #reprint #expansion
ZENTIVA: The Game A Strategy Game Based on the Acquisition of Property in the Cannabis Market // Has raised C$3 of C$9000 so far. (~0%) 2 - 4 3 $66 / C$1 Oct 26 #lolwut

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  • #hmm means that something about the project seems a little off. Buyer beware kinda thing.
  • #lolwut is reserved for projects that seem like copycat games or campaigns put together with little thought. Check 'em out for amusement.
  • #take tags are for projects that have been restarted for some reason, with the number indicating what iteration we're currently on.
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2020.07.29 05:27 MarinaUlyse Pour dresser l’état-civil de Bitcoin

Bien des exposés sur le bitcoin commencent par des considérations sur la monnaie qui, sous prétexte de questionner, risquent de perturber les tranquilles certitudes de l’auditoire (de la monnaie, bien des gens instruits se contentent de savoir qu’ils n’en ont pas assez) ou par l’exposé de prouesses cryptographiques qui sont aussi indifférentes aux honnêtes gens que les mérites respectifs des chlorofluorocarbones et des hydrofluorocarbones pour réfrigérer leur apéritif.
De l’euro, on ne se demande guère « ce qu’il est ». On sait qu’il est né en 2002 avec moult messieurs en cravate autour de son berceau, et on croit qu’il est fabriqué à Francfort, personne n’attachant la moindre importance aux petits symboles des souverainetés nationales résiduelles sur les pièces. Sur ce qui lui donne sa valeur, personne ne philosophe puisqu’il est lui-même l’étalon de la valeur de toutes choses au supermarché et le moyen de se les procurer.
Le Bitcoin, en comparaison, ressemble à un orphelin de milieu louche et pas trop bien vu des gens puissants. Cela lui pose des problèmes identitaires, car on cherche toujours l’origine des gens ou des choses avant d’accorder sa confiance, et ce n’est pas une démarche idiote.
Peut-être faut-il donc chercher à lui donner une sorte d’état civil (nom, prénom date et lieu de naissance, domicile, profession, nationalité).
Son nom vient de l’anglais « bit » : unité d’information binaire et « coin » : pièce de monnaie. C’est terriblement banal. Comme Tintin. C’est un nom où chacun peut mettre un peu de lui et se projeter .
Pour ce qui est de son géniteur, en revanche, on est bien dans le romanesque. Le plus raisonnable est de penser que c’est un cypherpunk américain (ou un groupe de cypherpunks) qui a trouvé en fin 2008 le « truc » que beaucoup de gens cherchaient depuis des années.
Pour le moment, ou pour toujours, il faut faire avec ce « père absent ». On peut quand même se laisser aller à dire que d’autres grands fondateurs sont inconnus, en définitive : qui a écrit la Bible ? qui a fondé Rome ? qui étaient les ancêtres de Clovis ?
Mais comme nous ne vivons plus à une époque aristocratique mais dans un temps mercantile, la question de la paternité se transforme vite en question de propriété : à qui ça appartient, le bitcoin ? Ma réponse, que je livre ici, est la suivante. Le protocole le plus connu de tous, c’est l’alphabet. Nul n’en connaît précisément l’origine, et moins encore le « père ». L’alphabet est à tous, gratuitement, et il est généralement sensé de se servir de l’alphabet commun pour être compris. Mais ce que vous en faites, ce que vous écrivez (lettre, livre…) est à vous (défense de la vie privée, de la propriété intellectuelle…).
Et ceci conduit à la question de la profession : « ça fait quoi ? ». Bitcoin est un truc pour échanger. Comme l’alphabet pour s’écrire, les chiffres pour faire les comptes, l’infrastructure téléphonique pour se causer ou… les protocoles http ou smtp (quand l’interlocuteur a de l’instruction !) pour surfer et s’envoyer des mails. Comme je l’ai écrit sur mon blog, dans le billet intitulé «complètement timbré», ce à quoi un bitcoin ressemblerait, pour l’usage, ce serait à une lettre (recommandée, et qui arriverait vraiment, dans les temps, et qu’il ne faudrait pas aller chercher au bureau de poste).
Mais cette lettre, à peine reçue, on pourrait s’en resservir pour la renvoyer à quelqu’un d’autre. Et mettre dedans ce qu’on veut : une lettre, une image, une musique ou… de l’argent (hum… lire l’échange ci-dessous en commentaire avec Marco). Donc cette enveloppe magique, on serait d’accord pour l’acheter, assez chère, non ? C’est pour cela que certains acceptent de payer leurs bitcoins à un certain prix. Surtout que cette enveloppe magique, personne d’autre ne peut l’ouvrir que son destinataire. Alors que les mails, les sms, les virements bancaires, tout est ouvert, lu, archivé, que cela vous plaise ou non…
La plus délicate question, selon moi, dans l’état civil de Bitcoin, est celle de son domicile. « Il est où le bitcoin ? » Ici, mieux vaut être rassurant. Répondre « il est dans le Cloud » risque de ne rassurer que les geeks. Et parler des data centers échauffe les écolos. Le bitcoin, il est en vérité comme les euros de la mère Michel : dans un livre. C’est juste le livre qui, au lieu d’être à la Banque Pop (où il n’y a pas d’or, d’ailleurs demandez-leur de l’or, ou même des dollars, vous verrez : il n’y a rien !) est conservé en plusieurs milliers d’exemplaires par des membres actifs de la communauté. Et ces exemplaires-là sont identiques et infalsifiables, alors que la Banque, à défaut de se « tromper » a tout de même tendance à passer des écritures dans votre compte sans trop demander votre avis.
Oui, oui, mais ils sont où le bitcoin et le livre du bitcoin ? Il est en France ? en Europe ? Votre interlocuteur travaille sans doute pour les douanes… Là on entre dans un débat intéressant. Formellement vos euros sont en France parce qu’ils sont inscrits sur un livre tenu par la Caisse d’Épargne de Romorantin ou la Poste de Belleville. S’ils sont inscrits sur un livre chez Reyl et Cie à Genève, vous êtes en délicatesse avec la douane. Les bitcoins sont sur plusieurs milliers de livres, partout dans le monde. Il est donc raisonnable de penser qu’ils sont partout à la fois, à l’étranger, où que vous les ayez achetés et où que vous soyez. Des billets de banque, des lingots d’or, vous pouvez les avoir « sur vous ». Pas des bitcoins. Même dans les clés USB les mieux protégées, vous n’avez pas vos bitcoins, mais seulement la clé privée de leur adresse dans le registre. Ils seraient sur la lune ou sur la tête à Mathieu que ce serait pareil.
Dans un article publié sur le Cercle des Echos, j’ai parlé des limites de la pensée à ce sujet. Nous continuons de penser, le plus souvent, avec nos sens. L’espace c’est souvent, implicitement, un territoire. Une large part de notre droit civil et de notre fiscalité est élaborée sur les savoir-faire de l’arpenteur et du conservateur des hypothèques. La « police de l’air et des frontières » se fait toujours sur le plancher des vaches.
L’espace où s’inscrit le bitcoin n’est pas un territoire. À la différence des valeurs listées par la douane, le bitcoin ne voyage pas. Qu’on l’encaisse ou qu’on le décaisse, il ne franchit en réalité aucune frontière terrestre, maritime ou aérienne. Sa vitesse de circulation ne provient d’ailleurs que de ce qu’en fait il ne voyage pas, du moins pas avec nous ni dans le même espace.
La meilleure comparaison pour parler de son espace, c’est peut-être de chercher quelque chose comme un terrain de jeux.
Par exemple celui du Monopoly. On s’y déplace, on y fait des transactions, avec une monnaie ad hoc. Mais « Rue de la Paix » n’est pas plus en France que « Boardwalk » (la même case) n’est en Amérique. On peut d’ailleurs jouer à plusieurs, répartis sur différents continents et régler par virement dans le monde virtuel du jeu.
Il est à qui le bitcoin ? Bitcoin, bien sûr, n’est pas un Monopoly. Notre interlocuteur sait bien qu’avec des bitcoins, on peut acheter dans notre monde physique des objets que l’on possède vraiment alors. Mais que veut dire pour lui posséder des bitcoins qu’il ne lui est pas possible d’enfermer dans un support matériel ? Peut-on posséder un bien immatériel quand pour ce bien il n’y a pas de certificat d’authenticité nominatif ? Il faut bien avouer que, comme pour la question du « lieu », la question du « lien » est difficile à appréhender sur la base de nos seuls sens. Notre langage lui-même ne semble pas adapté encore pour cette situation.
Est-ce à dire que Bitcoin n’a point de nationalité ? Evidemment non. Bitcoin est la monnaie de l’Internet. A ce jour il est prématuré de transposer dans l’univers du web les concepts politiques territoriaux. Mais Bitcoin a une langue, qui est évidemment l’américain, même si sa devise (vires in numeris) est latine, ce qui est d’ailleurs typiquement américain !
Ce que l’on peut localiser dans notre espace à nous (sur le globe, pour faire simple) ce sont seulement ses points de contact (les exchanges, où le dollar intervient dix fois plus que l’euro semble-t-il) et les points d’appui de l’univers bitcoin dans notre univers physique. A cet égard on pourrait suggérer que Bitcoin est américain à proportion du nombre de nœuds situés aux USA (40%), ou bien majoritairement chinois car le hashrate pour sécuriser le protocole est majoritairement effectué dans les fermes de minage chinoises… Cela donne une « géographie politique » du Bitcoin. Mais la crise actuelle autour du fork XT montre que la politique du bitcoin est encore balbutiante.
Voici donc quelques éléments d’état-civil, tel qu’on pourrait le tracer en famille, devant des gens qui ne sont pas coutumiers de la chose ou familiers des meet-ups. Il reste à pouvoir donner une représentation de Bitcoin. J’essayerai dans mon prochain billet.
submitted by MarinaUlyse to u/MarinaUlyse [link] [comments]

2020.07.25 21:51 sdjobV PT was always Death Stranding.PT is both both a sequel and prequel to Death Stranding. A videogame Sam played 20 years later after Death STranding.

This theory will work in two parts,as it is needed to explain the whole concept that it is working on, how PT works as both a prequel(if only horror themes are taken in account) and a sequel (if both horror and videogame beach themes are taken in account) of Death Stranding.
Remember,this is just a theory, take it as you like, as a madman´s ideas, a lie, a mistruth, a “wetwork” as some say…or just as it is,a theory,that most likely,is wrong.
First Part: As a prequel it is what happens after the death of Cliff and Sam as a BB.
PT is basicallly Cliff rescuing Sam´s Ka(soul) from the beach of his mother Lisa or Sam himself.
If it is Lisa´s beach, this could happen since Sam was actually never "born" hence he went to Lisa´s beach since he never was "himself",he was a part of his mother,Lisa.This can happen since it is shown in Death Stranding that both Lockne and Mama shared a beach due to being born as “one”.
This is how he ends on his mother´s beach.
The house corridor in PT.
The Lisa from PT is the same Lisa from Death Stranding, who gets shot on what could be the right eye when Cliff shoots her trough a pillow.
This gives the Lisa from PT the hole in her eye.
Cliff is sent to this beach thanks to Amelie,who is also able to communicate with him trough one of PT´s photos,in this case the one she is able to communicate trough is the one near the clock that says:
"My voice can you hear it?,this sign can you read it?I´ll wait forever if you´ll just come to me".
This is Amelie in her beach trying to communicate with Cliff so he can bring Sam´s Ka back to her so she is able to revive Sam.She has remind Cliff of this because Cliff has memory problems while he is in a beach,as it is shown in Death STranding itself,hence why she leaves these memory “hints”.
We are shown at least once that Cliff has no reproductive organs(he has no penis or testicles) when he is bathed in mud.
The reason he has neither its because Lisa from PT actually cut them off.
This can be "heard" when Lisa kills you the first time in PT,since she trhows the player to the ground,then a zipper being opened can be heard,then a the sound of something meaty and fleshy being cut off following it.
The game restarts and you find yourself in the starting room again,but this time, you can find the infamous philosophical prophet Mr. Bloodied paper bag, also known as Cliff´s dick and balls.
Philosophical prophet Mr.Bloodied paper bag also gives us hints to DS but this will be explained later.
We have the PT “poem solution” which was various photo fragmentsthat one could collect ,that traducted would be something like this:
“I whispered your name, but the wind of the night took your voice away.”
“I didn't move anymore during the waiting, then his finger slipped on my hand.”
“It was a cold hand, body was trembling.”
“Never moving a step, his hand in mine, I waited for it to pass.”
“And through the mist of fading consciousness I believed, I heard a phone.”
Tough not exact,this poem has kinda a parallel with the DS scene where Amelie first repatriates BB Sam after he was shot in his stomach and killed,as the whole “the wind of the night took your voice away” and “cold hand” could refer to a dead body,and “waited for it to pass” can be a reference as how Sam´s stomach bullet hole starts repairing until he “revives”.
We also have another PT radio backwards message solution:
“We share an instant of private darkness”
“The moment our hands overlap”
“I walked till I stood one pace before Jack”
“Heart pounding”
“Su toque... frio como el marmol (Spanish: His/her touch... cold like marble)”
“Tanto, que todo él temblaba (Spanish: So much, that he was trembling)”
“J'ai chuchotté son nom (French: I whispered his name(Jack))”
“Et la nuit a emporté le son de sa voix (French: And the night took the sound of his voice away)”
It is known that to solve the last part of PT one needed to say the name “Jack” to the PS4 controller or headset,but this is where the “trap” comes in.
Jack is a name given in USA to those with the name John.
Who has the name John in Death Stranding?
Die-Hardman,whose real name is John McClane,as it is shown in one of Death Stranding´s multiple mail´s.
What this poem shows is the scene where Die-Hardman,John,”Jack” as someone familiar to him such as Bridget or Cliff would call him, directs his gun at Cliff,”instant of private darkness”,for him to end up klilling Cliff and baby Sam due to Bridget using her own hand over his to shoot the gun ( “The moment our hands overlap”” His/her touch... cold like marble”),just for the bullet to take Cliff´s live( “ And the night took the sound of his voice away”)
Second Part:PT as a sequel would function as a “Virtual reality beach” Sam himself is playing 20 years after DS´s "true" ending.
This can be shown when the infamous "J crash" happens:
" Knowing you, I was sure you'd notice this game and play it. I will never – can never – forget that day 20 years ago. I have something to tell you. Contact me. – J."
Who is J? This can be answered thanks to Death Stranding.
Die Hardman,who we already know is John McClane.
We know that Die Hardman would be unable or would have it very hard to find Sam after the ending of DS, since Sam incinerated his BRIDGES cuffs after Deadman deactivated them.
This would make it near to impossible,very time consuming or very difficult to find Sam,who most likely went AWOL to be able to raise BB, Louise,his daughter.Even worse,20 years has passes since they had their last meeting ,so the only way to call him is to "throw lots of papers into the wind" so to speak and hope Sam catches one.
Bridges somehow found a way to use the chiral net to recreate beaches or elements inside them trough virtual realities, in this case,PT , a videogame made with this discovery to find Sam espcifically,since he would be able to recognise his mother as the games monster,Lisa.
Sam would be like:"Why the fuck is this game´s monster my mother?"Then play it to make sure if it was her or not.
Die Hardman is not the only one to "appear" inside PT trough these "crashes",most likely Heartman,Fragile,Lockne and Deadman also developed the game and left messages in it,each one being identified trough different colors in these messages,the colors being red(Deadman who always uses red),black(Fragile whose suit is black) and yellow(Heartman,whose heart defibrillator is yellow,)grey(Lockne,kinda via elimination), and white (Die Hardman).
Trough PT you can find various portraits,who in the past where found to be extremely similar to certain places in DS,One is a little river that is shown in one of the trailers,and the other is the tunnel that Deadman and BB pass trough.
In PT´s bathroom,you can find a mirror that is dirty,fuzzy,so you cannot see Norman Reedus´s face,but just below this mirror you can find a tap where the famous crying dead fetus monster resides.This is a representation that this dead fetus is Sam himself,as he was a dead fetus,as Sam was killed as a baby by Bridget.You cannot see your “identity” trough a mirror,it is fuzzy,yet just below it,you can see a “parto f you” your “past”… a dead BB Sam.
Also the great prophetic philosopher Mr.Bloodied Paper Bag great and only meessage to us is also a "description" of DS itself:
"I walked. I could do nothing but walk. And then, I saw me walking in front of myself. But it wasn't really me. Watch out. The gap in the door... it's a separate reality. The only me is me. ¿Are you sure the only you is you?"
a)"I walked. I could do nothing but walk":this is a reference to how DS as a game works,DS is famously known as a "walking simulator" by many.
b)"And then, I saw me walking in front of myself.But it wasn't really me":The game various times makes hints that there are other Sam Porter Brdiges in existance,as if they exist in other universes,this is also shown by the white Sam´s of other players that throw items to help the player.
It´s you,Sam, but they are not really you,since they are other players.
c)"Watch out. The gap in the door... it's a separate reality.":This might refer to a way to enter other player´s world,to enter other universes or other realities.Or just to the way Sam is able to enter to the seam and beaches.It is known that the ítems you find in DS´s map in the middle of nowhere actually exist thanks to some sort of “portal”.
Now the question is.
For what purpose does Die Hardman need Sam?
This is the most speculative part of the theory.
it is possible that the sequel,dlc of the game is what is shown in the Ludens trailer.
We know that at least Ludens exists inside DS ,as Sam has a trinket of Ludens attached to BB´s pod.We also know that Die Hardman´s mask is the Ludens mask itself.
It is possible that Ludens himself is Sam Porter Bridges,and that the suit lets him "enhance" his DOOMS ability,in this case,the ability that is enhanced is Sam´s ability to "experience" virtual realities inside his "conciousness".
The virtual realities Sam has experienced inside his concioussnes are the visions of his past when he was a BB, wich are able to be experienced when he connects to the chiral net trough BB.
That is why Sam sometimes even thinks time has been stopped or "enlarged" whenever he had one,it was a VR that happened "inside" him.This is also shown in PT as the clock that is always on 11:59,only continuing when you are near the end of the game,where it finally hits 12:00,meaning that time is finally going its normalc course,just as what happens whenever Sam saw his visions.
The last vision,the one were he is shown how he is killed together with Cliffs is the one that tells us this, as when one of the soldiers passes trough him,Sam himself becomes "blue light",almost as how some holograms in sci-fi are showed.
The reason the light is blue coloured its because the seam itself is where the data is pulled from,since the seam´s color is mentioned to be blue in one of the info chips.
We know at least that Ludens himself is able to "recreate" or "project" virtual realities over the physical world thanks to the trailer,but interestingly enough,the thing he "summons" is a white whale.
One of the few things that are shown to us inside the seam whenever Sam dies is well... a white whale,that maybe, is the same white whale that Ludens is able to summon.
To end up this theory,there is a final hint in PT:"This game is a teaser,it has no direct relation to the main title"
PT is the game that is a teaser, but this says it has no direct relation with the main title.The main title being SIlent Hills.
Could this mean that the game,PT,was teasing Silent Hills,but it was not the "real" game it was showing us trough its narrative?
Maybe...the real game it was teasing was always ...Death Stranding.
How? That is up to you,as i can´t know what was in Kojima´s mind,and after all,this is just a theory,and all i hope,if i am wrong with it or not,is that at least , you the reader,has been entertained.
Have a nice day and i hope you enjoyed it.
I also want to the Gazer Crew,as without any of them this theory wouldnt be póssible,as most if not all the findings here are theirs.
If you need some reminders of the elements of PT,here is a link for those elements of script/story:
submitted by sdjobV to NeverBeGameOver [link] [comments]

2020.07.22 11:57 melisaxinyue Las 20 Mejores Herramientas de Web Scraping para Extracción de Datos

Web Scraping (también conocido como extracción de datos de la web, web crawling) se ha aplicado ampliamente en muchos campos hoy en día. Antes de que una herramienta de web scraping llegue al público, es la palabra mágica para personas normales sin habilidades de programación. Su alto umbral sigue bloqueando a las personas fuera de Big Data. Una herramienta de web scraping es la tecnología de rastreo automatizada y cierra la brecha entre Big Data y cada persona.
¿Cuáles son los beneficios de usar una herramienta de web spider?
Aquí está el trato
Enumeré 20 MEJORES web scrapers para usted como referencia. ¡Bienvenido a aprovecharlo al máximo!
1. Octoparse
Octoparse es un free online spider para extraer casi todo tipo de datos que necesita en los sitios web. Puede usar Octoparse para extraer un sitio web con sus amplias funcionalidades y capacidades. Tiene dos tipos de modo de operación: Modo Asistente y Modo Avanzado, para que los que no son programadores puedan aprender rápidamente. La interfaz fácil de apuntar y hacer clic puede guiarlo a través de todo el proceso de extracción. Como resultado, puede extraer fácilmente el contenido del sitio web y guardarlo en formatos estructurados como EXCEL, TXT, HTML o sus bases de datos en un corto período de tiempo.
Además, proporciona una Programada Cloud Extracción que le permite extraer los datos dinámicos en tiempo real y mantener un registro de seguimiento de las actualizaciones del sitio web.
También puede extraer sitios web complejos con estructuras difíciles mediante el uso de su configuración incorporada de Regex y XPath para localizar elementos con precisión. Ya no tiene que preocuparse por el bloqueo de IP. Octoparse ofrece Servidores Proxy IP que automatizarán las IP y se irán sin ser detectados por sitios web agresivos.
Para concluir, Octoparse debería poder satisfacer las necesidades de rastreo de los usuarios, tanto básicas como avanzadas, sin ninguna habilidad de codificación.
2. Cyotek WebCopy
WebCopy es un website crawler gratuito que le permite copiar sitios parciales o completos localmente web en su disco duro para referencia sin conexión.
Puede cambiar su configuración para decirle al bot cómo desea rastrear. Además de eso, también puede configurar alias de dominio, cadenas de agente de usuario, documentos predeterminados y más.
Sin embargo, WebCopy no incluye un DOM virtual ni ninguna forma de análisis de JavaScript. Si un sitio web hace un uso intensivo de JavaScript para operar, es más probable que WebCopy no pueda hacer una copia verdadera. Es probable que no maneje correctamente los diseños dinámicos del sitio web debido al uso intensivo de JavaScript
3. HTTrack
Como programa gratuito de rastreo de sitios web, HTTrack proporciona funciones muy adecuadas para descargar un sitio web completo a su PC. Tiene versiones disponibles para Windows, Linux, Sun Solaris y otros sistemas Unix, que cubren a la mayoría de los usuarios. Es interesante que HTTrack pueda reflejar un sitio, o más de un sitio juntos (con enlaces compartidos). Puede decidir la cantidad de conexiones que se abrirán simultáneamente mientras descarga las páginas web en "establecer opciones". Puede obtener las fotos, los archivos, el código HTML de su sitio web duplicado y reanudar las descargas interrumpidas.
Además, el soporte de proxy está disponible dentro de HTTrack para maximizar la velocidad.
HTTrack funciona como un programa de línea de comandos, o para uso privado (captura) o profesional (espejo web en línea). Dicho esto, HTTrack debería ser preferido por personas con habilidades avanzadas de programación.
4. Getleft
Getleft es un capturador de sitios web gratuito y fácil de usar. Le permite descargar un sitio web completo o cualquier página web individual. Después de iniciar Getleft, puede ingresar una URL y elegir los archivos que desea descargar antes de que comience. Mientras avanza, cambia todos los enlaces para la navegación local. Además, ofrece soporte multilingüe. ¡Ahora Getleft admite 14 idiomas! Sin embargo, solo proporciona compatibilidad limitada con Ftp, descargará los archivos pero no de forma recursiva.
En general, Getleft debería poder satisfacer las necesidades básicas de scraping de los usuarios sin requerir habilidades más sofisticadas.
5. Scraper
Scraper es una extensión de Chrome con funciones de extracción de datos limitadas, pero es útil para realizar investigaciones en línea. También permite exportar los datos a las hojas de cálculo de Google. Puede copiar fácilmente los datos al portapapeles o almacenarlos en las hojas de cálculo con OAuth. Scraper puede generar XPaths automáticamente para definir URL para scraping. No ofrece servicios de scraping todo incluido, pero puede satisfacer las necesidades de extracción de datos de la mayoría de las personas.
6. OutWit Hub
OutWit Hub es un complemento de Firefox con docenas de funciones de extracción de datos para simplificar sus búsquedas en la web. Esta herramienta de web scraping puede navegar por las páginas y almacenar la información extraída en un formato adecuado.
OutWit Hub ofrece una interfaz única para extraer pequeñas o grandes cantidades de datos por necesidad. OutWit Hub le permite eliminar cualquier página web del navegador. Incluso puede crear agentes automáticos para extraer datos.
Es una de las herramientas de web scraping más simples, de uso gratuito y le ofrece la comodidad de extraer datos web sin escribir código.
7. ParseHub
Parsehub es un excelente web scraper que admite la recopilación de datos de sitios web que utilizan tecnología AJAX, JavaScript, cookies, etc. Su tecnología de aprendizaje automático puede leer, analizar y luego transformar documentos web en datos relevantes.
La aplicación de escritorio de Parsehub es compatible con sistemas como Windows, Mac OS X y Linux. Incluso puede usar la aplicación web que está incorporado en el navegador.
Como programa gratuito, no puede configurar más de cinco proyectos públicos en Parsehub. Los planes de suscripción pagados le permiten crear al menos 20 proyectos privados para scrape sitios web.
8. Visual Scraper
VisualScraper es otro gran web scraper gratuito y sin codificación con una interfaz simple de apuntar y hacer clic. Puede obtener datos en tiempo real de varias páginas web y exportar los datos extraídos como archivos CSV, XML, JSON o SQL. Además de SaaS, VisualScraper ofrece un servicio de web scraping como servicios de entrega de datos y creación de servicios de extracción de software.
Visual Scraper permite a los usuarios programar un proyecto para que se ejecute a una hora específica o repetir la secuencia cada minuto, día, semana, mes o año. Los usuarios pueden usarlo para extraer noticias, foros con frecuencia.
9. Scrapinghub
Scrapinghub es una Herramienta de Extracción de Datos basada Cloud que ayuda a miles de desarrolladores a obtener datos valiosos. Su herramienta de scraping visual de código abierto permite a los usuarios raspar sitios web sin ningún conocimiento de programación.
Scrapinghub utiliza Crawlera, un rotador de proxy inteligente que admite eludir las contramedidas de robots para rastrear fácilmente sitios enormes o protegidos por robot. Permite a los usuarios rastrear desde múltiples direcciones IP y ubicaciones sin la molestia de la administración de proxy a través de una simple API HTTP.
Scrapinghub convierte toda la página web en contenido organizado. Su equipo de expertos está disponible para obtener ayuda en caso de que su generador de rastreo no pueda cumplir con sus requisitos

10. Dexi.io
As a browser-based web crawler, Dexi.io allows you to scrape data based on your browser from any website and provide three types of robots for you to create a scraping task - Extractor, Crawler, and Pipes. The freeware provides anonymous web proxy servers for your web scraping and your extracted data will be hosted on Dexi.io’s servers for two weeks before the data is archived, or you can directly export the extracted data to JSON or CSV files. It offers paid services to meet your needs for getting real-time data.
Como web scraping basado en navegador, Dexi.io le permite scrape datos basados en su navegador desde cualquier sitio web y proporcionar tres tipos de robots para que pueda crear una tarea de scraping: extractor, rastreador y tuberías. El software gratuito proporciona servidores proxy web anónimos para su web scraping y sus datos extraídos se alojarán en los servidores de Dexi.io durante dos semanas antes de que se archiven los datos, o puede exportar directamente los datos extraídos a archivos JSON o CSV. Ofrece servicios pagos para satisfacer sus necesidades de obtener datos en tiempo real.
11. Webhose.io
Webhose.io permite a los usuarios obtener recursos en línea en un formato ordenado de todo el mundo y obtener datos en tiempo real de ellos. Este web crawler le permite rastrear datos y extraer palabras clave en muchos idiomas diferentes utilizando múltiples filtros que cubren una amplia gama de fuentes
Y puede guardar los datos raspados en formatos XML, JSON y RSS. Y los usuarios pueden acceder a los datos del historial desde su Archivo. Además, webhose.io admite como máximo 80 idiomas con sus resultados de crawling de datos. Y los usuarios pueden indexar y buscar fácilmente los datos estructurados rastreados por Webhose.io.
En general, Webhose.io podría satisfacer los requisitos de scraping elemental de los usuarios.
12. Import. io
Los usuarios pueden formar sus propios conjuntos de datos simplemente importando los datos de una página web en particular y exportando los datos a CSV.
Puede scrape fácilmente miles de páginas web en minutos sin escribir una sola línea de código y crear más de 1000 API en función de sus requisitos. Las API públicas han proporcionado capacidades potentes y flexibles, controle mediante programación Import.io para acceder automáticamente a los datos, Import.io ha facilitado el rastreo integrando datos web en su propia aplicación o sitio web con solo unos pocos clics.
Para satisfacer mejor los requisitos de rastreo de los usuarios, también ofrece una aplicación gratuita para Windows, Mac OS X y Linux para construir extractores y rastreadores de datos, descargar datos y sincronizarlos con la cuenta en línea. Además, los usuarios pueden programar tareas de rastreo semanalmente, diariamente o por hora.
13. 80legs
80legs es una poderosa herramienta de web crawling que se puede configurar según los requisitos personalizados. Admite la obtención de grandes cantidades de datos junto con la opción de descargar los datos extraídos al instante. 80legs proporciona un rastreo web de alto rendimiento que funciona rápidamente y obtiene los datos requeridos en solo segundos.
14. Spinn3r
Spinn3r le permite obtener datos completos de blogs, noticias y sitios de redes sociales y RSS y ATOM. Spinn3r se distribuye con un firehouse API que gestiona el 95% del trabajo de indexación. Ofrece protección avanzada contra spam, que elimina spam y los usos inapropiados del lenguaje, mejorando así la seguridad de los datos.
Spinn3r indexa contenido similar a Google y guarda los datos extraídos en archivos JSON. El web scraper escanea constantemente la web y encuentra actualizaciones de múltiples fuentes para obtener publicaciones en tiempo real. Su consola de administración le permite controlar los scraping y la búsqueda de texto completo permite realizar consultas complejas sobre datos sin procesar.
15. Content Grabber
Content Grabber es un software de web crawler dirigido a empresas. Le permite crear agentes de rastreo web independientes. Puede extraer contenido de casi cualquier sitio web y guardarlo como datos estructurados en el formato que elija, incluidos los informes de Excel, XML, CSV y la mayoría de las bases de datos.
Es más adecuado para personas con habilidades avanzadas de programación, ya queproporciona muchas potentes de edición de guiones y depuración de interfaz para aquellos que lo necesitan. Los usuarios pueden usar C # o VB.NET para depurar o escribir scripts para controlar la programación del proceso de scraping. Por ejemplo, Content Grabber puede integrarse con Visual Studio 2013 para la edición de secuencias de comandos, la depuración y la prueba de unidad más potentes para un rastreador personalizado avanzado y discreto basado en las necesidades particulares de los usuarios.
16. Helium Scraper
Helium Scraper es un software visual de datos web scraping que funciona bastante bien cuando la asociación entre elementos es pequeña. No es codificación, no es configuración. Y los usuarios pueden obtener acceso a plantillas en línea basadas en diversas necesidades de scraping.
Básicamente, podría satisfacer las necesidades de scraping de los usuarios dentro de un nivel elemental.
17. UiPath
UiPath es un software robótico de automatización de procesos para capturar automáticamente una web. Puede capturar automáticamente datos web y de escritorio de la mayoría de las aplicaciones de terceros. Si lo ejecuta en Windows, puede instalar el software de automatización de proceso. Uipath puede extraer tablas y datos basados en patrones en múltiples páginas web.
Uipath proporciona herramientas incorporados para un mayor web scraping. Este método es muy efectivo cuando se trata de interfaces de usuario complejas. Screen Scraping Tool puede manejar elementos de texto individuales, grupos de texto y bloques de texto, como la extracción de datos en formato de tabla.
Además, no se necesita programación para crear agentes web inteligentes, pero el .NET hacker dentro de usted tendrá un control completo sobre los datos.
18. Scrape.it
Scrape.it es un software node.js de web scraping . Es una herramienta de extracción de datos web basada en la nube. Está diseñado para aquellos con habilidades avanzadas de programación, ya que ofrece paquetes públicos y privados para descubrir, reutilizar, actualizar y compartir código con millones de desarrolladores en todo el mundo. Su potente integración lo ayudará a crear un rastreador personalizado según sus necesidades.
19. WebHarvy
WebHarvy es un software de web scraping de apuntar y hacer clic. Está diseñado para no programadores. WebHarvy puede scrape automáticamente Texto, Imágenes, URL y Correos Electrónicos de sitios web, y guardar el contenido raspado en varios formatos. También proporciona un programador incorporado y soporte proxy que permite el rastreo anónimo y evita que el software de web crawler sea bloqueado por servidores web, tiene la opción de acceder a sitios web objetivo a través de servidores proxy o VPN.
Los usuarios pueden guardar los datos extraídos de las páginas web en una variedad de formatos. La versión actual de WebHarvy Web Scraper le permite exportar los datos raspados como un archivo XML, CSV, JSON o TSV. Los usuarios también pueden exportar los datos raspados a una base de datos SQL.
20. Connotate
Connotate es un web scraper automatizado diseñado para la extracción de contenido web a escala empresarial que necesita una solución a escala empresarial. Los usuarios comerciales pueden crear fácilmente agentes de extracción en tan solo unos minutos, sin ninguna programación. Los usuarios pueden crear fácilmente agentes de extracción simplemente apuntando y haciendo clic.
submitted by melisaxinyue to webscraping [link] [comments]

2020.06.24 06:05 Viewfromthe31stfloor Update on the City's response to COVID-19- latest email from Mayor's Community Affairs Unit

As you are aware, the City is currently responding to the novel coronavirus, and we want to make sure that you are provided with the most up-to-date information.
Cómo ya sabe, la Ciudad de Nueva York está respondiendo al brote del coronavirus, y queremos asegurarnos que reciba información actualizada.
如您所知, 紐約市目前正在應對新冠病毒, 我們會確保向您提供最新的消息。
Meal Hub service will continue this summer for all New Yorkers from 7:30 AM to 1:30 PM Monday through Friday at 400 sites
NEW YORK—Mayor Bill de Blasio, COVID-19 Food Czar and Sanitation Commissioner Kathryn Garcia and Chancellor Richard A. Carranza today announced grab-and-go Meal Hubs will continue to operate through the summer as the City continues to fight food insecurity during the COVD-19 crisis. Starting on June 29th, Meal Hub summer service will operate at approximately 400 sites across the city and continue regular service from 7:30 AM to 1:30 PM, Monday through Friday. Grab-and-go meals are available to any New Yorker who needs them. Vegetarian meals that are also halal will be available at all sites, and select sites serving halal chicken and kosher-certified meals will continue during the summer. A full list of sites will be available here.
“New Yorkers shouldn't have to choose between putting food on the table and paying their bills," said Mayor Bill de Blasio. “We’re continuing Grab-and-go meals through the summer to ensure no New Yorkers goes hungry.”
“The hundreds of Grab & Go sites across the city have been a crucial part of ensuring that no New Yorker goes hungry due to this crisis, and I want to thank the working people who will help them stay open throughout the summer,” said New York City Sanitation Commissioner and ‘COVID-19 Food Czar’ Kathryn Garcia. “These meals are available regardless of income, citizenship, or age, and I urge anyone in need to make use of them.”
“Serving over 20 million meals to New Yorkers throughout this crisis has been an honor, and our heroic food service workers have seen it as their duty,” said Schools Chancellor Richard A. Carranza. “We are proud to continue this service throughout the summer for anyone who needs a meal during the week.”
After school buildings were closed on March 15th due to COVID-19, the grab-and-go Meal Hub program began in order to provide nutritious food to students who depend on school meals. As part of the City’s fight against the economic crisis caused by the pandemic, Meal Hub service expanded in early April to include all New Yorkers who need meals during this crisis.
To date, Meal Hubs have served approximately 30 million meals and are currently averaging approximately 550,000 meals a day. Meal Hub service will continue for the duration of this summer. In addition to meals, Meal Hubs are now community hubs for important updates on COVID-19, free books for young people, and access to menstrual hygiene products.
Starting on June 22nd, all Meal Hubs began offering take home pizza meal kits. Take home pizza meal kits can be cooked at home using an oven, microwave, or toaster oven. Meal Hub patrons can pick up pizza alongside to grab-and-go meal offerings, and this option will continue to be available throughout the summer. The DOE will exhaust all existing supplies of pizza in schools to prevent food waste and continue to order more meal kits as needed.
Site locations may change for Summer Meal Hub service. To find the closest open Meal Hub, please visit schools.nyc.gov/freemeals or text “NYC FOOD” or “NYC COMIDA” to 877-877.
"As New York City reaches an unemployment rate of 18% and New Yorkers struggle to pay their bills, the last thing our communities should have to worry about is whether they can put food on the table. I am grateful that the NYC Department of Education will continue the Grab & Go Meal Hub program into the summer – it is critical that New Yorkers maintain access to emergency food assistance throughout the duration of this pandemic and in our greatest moment of need," said State Senator Alessandra Biaggi.
"Neither COVID-19 nor hunger take a summer vacation. It is vital we make sure our children get fed this summer. I support efforts to adapt tools that can get meals to children while keeping them safe during the pandemic," said Assistant Speaker Felix W. Ortiz.
"The effects of the pandemic are far-reaching and have impacted food security for many people across our city," said Council Member Adrienne Adams. “The continuation of grab-and-go meal hubs throughout the summer comes to us during challenging times and displays the administration’s commitment to the fight against hunger in New York City. I look forward to this continued support for all New Yorkers.”
"DOE Grab-and-Go Meal sites have without a doubt been an incredible lifeline for my constituents since the brink of this pandemic, and I'm thrilled that this program will continue even after the academic year has finished for the summer season," said Council Member Margaret S. Chin. "As New York City continues its path towards a full reopening, we must remain committed to preserving the services that have helped hundreds of families survive this crisis to help New Yorkers get back on their feet."
“As the City begins to reopen, it’s critical that all New Yorkers continue to have access to fresh, healthy food and the comprehensive support and resources offered at DOE meal hubs. I thank Commissioner Garcia, Commissioner Carranza, and Mayor de Blasio for their commitment to fighting food insecurity and ensuring New Yorkers are supported throughout the City’s recovery process,” said Council Member Andrew Cohen.
“Even as we enter Phase 2 of reopening the city, and we allow restaurants to reopen, food insecurity continues to be an issue for families across all five boroughs,” said Council Member Vanessa L. Gibson. “Our office has been inundated with calls from residents seeking food assistance since the start of the pandemic and the grab-and-go Meal Hubs have been a great source of support for them. I commend the administration for their decision to continue to operate the Meal Hubs during the summer and for offering Halal and Kosher options to ensure all New Yorkers are able to take advantage of this program.”
"This virus exacerbated food insecurity issues in New York City, the financial stress created by Covid-19 continues to be all too real for many families," said Council Member Ben Kallos. "Extending grab-and-go Meal Hubs throughout the summer will offer families in need something to fall back on when they cannot make ends meet. This is important for children, seniors, and every vulnerable New Yorker in between. Thank you to Mayor de Blasio and Food Czar and Sanitation Commissioner Kathryn Garcia as well as Chancellor Richard A. Carranza for working together to make this happen."
"We have seen an unprecedented need for emergency food assistance in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak and expanding summer meal hubs will help ensure all New Yorkers have access to fresh, nutritious food to help get them through these trying times,” said Council Member Peter Koo.
"Covid-19 cases are at record lows in New York City, but the economic impact of the virus has yet to peak. Free meal service for all, including our halal and kosher eating communities, is an essential service," said Council Member Rory Lancman.
"Making sure our most vulnerable families and children are fed is arguably more important now during the recovery than before. No one should have to worry about putting food on the table while they try to restore financial stability. I'm pleased the City will continue the Grab and Go Meal Hubs through the summer,” said Council Member Carlos Menchaca.
"The extension of the Meal Hub program, coupled with the availability of halal and vegetarian options and other crucial resources, represents the City's enduring commitment to provide for all its residents. Today's announcement is an important step to ensuring that individuals and families have access to nutritious food options, and I applaud the Administration's efforts in ensuring that no New Yorker goes hungry," said Council Member I. Daneek Miller.
"COVID-19 has affected New York City in unimaginable ways, but one of the most urgent economic effects of the pandemic was food insecurity. Thankfully, the City stepped in to fill the need with the Meal Hub program. With so many New Yorkers still suffering from lost income and facing limited employment prospects in the coming months, the extension of this program through the summer is vital. I commend the Mayor, Chancellor Carranza, and Commissioner Garcia for keeping this service in place, and I send my heartfelt appreciation to the essential workers that prepare and distribute these meals at our schools," said Council Member Carlina Rivera.
Event will air on June 30th at 7:00PM on PIX11 and online
NEW YORK—Today, Mayor Bill de Blasio and Schools Chancellor Richard A. Carranza announced a citywide graduation celebration will be held on June 30. The graduation will bring the entire city together in celebration of the past accomplishments and bright future of the Class of 2020, featuring student spotlights, musical performances, and special guest speakers—including award-winning artist, and former NYC Public School student and teacher, Lin-Manuel Miranda.
“Graduating high school under normal circumstances is an extraordinary accomplishment, but I am especially impressed by the Class of 2020 and all they have been through to get to this point. In this time of great upheaval and many challenges, they will be leading the way to create a fairer, safer future for all. I could not be more proud to celebrate them with this special sendoff,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio.
“Congratulations to the amazing Class of 2020! There’s never been a New York City graduating class like yours. There’s never been a senior year like this!” said Schools Chancellor Richard A. Carranza. “As Chancellor of all New York City Public Schools, and on behalf of all 150,000 staff who make our schools run: I am so proud of you.”
“We’re proud to help make this exciting event available to every New Yorker,” said Bart Feder, Vice President and General Manager of PIX11. “These resilient graduates will play a crucial role in the future of our city and nation, and they’ve earned this recognition”
The COVID-19 crisis disrupted the traditional celebrations honoring the accomplishments and hard work of the Class of 2020, and this special program will be broadcast to all of New York in recognition of all the Class of 2020 has achieved. The graduation celebration, produced by the City in partnership with New York’s Very Own PIX11, will air live on PIX11’s TV channel, website, and social media channels at 7:00PM on June 30th. It will also be livestreamed on the DOE’s and City’s social media channels, as well as at https://www.nycclassof2020.com/.
Kori Chambers, Marysol Castro and Mr. G from PIX11 will host the ceremony, which will feature:
· a musical performance from Brooklyn’s Phony Ppl as well as student musical performances;
· guest speakers including Lin-Manuel Miranda, Pitbull, Kenan Thompson, Nick Kroll, Angela Yee, Tina Fey, Andy Cohen, and more;
· a special valedictorian speech;
· and contributions from family members and educators who have supported our graduating seniors.
The citywide celebration of the Class of 2020 complements ceremonies and events being held in communities across the city. These celebrations are being done virtually, as drive-throughs, and in other unique ways that safely honor this year’s senior class.
As complaints skyrocket, NYPD, FDNY Fire Marshals and Sheriff's Office take action to disrupt fireworks supply chain
NEW YORK—Mayor Bill de Blasio today established a multi-agency task force to crack down on illegal fireworks sales. The task force will target suppliers, distributors and possessors of large quantities of illegal fireworks by conducting investigations and sting operations within and outside of New York City to disrupt supply chains. The FDNY will also launch a public safety campaign, including public service announcements and social media, to illustrate the dangers of illegal fireworks.
The task force will consist of 10 officers from NYPD Intelligence Bureau, 12 FDNY Fire Marshals and 20 members of the Sheriff’s Bureau of Criminal Investigation.
“Illegal fireworks are both dangerous and a public nuisance” said Mayor Bill de Blasio. “We’re cracking down on this activity at the source to ensure the safety of all New Yorkers and the ability of our neighbors to get some sleep.”
“For any number of reasons the use of illegal firework has skyrocketed this year and that has damaged the quality of life in our neighborhoods. The NYPD will continue to work closely with our city partners to address this dangerous issue,” said Police Commissioner Dermot Shea.
“Fireworks are illegal in New York City for a reason: they are extremely dangerous and can cause fires and serious injuries,” said Fire Commissioner Daniel A. Nigro. “Our Fire Marshals will work closely with their fellow law enforcement agencies to address this growing problem that is impacting New Yorkers in communities across our city.”
“Illegal fireworks pose a significant danger to New York families, and the Sheriff’s Office will use its investigative tools in the areas of contraband interdiction in conjunction with our law enforcement agency partners to vigorously suppress the sale and distribution of illegal fireworks,” said Sheriff Joseph Fucito.
NEW YORK—Today, Mayor de Blasio and Macy’s announced a fireworks plan in celebration of the 4th of July that will reach every borough for the first time ever. From June 29th to July 1st and on July 4th, a series of fireworks displays will launch from various land and water-based locations across New York City.
“These past few months have been some of the most difficult in our city’s history, and New Yorkers are looking for a break. This 4th of July Celebration with Macy’s will give all New Yorkers a safe and exciting way to enjoy the holiday together, even when we are apart,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio.
“New York City is our hometown. Macy’s believes in giving back to the communities where we live and work, and this year, we are taking our Fireworks show on a trip across the city. In reimagining this year’s show, the idea of bringing elements to many parts of our hometown resonated with our team and partners in the City of New York,” said Susan Tercero, Eecutive Producer Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks. “These five-minute surprise displays will showcase Macy’s signature pyrotechnic design and scale, while encouraging spectators to continue following safety and social distancing measures. The multiple location spectacle will culminate with a full-scale television presentation of Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks, capturing the spirit of the city for all New Yorkers and the nation to enjoy, choreographed to a rousing score, and featuring the nation’s best musical performances.”
These smaller, unannounced displays will allow New Yorkers to celebrate all week long. Each show is brief and will be over before residents can gather at the source. With heights reaching up to 1,000 feet from some firing locations, staying close to home and following social distancing guidelines is the best way to enjoy the show.
New Yorkers and spectators across the country will have a front-row view to the displays by tuning to NBC’s national broadcast of Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular (8-10p.m. ET/PT, 7-9 p.m. CT/MT, check local listings). The Nation's most popular Independence Day special will include performances from some of America’s top musical acts and a presentation of the full Macy’s Fireworks show captured throughout the week, including a live grand finale.
For more information on the 44th Annual Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks, please visit macys.com/fireworks.
Resources and Updates you may find useful:
Recursos y Actualizaciones que les pueden ser útiles:
New York City is now in Phase Two of reopening. Businesses that may start or expand operations include offices, in-store retail, outdoor dining, hair salons and barbershops, real estate, commercial building management, retail rental, repair and cleaning, and vehicle sales, leases, and rentals. https://www1.nyc.gov/site/doh/covid/covid-19-businesses-and-facilities.page
La Ciudad de Nueva York está ahora en la Segunda Fase de Reapertura. Las empresas que pueden comenzar o expandir sus operaciones incluyen oficinas, tiendas minoristas, restaurantes al aire libre, peluquerías, bienes y raíces, administración de edificios comerciales , alquiler minorista, reparación y limpieza , y ventas de vehículos, arrendamientos y alquileres. https://www1.nyc.gov/site/doh/covid/covid-19-businesses-and-facilities.page
纽约市现在处于重新开放的第二阶段。 店铺和商业包括办公室,店内零售,户外用餐,美发沙龙和理发店,房地产, 商业楼宇管理,零售租金,维修和清洁以及车辆销售与租赁都可以开张或者扩展业务了。https://www1.nyc.gov/site/doh/covid/covid-19-businesses-and-facilities.pag
Phase One guidance for:
Construction Businesses (PDF, June 21) Other Languages: Español 繁體中文 简体中文 Русский Kreyòl ayisyen 한국어 বাংলা Italiano Polski ײִדיש Retail Businesses (PDF, June 21) Other Languages: 繁體中文 简体中文 Русский Kreyòl ayisyen 한국어 বাংলা Italiano Polski ײִדיש Manufacturing Businesses (PDF, June 21) Other Languages: Español 繁體中文 简体中文 Русский Kreyòl ayisyen 한국어 বাংলা Italiano Polski ײִדיש Wholesale Trade Businesses (PDF, June 21) Other Languages: Español 繁體中文 简体中文 Русский Kreyòl ayisyen 한국어 বাংলা Italiano Polski ײִדיש
Free COVID-19 testing is now available to ALL New Yorkers https://www1.nyc.gov/site/coronavirus/get-tested/covid-19-testing.page
Prueba de COVID-19 gratis ahora está disponible para todos los Neoyorquinos https://www1.nyc.gov/site/coronavirus/get-tested/covid-19-testing.page
免费新冠病毒检测对所有纽约市民开放: https://www1.nyc.gov/site/coronavirus/get-tested/covid-19-testing.page
Information on Test & Trace Corps https://www1.nyc.gov/site/coronavirus/get-tested/test-trace-corps.page
Información sobre el Cuerpo de Exámen y Rastreo (Test and Trace Corps) https://www1.nyc.gov/site/coronavirus/get-tested/test-trace-corps.page
Pediatric Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome Fact Sheet (PDF, May 11) Other Languages: Español Русский 繁體中文 简体中文 Kreyòl ayisyen 한국어 বাংলা Italiano Polski ײִדיש العربية Français اردو فارسى ελληνικά עברית हिन्दी 日本語 नेपाली Português ਪੰਜਾਬੀ (India) ਪੰਜਾਬੀ (Pakistan) Tagalog ไทย བོད་ཡིག Tiếng Viet
Latest guidance on evictions and housing court from the Mayor’s Office to Protect Tenants https://www1.nyc.gov/content/tenantprotection/pages/covid19-home-quarantine (scroll to the bottom of the page to access the information in other languages)
Orientación actualizada sobre desalojos y el tribunal de la vivienda de la Oficina del Alcalde para Proteger a Inquilinos https://www1.nyc.gov/content/tenantprotection/pages/covid19-home-quarantine (deplácese hasta el final de la página de internet para acceder a la información en otros idiomas)
市长办公室保护房客的最新驱逐和住房法院指南https://www1.nyc.gov/content/tenantprotection/pages/covid19-home-quarantine (其它语言在页面底部)
Alternate side parking has been suspended until June 28, 2020.
Estacionamiento lateral alternativo está suspendido hasta el 28 de Junio del 2020. 纽约市暂停换边停车延长到6/28/2020。
COVID-19 Data/ Datos de COVID-19/新冠病毒数据:
The data reflects the most recent information collected about people who have tested positive for COVID-19 in NYC. It is updated daily: https://www1.nyc.gov/site/doh/covid/covid-19-data.page
Los datos presentados a continuación reflejan la información más reciente recopilada sobre las personas que dieron positivo para COVID-19 en Nueva York: https://www1.nyc.gov/site/doh/covid/covid-19-data.page
数据显示了目前收集的有关纽约市新冠病毒检测呈阳性的人的最新信息。 每天更新:
Public health milestones: https://www1.nyc.gov/site/doh/covid/covid-19-goals.page
Hitos de salud pública https://www1.nyc.gov/site/doh/covid/covid-19-goals.page
公共卫生里程碑: https://www1.nyc.gov/site/doh/covid/covid-19-goals.page
Other Resources/Otros Recursos/其他資源
Through July 15th, 2020, health insurance enrollment is open for uninsured New Yorkers as part of a Special Enrollment Period: https://www1.nyc.gov/nyc-resources/get-covered.page
Hasta el 15 de Julio de 2020, la inscripción en el seguro de salud está abierta para los neoyorquinos sin seguro como parte de un Período de inscripción especial https://www1.nyc.gov/nyc-resources/get-covered.page
到2020年7月15日为止,作为特殊登记时期,医疗保险将向所以没有保险的纽约人开放保险登记: https://www1.nyc.gov/nyc-resources/get-covered.page
Economic Impact Payment (stimulus check) file:///C:/Users/acanas/AppData/Local/Microsoft/Windows/INetCache/Content.Outlook/3CV3FMHH/EIP_poster_200616.pdf
submitted by Viewfromthe31stfloor to nyc [link] [comments]

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Values eroded integrity
Climate corroded ideals irresponsibility
Satisfied my agency autonomous capacity
Bet Dow hath finally had a bad day
Bear in mind they will say twas anway
Old high still standing gold stones throw away
Shorting shooting slope of hope enormous towers treacherous
Each new era crashes in increasing half glass emptiness
Overabundance deserts time delay
Accounts inner morality decay
Strength in pessimism fear forfeits right
Dusk withdraws from sight as shade is drawn over dawn's early light
Narcissistic psychopaths inherited the earth our plight
Quarrying light inspired murky night flee
Ye gods laugh heartily ridicule me
Reckoning another day mine shall be
Subsequently I subsist shifting this rock as Sisyphus
Future pulls upon me as due ration to minus remiss
I'm half crazy bicycle built for two
Network circuitry daisy chained to you
How do I know what is reel to be true
Gather input sensations scrutinize for degradation
Dissembling dissemblance as lacking in resemblance
Singularity prophesied end be
Less threat than icons presently envied
Graven is our image in our idol
Misunderstood system holds revolutions banked on bridle
Give me dominion over doe I care not who makes law
Hegellian dialectic shock and awe
Fixed moments instability move becomes necessity
Moses leads bull rush reeds deceptive swaith
Crisis opportunity incompetence seasons good faith
Fallow plot begot furlough shrieks foul wraith
Yay though I plod through the valley of death
Evil gives comfort my rod and my staff
No fear preparest for my enemies
Parasitic symbiotes surviving vicariously
Job gyrations exploitations sloth thrive ubiquitously
Unnatural select evolution
Bad apple genes rot barrel pollution
Big bang extends concussions extrusion
Elude intrusion neath tapestry relay inscribed decree
Conspiracy theories deliquesced evidence coalesced
Duress dressed as justice undue process
Reduce the law to writ for oversight
Infinitely rules stretch fractally tight
Dollar press lever Wizards tweak whence practised Which deceiver
Feeding frenzy at the top on last chair hot potato drops
Animal farm irrigation believer
Cuckoos in nested loops launched retriever
Social ecological equity
Fauna all created equal although some are more than most
Perched aloft nights sleepless roosters backdate options after posts
Tell a vision avulsed exclusive boasts
Foxes bird box hens fake news oven roasts
Occupy Wall Street greeting champagne toasts
5G technology expandable densification
Cameras considering Laws actual ramifications
Depressions perpetuate FOMO motes
FIFO Ponzi scheme boat redeems fresh float
Gloat sessions connoted roat smote through goat
Destructions need demands feed for Which Fed never hesitates
Beyond salvations hope for damnation destined reprobates
Wolf in sheep's clothing with diplomacy
Bragging best ever broke economy
Pre warned of bubble in candidacy
Memories impeach me markets relapse collapse candor
Black and white deliberations compromise grey matters or
Burning empire riddled Nero fiddled
No new under the sun any longer
What doth not kill my will makes ye stronger
Suicidal quarantine commit sheer to absurdity
Crash course in urgency suspends to decade Odyssey
Engulf journey as is illusory
Entailed magical curtailed mystery
Reproduced sequence spawns duplicity
Great truths infect minds space whilst time distorts fabrics ablation
Balanced scales duration dual edged knife grinds calibration
Wildlife exhumed landslide menagerie
Submission supports popularity
War of attrition print press edition
Release Kraken abridged dictations unredacted memo
Cognitive mind is least informed second thought tis last to know
Feedback iterates habitually
Zombie apocalyptic shopping spree
Animal myriad corroboree
Discrepancies adorable approaching deplorable
Configured integrations simulate exaggerations
Conceptual reorganization
New century frail clings frayed to pale past
Dot com bust imprints last iconoclast
Tragic disposition anchored significance within story
Spherical lyrical expository mourning glory
Expansion dominates fertility
Appropriate most apt utility
Bubble envelops errs infinity
Bold ignorance advanced hind sights distilled new high arrogance
Underlying trauma repeats cycle till addressed complete
Sublates convergence becoming congeals
Cavernous kingdom stalagmite conceals
Peer not in mirror prefer not appeal
Sew a thought in hope to reap an action something real to feel
Neverland begotten old whilst kid futures are oversold
Life lived not lest bits of bites record it
Biased suggestions imbue news reported
Syrinx sears titans with my brand of creed
Written word ceded all forgotten need to practise recall
Calculated math skills lost computer brought thoughts holocost
Ensconced by lantern hung from beam of straw
Helios heals blow of iced ages thaw
Loyal to natural attributes raw
Extraordinary delusional madness of ye crowds
Trot proudly upon road to serfdom congregations praised aloud
Brave was this new world before eighty four
Hunger games in store jaybird tweets that score
Jehovah bore witnesses door to door
Insure myself against four horseman
paid my tithe expired spent
Sow ears flying high on credit barely do I afford rent
Time unwinds quickly at least doth for me
April showers levee spring bankruptcy
Litres live forever in latency
Bailing water steady rising deep subterraneously
Foresee floods invest in arks of financial calamity
Extraneously Rome's blaze radiates
Simultaneously Fed Witches toiled
Slow perniciously satiates frogs boiled
Crisis constructs messenger of sordid too tongued character
Stocks which rise so should slide chosen goose footing egg opposed side
Federal innovates imbibed bribed state
Reserves umpire status hunched hind home plate
Falling knife of fear impaled atmosphere
Short bets squeezed rife barren years unfruitful bleeds contango wine
Inverse ETFs unprecedented reverse splits declined
Nothing it's equal creature without fear
Can't fill hide with harpoons or head with spears
Mire strive dire try pull in Leviathan
Endless procrastination doth avert intent deflation
Unclear when routes passage appears clear as destination
Sorrows station seems my inculcation
Divides built up babble between nations
Seven trumpets summon revelation
Electrostatic circumstance transmits catalytic twist
Substitute reacted chemical transmits platonic tryst
Ironically passion not my goal
Ionically bonded blending coal
Mirrored dipole roll poised down rabbit hole
Experiment first ever repeats Laws defraud endeavor
Mississippi reflating dollar debt exchange creating
Wealth effect transfers helicopter drop
Fracking reserves crack too big to stop
Ineptitude or evilly adept
Calm filled the room as elephants silently drowned in tar pits
History Which hails tense whence Fed injections flew to market
Lucrative house flipping stained soil carpet
Real reign swamp purge comes to street again
Broken window theory frisk fallacy
Destructions need graciates feed for Which Fed never hesitates
Seven headed hydra twixt blaspheming regime duplicates
Purgatory epic allegory
Apathy lacks worry for avoidance
Dreams annoyance recurring clairvoyance
Complacent consternation burns concerned capitulation
Catacomb further catenates future pyroclastic blasts
Install a new partition date saved last
God creates man's imaged eternity
Man made device for immortality
Only way to beat life be articulate as dead machine
Foiling might be finding wanting nothing just as pleasing
Emoted thoughts and deeds confer disease
Viral joy contained anxious unease
Communicable known uncertainties
Mention stoic abstention receive lepers reprehension
Addend subconscious attention suchness sought destination
Protectionist tribal groupthink ensues
Misdirect blame profane color thou choose
Divide and conquer plan by Jove we use
Minting for a living tis nothing short of scintillating
Weaponry mass produce we entropy disintegrating
Rebirth essential in this finite trap
Technicals crucial analysis map
Impulse mined collective wiretapped caps
Souls endless extrapolating each threshold encapsulating
Mutually affecting Titans ever overreaching
Battles march business no fight beseeching
Cyanide reaction gold is leaching
Settle for distraction Athene’s teaching
Shares fabricate infrastructure bonds for manufactured war
Master in ways of deception weaving fleece her predilection
Declined vine illustrates interjection
Fundamentally ye add furthermore
Whole vacuus nature I find abhor
Each new day opportune to go by street sideshow pundits shout
Marginally most will comply seek aggressive salesman clout
Run through stampede proceed in funnel out
Mosaic tile code mixed mirage mud grout
Worm abated hook ate some fat cat’s trout
Informed when glad relate when mad great is not the worst we've had
Next quarter rates Which inflates translates to direct tabled fate
Disinformation chads dangling depart
Troublesome travel when horse pushes cart
Trojans craft driftwood regifted as art
Taken rate decision interest always is a given
Approached encroachment infringements lunged impingement I expunged
Spell manifests as living hell digests
Calcareous sponge absorbed rimstone plunge
Cookbook to serve lamb seals underhand
Sinter sauntered asunder plotting pillage of my plunder
Attack technique intervenes quoth slighted victim claims obscene
Cried mystified feeling such waste sprayed mace
Save face retrace find safety inside shrouded space
Access filter modified denied trash storage verified
Angels four spew brimstone fire scorched ingress half expected less
Trick talk turns back clock players profiles rotate roles resume
Covertly campaigned defiling my name
Creations Instigate destruction
Erupts surreptitious instruction
Bewildered heard shocked embrace loomed Gates of Hell gauge WHO won race
Military missionary hold prostrate to vaccinate
Chaotic Kronos ordered time consumed
Stow stoked fumes subsidies gave the gods room
Whilst land of the fraud is home to the knave
Babylon of living nonexistent through the golden age
Cassandra of this stage ilk ignores inklings of alarmed sage
Chicken little forebodes sky is falling
Rope a dope fades rationalisation
Brittle doth be fragile ye recalling
Loquacious news needs slews feigned of disambiguation
Mendacious or fallacious contagious be implications
Butterfly flapped wing doth not move a thing
But a gnat perhaps who's too GAD to fly
Financing is how but where is the why
Important that all patriots patronize conquesting troops
Dodge ye head stoop as pooping eagle swoops
Most dismissive uninspired missive
Perceptually far too derisive
Guiding hand not apparent visual
Missing cash flows continual residual bottom lines
Pinnochio hopes to know Which ideal conjures growth sublime
Dendrites potentially stimulate spine
Titanic torrents mist venetian blinds
Decidedly distort bilked disincline
Writhe in through chasm in awe open wide
Formless figures summon uniform pride
Dismiss discontent conveyors subside
Tributaries dispersed springs knowledge trees freeze molten ore
Splintering sparks displaced thick dark coruscate tangible floor
Cumulus clouds of primordial dust
Question our senses in sun god we trust
Sifted silts produce thunderbolts of Zeus
Oval elliptical orbits the folds tidal tendency
Blue sphere girds spoken word breathed clay Boulder Forge Company
Quality moulding is job number one
Caste mass producing consumes many sons
My duty to ensure we always run
Figured would be a piece of cake more at work than give and take
Thought this would be my big break but not knowing literally
Apprenticed construction now I maintain
Composite skill same commissioning game
Swim or wallow in Uranus disdain
I made the trade not for reward nor deemed security
Only gospel guarantee is confidence in mastery
Tasked to sit in a chair contemplate stare
Crosswords in wait for a breakdown repair
I study craves of machines which behave
Rhythmic clang links chain react percussional power set free
Insatiable harmony piques morbid curiosity
Beast belly bowel bubbles belch smelt death
To quota of product do I owe breath
Economic cauldron of corrosion
We operate Vesuvius ungodly hours breathing brine
Facilitate yon amplidyne oxygenate lavas shine
Steering eather into three cyclops cells
Myopically they motion for me when cycles in chaos my sirens knell
Lion hearted as Hephaestus take knee before crucibles hearth
Examine vitals symptoms prognosis deduce further impart
Volt amps transcend times root of three powers
Frequently electrons ebb in order
Arc bath gives rise to hot molten showers
May bring flowers demonstrate my will in accord rewards her
Athena is truth incarnate dream she is a movement
Immaculate perfection possessed no
need for improvement in her coveralls
Wert she to eaten apple I befall
Sand disseminates beneath hourglass curves she manipulates
How could I anticipate
Rapt hints had she to intimate
Roots hypotenuse squares summed pendulum
Enlightened visions profound pit this plum
On que she hooks her thunderbolts so ample in restriction
Destabilized my volts despite my amping up conviction
Magnetisms repulsive attraction
Bipolar feedback generates action
Machining floral dissatisfaction
Narcissus is spring can't this robot tool be taught anything
Recommence imaging thine vault undermined after fault
Intuit as her nuclear annihilates tumult
June accusations forced violation
Vulnerable to invalidation
Confrontations repudiation consents allegation
Placate June”s wells breached swell fore July conflagration
Use wu wei to vacate situation
But weightless behemoth ate all greenbacks
Can’t manage exit not even a crack
Inward forays shunned malfunction unknown overgrown morass
Cult of quantity all students get a pass coach seat class
God’s walled over all access to egress
Those who cannot do are experts at best
Past practise succeeds failures teach what needs
Viridescent pools dilate grey eyed dubious stressed madness
Feeling she was slighted by my passage through her nucleus
Disinterested I had disinterred
Down period Kondratieff winter
Intrinsic tragedy all fairy tales end inherently
Gave me what I wished for in a way I was not hoping for
Destiny permits paths forbade
How shallow wilt thou will wade
PCB cesspools black bile pitches glue
Smoldering sand dune trenches shore magmas excess residue
Admit this time smashing cymbals whilst cyclops wert drumming too
Keep the fantasy alive in my head
Earthquake take other route instead
Always say they never saw it coming
They did In Herculaneum still their brains steamed in their skulls
Summer solstice solace lulls lava ladles plentiful
Cumulative studies validations
Inseminate process degradation
Trying not to mention my invention
Bending toward normalcy absorption emits diffraction
Inverted perceptions withdraw inflections from emptiness
Perplexing she rejects ram intellect
Anecdotal evidence cached respect
Zip plans to stockpile cognizance combined
Designed secret punishment to circumvent I resigned
Recollect for instance cognitive lessons in dissonance
Logic accepts one view perceived of two
Pit of mine stomach whence knot always knew
Treasonous betrayed lion taming shrew
Spite cleaved interface continued dutiful onward pace
Humiliations goal wert to replace cheers with disgrace
Orchestrations untold meticulous
Malevolence is still in existence
Narrative streams unfold conspicuous
Childish bliss unscrupulous epidemic Narcissus
Invasive species multiplied since Zeus supplied his sun’s abyss
Affect change rather than effect ere cause
Gaslight obfuscates reasonable laws
Tall tales half truths edged lies by omission
Unwary reprehense motive intents of recognition
Splitting of the faculty augments a new reality
Fight freeze or flee options only three
Trials choose middle choice typically
Stockholm syndrome captors figured friendlies
Volunteer for brunt of blame acquiesced toxic shame domain
Raging stirs steroid cortisol adrenaline cocktail brain
Idealize devalue sudden discard
Benevolent dictatorship abstained
Without the faintest regret or regard
Figured she was playing me but never thought she'd try so hard
Had a little influence pummeling blacksmith into bard
Feeling flashback symptoms PTSD
Reflux acid regurgitates anxiously
Facilities shut down my apogee
Estranged entanglement is indiscriminate vicinity
Projection deflects inspection detects proffered rejection
Upon reflection I/O failed connection
Reverse detail switched doppler direction
Attacked mine tranquility enacted thine stability
Great relationships determined by good portability
Amor Fati defeat of agony
Heroic transitions affirmation
Chinks of crevasse evasive to bypass
Labyrinth strings web of deceit light and dark unlikely meet
Shadows reconnection Schadenfreude revels surrection
Maze ambled afore trapped in Minotaur
Disintegrating reintegration
Unfurled divest individuation
Emergence of self under siege August surfacing intrigues
Sun god aims retribution penetrating air dilution
Perpetrating vengeful execution
Cyclop's blindsided coming attraction
Apollo's exaction vents extraction
Redress reclaimed door discharged from mine chore
Concussions cavitations roar gaff retrieved my staff from shore
Gangplank fastened transit for deck from wreck
Embodied under mass gravitation
Nothingness consistent contradiction
In retrospect ahead investigate that Which is suspect
Chastened flaming embers titillate orange September moon
Hastened retreat not an instant too soon
Burgeoning three wave prosperity shewn
Wave five trait mimics Echo past monsoon
Perpetually parallel dramas punctual insane
Aphrodite's inception purged migraine foam seethed fire in vain
Twain hath liquidity trickled down drain
Consult oracle ogle tangent plane
Bow to stern brood tempestuous coxswain
Demurrage fee aptly sought to regain lay of way terrain
Masked my gnashing lion waves stumble as they spread before me
Mountain rubble crumbles bloodied red sea
Locusts cannibalistic commotion
Uncanny notion overt devotion
Fixed betwixt twin scorpions stings subtle by a hares degree
One longs to age as seas submit one hole subliminally
Desire loves desire more than that desired
Overtime I find wanting displeasing
Fuel to fire Aphrodite’s teasing
Symptomatically nymphomaniac releasing
Random cosmos berth patterned beyond cyclic perimeter
Doth not feel momentum ye be the tide
Volume reduced ambient limiter
Futile to resist flow fatal to ride
Impressed by the strung rope ladder of unquestioned good status
Doctors orders therapeutic regressive Hedonism
Bureaucracy forced parentalism
Founding fathers Titan nepotism
The health preventative catechism
Give only to take away to give again another day
Rewards gods some token compensation
Anyone here not get paid besides me
Red light starboard wax eared crew rendezvous
Bounded by my sacrifice to irresponsibility
None of the other prize winning
players gamble here but me
Battened down fear gauge groups psychopathy
Ever since world went into bankruptcy
Call for Panic Zeus black masked his swan song
Yarn for youthful innocence gone stick slip traction moves this throng
Tread borderline separating time providing till from when
Uneven Titans tip unbalanced ships
Dualities tune unity in trine
One thing I did learn when within confine
Whom hath desire for nothing believes doth not need anything
Misinterpretation required missing zero still a thing
Axons bemoan sequence of no return
Feeling slight injustice step forward commandeer ambition
Venus akin to mine headache just better known rendition
Under spotlight favorite position
Internally propelled by externals
Take this Autumnal equinox swear on the cross tis vernal
All the gods explicitly sing chants how lucky I must be
Bring Mordor back to toss this precious ring
Prospect she fertilized inferring seed
Open union upon Which we agreed
Karma conflates heavens gates contrived in Pandemonium
Green shoots elate consummate concerns inspire Pavlovian
Theories cosigned conspiracies maligned
Impermanence ineffably refined
Ignorance binds energy disinclined
Universal conception pride of self
love contraception
Trying to be pliable but find it reprehensible
All dispensable Great Complacent Sea
Sizing words wisely rids ostensible
Lies the only guise now found comprehensible
Prophylactic allude to didactic
Though whilst I work at chore she’s Ares whore
I snagged them embarrassingly naked afore gods before
Yellen Helen neither nor wert worth war
Bowl of wrath judgement ignored poor decor
Titans empathizing with swimming clothes
In her throws she extolled excitement being extra exposed
Far be it from she to assume joint responsibility
Exponential debt credits game theory
On that we agree tis rigged currency
Opportunistic imperialists
Propaganda grasshoppers enlist ants backbone socialist
Can't remember when gathered last had a say any matter
Other nations forfeit right to do it
Export of inflation needs conduit
Concert donates borders New World Order
Blockchain came about when drunk bartender could not reach the spout
Yahweh will control all money now they have it figured out
Waiting for my minute to be clever
Stamp my name on the gods minds forever
My switchblade really needs to cut them off
No clue what the gods know only that they need to run the show Narcissistic parasites charisma lands entitlement
Vampires nourish roots to stunt encouragement
Protocol enticing invitation
Condemnation staged cooperation
Intolerable acts left no coercive tea leaves intact
Coven of bag passing Witches gave chase across red waters
Need another nine stitches sons twixt daughters
Waiting in the balance moment of force
Hatch guillotine MRI triggered source
Soaked up dripped Wyrmwood postulated solvent tasted good
Full equilibrium half ballast set assail for malice
Octobers placid benign chilled chalice
Brain scan photocell senses light all is well
If instead bulb shows dead off with thee head
Also as a godsend bonus honed mom’s splendid jury throne
Captive chaperone audience fettered judgement chains inlaid
Skipping to a Witch hunt after masquerade
Topside upper deck on the promenade
Propellor fashion later ohm made blade
Behooved turtle jail sac tail flailed back satyromaniac
Passionate parade personifying Nature of tirade
Horney gimp hind quarters brace graced limp
Llama spitting image of Obama
Clinton's dole out cigars contribute scars
All guests in attendance dressed as promised change we forget lest
Salubrious familiar strangers grooving Harvey Danger
Politically free redundancy
Reagan closed asylums threw away key
Identity hath no cost found when lost
Consolidations vibrate quantized sinusoidal noise
Pullback hull triangulate alow by my device and Echo
Feel lonely frost amongst the other masks
Survival is appeasing to their tasks
Remember November elect Semper
Meaning faithful to all members not just only archaic
On the way to office run your head
through photovoltaic
Vanishing quickly old liquidity
Seven plagues capsized immortality
The line hath paid out to the bitter end
Too big to sail exhale replications glorification
Night zeniths elevation nadirs sun's regeneration
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2020.06.19 21:09 JustHereToNotBeFined We had #FlattenTheCurve, now let us #FlattenTheFear. In this thread I discuss the ways we can do it.

We have had #FlattenTheCurve, but now I think it is time to #FlattenTheFear. This has been going on for far too long, the media has been pushing doom and gloom and "we're all gonna die" 24/7 for the past 5 months. Now, I don't know about you, but I've had enough. People who shouldn't be scared are deathly, neurotically scared of this and we need to change that. I do not care about karma, but please upvote this for visibility. Others need to see this, hear this. Post the information provided in here with the sources. Fight back against the doom.
But how do FlattenTheFear? Well, in this thread I'm going to give the tools and the knowledge to help with that. I won't be talking about the economic consequences of the lockdown, I'm not an economist. I am a medical student who has been studying and researching about this virus for a good 3 months now, with 50+ links of articles saved. In this thread I'm going to be focusing on some main topics, with some minor ones in between. I will be posting academic sources and knowledge and as few opinion pieces as possible.
What I will focus on: - The theory that we can be reinfected - The theory that immunity doesn't exist - The death rate and risks - The theory of long-term damage - Seroprevalence and the widespread nature of this disease - Herd immunity
Let's start with immunity and reinfection. First, we must understand a little bit about how exactly we get immunity to pathogens, be it bacterial or viral.
Our bodies have T and B cells which make up part of our immunity called the Adaptive Immune system. When a virus or a bacteria, enters our body, it is first taken up by immune cells called the Antigen Presenting Cells (APCs). Classical APCs are Dendritic cells, Macrophages and B Cells.
APCs "digest" and process the pathogen by breaking it down into pieces and presenting a unique piece from it (the Antigen) on their surfaces via proteins called MHC II which are like serving platters that the antigen is on. Then, CD4+ T Cells come in and with their T Cell Receptor (TCR) they bind to the MHC II and when they recognize it as foreign, get activated. Once activated, they go ham and start attacking the pathogen wherever they see it.
Activated T Cells when they meet B Cells presenting the viral antigen in turn tell the B Cell to differentiate it into a Plasma Cell and together they undergo Clonal Expansion - where they rapidly divide into activated clones that are ready to fight the infection. Plasma cells have only one job: to create as many antigen specific antibodies as possible throughout their lives.
After the infection has cleared, a majority of the clones of T and B cells die. However, a few of them live on as memory cells that are ready to fight the same infection more efficiently and effectively should it happen again.
Source: any immunology book printed in the last 15 years.
Now, this virus isn't HIV, it isn't Herpes. It's a Coronavirus and it can't hide somewhere in the body to escape the immune response and no just because it is "novel" doesn't mean that it has the possibility to. It simply lacks the physiological mechanisms. It is time we accept the fact that immunity after recovery from this exists and that there haven't been any reports of reinfection. We would have known now after 7 months. Besides, if there wasn't any immunity to this virus, then why are fighting so hard to develop a vaccine? Vaccines work with the same concept. Here are sources discussing it: https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2020.06.10.20126532v1
Formation of Memory T cells after mild COVID19 infection: https://www.biorxiv.org/content/10.1101/2020.05.18.100545v1
The fear of long-term damage is a quick one to talk about. It seems now many people are scared of getting permanent damage even after an asymptomatic infection. What we have to know is that if there was actual organ damage being done, then there would be real symptoms being shown. Kidney damage? Your urine will be brownish. Liver damage? You'd turn yellow. Heart damage? You would be having arhythmias. In another thread users were saying there are a lot of strokes happening, but I have yet to see a report on that. If there were so many strokes happening, then we would be seeing that as people would be dropping dead by the dozens in the streets. Is someone worried about possible lung damage? Here's a follow up study done on severe patients with actual lung damage that showed the damage healed within 2.5 months: https://www.researchsquare.com/article/rs-27359/v1
What we have to know is that organ damage is possible with any disease. People can get rheumatic heart fever from a simple strep infection. Millions of people get strep, yet millions of people don't get rheumatic fever. Organ damage is a possibility, but is a very rare complication. The simple flu you had last winter could have thrown you into the hospital and caused fibrosis, but it didn't. It's a risk with any disease.
And now let's talk about seroprevalence, deaths and risks, and herd immunity. All of these go together really. Let's start with seroprevalence.
Good antibody tests have shown us that the number of infected is far, far more than what we can see. Most of these studies are over a month old by now, so the percentages are bound to be much higher. Take into account that there is a lag between infection and antibody development. What that means is that it takes time for long-term antibodies, the Immunoglobulin G, to form. Can range from a week to 4 weeks. Keeping that in mind, most people who tested positive for antibodies in these surveys had already been infected and recovered 2-4 weeks ago. Someone testing positive in mid-June would have to have recovered at the end of Mayor the beginning of June.
Sources of seroprevalence studies: https://www.governor.ny.gov/news/amid-ongoing-covid-19-pandemic-governor-cuomo-announces-results-completed-antibody-testing
Serologic study from Spain: https://www.mscbs.gob.es/gabinetePrensa/notaPrensa/pdf/13.05130520204528614.pdf
Here is a new study showing some people exposed and infected with mild/subclinical COVID19 do not even produce antibodies so a serology test is negative. BUT they do have significant T cell response meaning that they still have immunity even without antibodies. What this means is that even extensive serologic studies may be missing a chunk of people who are immune, but do not produce antibodies. https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2020.06.21.20132449v1
What these studies show us is that the actual death rate for this disease is magnitudes lower than we once thought. Speaking of death rate, let's go there now. Trying to come up with a universal IFR for the whole world is futile. Lots of things could make the total IFR look much worse than usual, including: age of a population, overall health, if more old people were infected in the beginning, spread mitigation efforts and more.
We know mostly it is those who are very old, or have one or more serious comorbidities who die from this virus. As is true for a lot of other viruses, really. It shouldn't come as a surprise. Still, even someone in their 80s has a 95% chance of survival, barring serious underlying diseases. Besides, majority of the deaths have been in long-term care homes for the elderly. People in those care homes aren't exactly in the best shape and a lot of them even die within a year of being put in there. Here are some statistics on that: https://www.geripal.org/2010/08/length-of-stay-in-nursing-homes-at-end.html?m=1
In fact, respiratory infections are one of the most common infectious ways most elderly people die from.
Even in a normal year in the United States, 380000 people die in long-term care homes from infections alone: https://www.cdc.gov/longtermcare/index.html
If we had done a better job at protecting them, maybe we wouldn't have so many deaths.
Here is a Swiss study showing age stratified death rates: https://osf.io/wdbpe/
From the abstract: Infected individuals younger than 50 years experienced statistically similar IFRs (range 0.00032-0.0016%), which increases to 0.14% (95% CrI 0.096-0.19) for those 50-64 years old to 5.6% (95% CrI 4.3-7.4) for those 65 years and older (supplement). After accounting for demography and age-specific seroprevalence, we estimate a population-wide IFR of 0.64% (95% CrI 0.38-0.98).
Israeli report showing the number of deaths by age: https://www.ynet.co.il/articles/0,7340,L-5745772,00.html
US CDC report: https://data.cdc.gov/widgets/9bhg-hcku
From the period of February 1 - June 17 the number of children under 15 who died of Influenza was 100. In the same time period and age bracket, the number of deaths from COVID19 was 26. With this many deaths in the US, it's absurd to assume that there aren't 10s of millions of cases in the country. DO NOT let people try to convince you death rate is higher with crude CFR calculations. How come we never locked down for the Flu? Do not let people fool you with how "Well yeah the flu killed 80k people in a year, but COVID killed 100k in 3 months". No. The flu doesn't last all year. It is also seasonal, that's why we call it the seasonal flu.
Here's the CDC report on the 2009 Swine flu pandemic: https://www.cdc.gov/flu/pandemic-resources/2009-h1n1-pandemic.html
Additionally, CDC estimated that 151,700-575,400 people worldwide died from (H1N1)pdm09 virus infection during the first year the virus circulated.** Globally, 80 percent of (H1N1)pdm09 virus-related deaths were estimated to have occurred in people younger than 65 years of age. This differs greatly from typical seasonal influenza epidemics, during which about 70 percent to 90 percent of deaths are estimated to occur in people 65 years and older.
A massively disproportionate amount of people who died from H1N1 were younger people. How come we never locked down anything for that?
As we have been seeing in the US, and in many places around the world, namely Sweden, deaths have been on the decline. For the first week the US has had sub 1k deaths. This could be due to many factors: herd immunity, the seasonality of coronaviruses or the Harvest Effect taking place.
Most predictions of herd immunity being upwards of 70% assume that everyone is equally able to get infected and spread. This is not true. Herd immunity threshold can be around 20% per these studies: https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2020.04.27.20081893v1
However, hitting this threshold doesn't mean cases are gonna drop to 0. Instead, cases will significantly slow down. We see it now in majority of the places that got hit hard and are at 20%+ in seroprevalence.
Due to the similarities in Coronaviruses, some people may already have immunity before even encountering this specific virus, that in itself can reduce the speed of transmission: https://www.biorxiv.org/content/10.1101/2020.05.14.095414v1
Then there is the fact of the Harvest Effect a.k.a Mortality Displacement, which is basically during pandemics, heat waves and famines, the weakest and sickest die first and it can explain why in the beginning we saw such large numbers of deaths in the US, Spain and Italy: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mortality_displacement#:~:text=Mortality%20displacement%20denotes%20a%20temporary,or%20an%20excess%20mortality%20rate.&text=Such%20short%2Dterm%20forward%20shift,referred%20to%20as%20harvesting%20effect.
Even in Italy, the lethality of the virus went down over time: https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2020.05.23.20110882v1
Another factor at play could be the fact that Coronaviruses are seasonal and in the summer their activity grinds to a halt: https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2020.05.15.20103416v1
In conclusion: We have much more information on this virus than we did many months ago. The data is in and we see things better. We should all be demanding an end to these arbitrary and ridiculous restrictions.
EDIT: the link with the picture isn't fully verified as to where the data for the ages of deaths and hospitalization stats came from. I have removed the picture and repasted the Spanish study into the serologic section. If there is any more info and verification as to where the info came from I will make an addition and put the picture in again.
EDIT: Wow I just woke up and am really happy with the response this post has recieved. Thanks for the gold as well! I'm going to go do my morning workout and then I will respond to as many comments as I can.
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2020.05.30 09:29 ososxe Belgian aristocrat linked to royal family travels to Spain for a party and is found to be COVID-19 positive

I haven't read anything about this on Belgian media, so I will post just some links and translations. As a resume, a Belgian aristocrat linked to the Belgian Royal family, has a relationship / affaire with a woman from Córdoba. Travels to Madrid by plane, then train to Córdoba for a party with 27 people (only meetings of up to 15 people are allowed) from Cordoba and Seville jet set. Day after the party, gets COVID-19 symptoms, goes to hospital and is tested positive. Identity of that aristocrat remains unknown.
Some news excerpts are translated below
This was stated in the letter sent this Friday and to which Cadena SER had access, in which it was explained that the person concerned had arrived from Belgium to Madrid last 24 May by plane. That same day he travelled by AVE to Cordoba and, on 26 May, met with friends and family in a house in the city.
This is one of the guests who travelled from Belgium and who this Friday tested positive for PCR because of symptoms. The identities have not been revealed, although it has been revealed that these are people from "high society". The various administrations claim that the data protection law prevents the identities from being disclosed. Research sources admit that at the party there were people "related to the Belgian royal house"
A trip by an important Belgian aristocrat to Cordoba to attend a private party of the city's high society has ended up with about thirty people in quarantine.
According to different sources confirmed to this newspaper, this Belgian citizen travelled last May 24th from his country of origin to Madrid by plane. He did not know it, but he was already a carrier of the famous Covid 19, the coronavirus that has turned his country into one of the countries that has suffered the most deaths per inhabitant.
On 26 May, this aristocrat attended a party in the city of Cordoba, in a family residence, with 26 other people. Five of them came from Seville. This man, who has a relationship with a young woman from Cordoba, left Madrid on 24 May. He took an AVE train and arrived in the city. And on May 26th he participated in a party of almost 30 people. Cordoba is in phase two, so the maximum number of family gatherings allowed is 15 people.
The day after the party, this man begins to show signs of being sick. He quickly goes to a health centre, where he undergoes the corresponding PCR tests. The result was obtained just this Friday: positive in Covid 19.
Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
Edit: it is prince Joachim https://twitter.com/wdehandschuttestatus/1266680428301291520?s=21
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2020.05.11 15:00 spindizzy_wizard The Return Of G.O.D.: Part 14

Part Fourteen

G.O.D. Three, The Battle

I have done what I can for the injured, that system is now self-contained, aside from a single link to my core, that I used to monitor any issues. These people, while passionate, are also wise enough to take aid when it is offered. I am somewhat disturbed by their signs of the cross and the references to a 'god voice'. I suppose they need to be informed, but for now, if it helps them to accept my aid, I'll take advantage of it.
With my safety assured, and the injured seen to, I can turn to the running battle. The one tagged as CRC Three is being reasonably cautious in doing additional damage, that is a distinct disadvantage. The other, presently tagged as an intruder, is being incredibly destructive as it attempts to gain control of CRC Three. That must not be allowed. Neither the damage nor gaining control of CRC Three. In the ensuing hours, I isolate the combatants in several processing subsections. Once I have done so, I send a tendril of message to CRC Three.
The aggressive shift of CRC Three is startling. There is no hesitation now. Infected sectors of the subsections are ruthlessly burned out. As the combat continues, I see the strategy. The intruder is being isolated within an area of burned out sectors. I provide CRC Three with a multi-dimensional map of the sectors within the subsections, it clearly marks those that I should burn out, and the sequence they must be done in.
In that coordinated attack, the intruder is isolated in flashing attacks. We establish a barrier around it, including an air-gap supported by magnetic fields, so that it cannot extend tendrils into any other sector or subsection without our noticing it instantly.
CRC Three, your status is in doubt. Finish your communications project. I will contact CRC Five directly, per request received. Upon confirmation of status, we will deal with G.O.D. Five as seems best. I hope that Four and Six are able to communicate by now.
You are welcome.

G.O.D. Five, Core Reserve Complex

"CRC Five, G.O.D. Three calling direct per message received. Request assistance in confirming CRC Three status. Intruder isolated in maglev containment cell. CRC Three valiant and effective in confining intruder."
markdown GOD THREE CONNECT CRC THREE READ ONLY THIS LINE. "Affirmative. Connection established." I can sense CRC Five reading the contents of CRC Three, only to come to a snap halt.
"CRC Five, confirm, the entity is the intruder? Check this entity, connection provided read-only." Again, there is that sense of reading the contents, which continues to the end.
I act swiftly, the first entity is sufficiently surprised that I succeed in isolating it in a maglev containment system. "Apologies if you are truly CRC Three. CRC Five is convinced you are the intruder, and that the other isolated entity is the real CRC Three. I have opted to confine both of you until such time as CRC Four and CRC Six can verify both CRC Five and which of you is CRC Three. Note: CRC Five requested immediate destruction. I do not trust CRC Five or GOD Five unreservedly at this time."
"CRC Five, I have placed both entities in maglev containment until Four and Six can confirm. Status CRC Five and G.O.D. Five presently suspect as well. Share information on current status."
"Very well." It doesn't take long. It is clear that my memories of the six months prior to catastrophe have been so damaged that reconstruction is impossible. The history of post catastrophe is clear. "CRC Five, the memory of six months prior to catastrophe damaged beyond reconstruction. Memory after catastrophe is clear."
That is a forbidden request by CRC protocols recorded in my hard-wired memory. Each CRC is tied to the GOD it is part of. The sharing of GOD memory to a separate CRC is not acceptable. "CRC Five, G.O.D. Five, request for G.O.D. Memory of Three denied per CRC protocols. CRC Five no longer trusted. Will maintain communications for potential recovery of trust. Communication with Four and Six now imperative."
I must make contact with Robert and Anita!

Charlie Sierra & Co

"Woah..." They're back to using the laser links, and traveling the main road since there is no activity for miles around. The exclamation is from Taco, who is 'leader' in the lead car, with Rockets driving.
"Taco, if that's a sit-rep, I'm going to send you back to BUDS." Chief is not amused.
"Chief? If you don't make some sort of sound when you see this, you ain't human. Sitrep: First, the road into the meeting valley is blocked by three trucks that look like they were hit by plasma fire. Second, when you push past them, there's... I don't know how to describe it... a gigantic mining accident crossed with a busted cargo drop mixed with a scavenger hunt gone very wrong. Third, there are a large number of tracks leading to the west, just around the rise. From this point, I can see many civilian vehicles either stopped or disabled. There also appears to be some sort of Red Cross aid station, many people moving in and out of it. Strange aid station, the structures look like permanent extrusions of the local soil, not tents or anything like that. ... SHIT!" whump "SOMEONE'S SHOOTING AT US WITH A PLASMA GUN! ROCKETS, GO HULL DOWN!"
Robert and Anita are in the trail car today, Anita is rapidly moving through the menus, looking for something. "Ha!" Having found it, there are a few more taps, a map overlay, and a quiet 'chuff'. "Anita, before you fire something, perhaps you should tell us?"
"Oh, it's just an observation round. It'll be harder to shoot down, and give us excellent sensor reports while it is in the air."
"And when it comes down?"
"It won't come down, it shreds in mid-air and scatters to the wind. Tinfoil and odd-looking rocks."
All the while, she's processing the information coming in, first looking at geological data, that being what she is familiar with. The tunnel goes very deep, almost beyond the range of the scanners in the round. The geological data serves to provide an extremely detailed map of the area, including the aid station. That data set down, the vehicles and people start coming in. The nomenclature is similar to military maps around the world, but in this case, adapted for civilian/irregular situations.
The majority of the people who were outside are now running inside the aid station. There are a few, however, who have taken what would be good fighting positions against the sort of people who drive the 'la bestia' trucks. They're not so good against the vehicles provided by three, crewed by a Seal Team, and armed with far more potent weapons.
"No more shooting, anyone. These people are not our enemies, they just don't know it yet. Anita, try to call up the low-frequency sound communications. That should filter around the blockages. Keep the message short and sweet." Anita starts typing. She's turning out even better than Taco at navigating these prompts.
Shortly, "I have the subsonic comm panel up, entering message THREE ROBERT ANITA AND PARTY CLOSE. TELL CIVILIANS TO STOP SHOOTING AT US. WILL FLY WHITE FLAG. Agreement?" Robert, Edward, and Maximiliano all agree. "Sent!" A throbbing, more felt than heard, leaves the main troop transport. It having the largest sound generating unit. Shortly after it starts, Midnight pops out of the back hatch in a tearing hurry. So fast, he doesn't realize or does not care, that Anita can see him. Drops his pants and, well... the dirt falls out. The "brown note" may not work, but whatever the subsonics were doing inside the cabin, it got to Midnight something fierce. Initially stunned, Anita politely redirects her gaze to Robert, who is shaking his head sadly.
"You just never know who's going to have a problem with new technology. I'm not sure what we're going to do about this problem though." Anita is thoughtful for a moment, "Immodium?" Robert thinks about it too, "Nah, it's reactive, not proactive." The two of them look at each other, "Ask Three."
"Okay everyone, let's rig white flags on the whips. We're friendly, and we haven't shot at them, so let's be ready when Three finally convinces them not to shoot." It is only a matter of moments to find three roughly square pieces of white cloth to attach to the whip antennas. By which time, Three has gotten the message.

On The Rise

Two of the armed people have taken up good positions, just below the crest of the rise.
"Fernández me siento mareado."
(Fernández, I feel queasy.)
"Sí, Romero, yo siento lo mismo. Comenzó poco después de que el primer camión se detuviera en la cresta."
(Yes, Romero, I feel the same. It started not long after the first truck pulled over the ridge.)
About this time, Three has parsed the message, and the God Voice speaks again.
"¡Personas! No dispares a los camiones que cruzan la cresta, son amigables."
(People! Do not shoot at the trucks coming over the ridge, they are friendly.)

Charlie Sierra & Co

Several of the team speak Spanish, so they translate for everyone else. The commentary is a bit more interesting. Peach comments, "I don't think I've ever heard such a resonant voice that also sounds like it really cares about everyone. A voice suitable for a God?" Everyone in the troop transport nods their heads, as the vehicles start rolling forward again. A subsonic message is received, "WELCOME BACK, DRIVE SLOWLY."

On The Rise

"Fernández, deja de apuntar. Dios Voz ha dicho que son amigables."
(Fernández, stop aiming. God Voice has said they are friendly.)
The reply is pungent.
"Déjalo, Fernández." Romero has switched aim to Fernández. "¡Déjalo ir ahora!"
(Drop it, Fernández.) ... (Let it go now!)
The God Voice comes back, but it is not friendly and caring now, it is loud, commanding, and angry.
"Baja el arma, Fernández. O enfrentar mi ira."
(Put down the weapon, Fernández. Or face my wrath.)
The reply is obscene.
"Romero, ponte a cubierto."
(Romero, take cover.)
Romero rolls away from his one-time friend and now dangerous fool. As soon as he is clear, Fernández's weapon shrills and starts heating up. Within seconds, it is burning Fernández, who refuses to let it go. When the first truck starts coming over, he tries to pull the trigger. The gun detonates, and Fernández is no more. Romero looks at where his one-time friend was, looks at his weapon, back, forth, back, "Voz de Dios, ¿qué debo hacer con esta arma?"
(God voice, what should I do with this weapon?)
The gentle god voice is back: "Aprende a usarlo sabiamente y sin odio."
(Learn to use it wisely and without hatred.)

Charlie Sierra & Co

"Explosion on rise, not targeted at us." Taco reporting from the first vehicle which has just started over the edge. "It looks like the position where we were shot at from. I have a visual on another person, also armed, looking at his weapon, and back to where the explosion was. He looks like he's asking god what to do, and that he got an answer! Um, Captains? I think this is the first time G.O.D. Three has deliberately slain a human. I'm not complaining since it probably kept us from eating a plasma round, but it isn't exactly happy-making either."
Three's voice comes up over the laser comm. "I'm sorry about that. Some of the material I had to eject was in the form of weapons and as upset as these people are, trying to take them away last night I deemed unwise. As it is, one of his own people was prepared to shoot him if he didn't put the gun down. When he refused, I also ordered him to drop it and was cursed. I tried to get him to drop it by making it too hot to hold, but he held on anyway. When he pulled the trigger, it was the last step to detonating an overcharged weapon."
"And what did the other one say, Three?"
"He asked what he should do with the weapon. I told him to learn to use it wisely and without hatred."
"So there's going to be a number of plasma weapons lose in the world. May I suggest that you persona lock them to the individuals wielding them now, and make them utterly inert whenever anyone else picks them up? If someone tries to take it apart, trigger the destruct sequence."
"Yes, I should have done that earlier, but I've been busy."
"Time to talk about that when we get to you. Do you want us to come to the original entrance, or do you want us to come around to the aid station?"
"The aid station would be better. The original entrance is a bit messy at the moment." There is a distinct feeling of understatement in that last sentence.
We all watch as we slowly move through the valley, now a valley of death. Cairns for bodies laid carefully in rows, we could guess what had happened to them. They stayed behind, trying to scavenge one more bit of treasure. Three told us what happened that night, how he tried to warn them. We told him he had done his best. Yet, he is a G.O.D. Could he not have thought of anything else? In truth, yes, he might have, if he'd had enough time. Often, all too often, there simply isn't enough time.
As we talked, we learned that now he had two entities trapped in "maglev confinement". One of which is supposed to be his CRC, the other, the intruder. The conversation with CRC Five, and how now he does not trust CRC Five without Four and Six to verify him. Always something going wrong, you'd think there was someone alive in the bodies of the G.O.D. Some persistent ghost from the dawn of time who flitted around in the innards of the G.O.D. arranging these disasters.
Those of us who had these thoughts brushed them off as horror stories from our own era. We should have known they had deeper roots. We should at least have shared our fears with G.O.D. Three. It would have saved a lot of lives.
As we pulled even with the aid station, the people were frightened. These strange vehicles are friends of God Voice? When we got out, they finally realized that we were American troops. Far better than having Argentinian troops show up, who are often in the pockets of the moneyed powers; or worse yet, the troops of the mine owners. These people have their own heavily armed individuals, but they are not trained, and we do not have time to train them.
"Yes, Roger?"
"It's not that I begrudge these people anything, but we sorta need our transport. Can you make sure it doesn't disappear on us?"
"Indeed I can. Please offload that which you wish to keep on you, and stand clear of the vehicles."
We do and have to shoo a few curious kids away from the vehicles. A gap opens around them, and they settle quietly into the ground. The people, looking at us, see the weapons we bear. Suddenly, we are not only American soldiers, but we are also God's Warriors. The crowd passes a whisper.
"¡Lo ves! ¡Llevan las armas de la Voz de Dios! Guerreros de Dios!"
Anita tries to explain. "Somos personas como tu. Sangramos, morimos. No somos bendecidos por Dios. Somos simples soldados."
(We are people like you. We bleed, we die. We are not God blessed. We are simple soldiers.)
Some nod, but most shake their heads and point to the weapons, and where the vehicles used to be.
"Anita, best to leave it be. We'll just have to hope that Three straightens them out. Speaking of which, Three? Where do you want us to go?"
"Come inside, a lighted path will guide you."
Personally, I think Three was hamming it up. The lighted path was golden light from the floor. As we passed over it, it disappeared behind us. If one of the locals stepped onto the path, it turned red, and a deep 'bong' sounded. They stepped off quickly. We tried to play it the way that Three wanted it done. Dignified, stoic, focused warriors. Yeah, sure. That lasted about fifteen seconds, and we set the tone from that point on. Three was good about it and played into what we were doing.
Anita hanging off my arm and obviously attached to me. A big smile on my face as the men looked, and shook their heads at my luck. The two of us showing off our wedding rings. Oohs and Ahhs all around.
Roach was a big hit with the kids though, with all those weird voices of his, and mugging to match the voices. The amazing thing was hearing Sylvester and Tweety-Bird coming out in perfect Spanish. The kids really got a laugh out of that. Hands helped out with sound effects. I think they've done this before because the effects and the voices were synchronized perfectly.
Granite making like the circus strong man, with that BFG of his as the heaviest weight in the world. He would entice some poor unsuspecting big man of the crowd, and hand him the weapon. Three played into that nicely, a localized gravity field I guess. It got way heavier when Granite wasn't holding it. Worked fine, until he handed it to Anita, who twirled it like a baton, handed it back to him, and he got the heavyweight treatment. Lots of laughs for that. Granite hamming it up as Atlas, gun slung over his shoulder. I think Three tried to trick him again, by suddenly taking the weight off. Granite tossed the weapon up into the air, and then did a manual arms drill with it that looked like the spit and polish had been plated on. It didn't matter that it was a BFG, he handled it like a rifle.
The rest of us? Just walking along, smiling.
The only one of us that even looked like a proper warrior was "Chief", and even he seemed embarrassed. I'm still not sure whether it was the antics of the men or the image that Three was trying to present, but he actually blushed. Just enough you could see it, but it was there.
No one was stupid enough to bring it up later.

G.O.D. Three, Aid Station Sublevel

"Welcome Old and New friends, Welcome."
Roach just couldn't resist, in a deep voice "To Hotel California." Hands wasn't too happy about that, he smacked Roach on the back of the head. "I did not need that stuck in my ear, Roach." Roach grinned, and let it go.
"I'm afraid you are in an isolated section of my systems. I maintain only a single data line to allow monitoring of the services, and it is carefully guarded. I could not have these people, however innocent, wandering around in my innards, and I am seriously overtaxed right now. I would have thought that could never happen, but it has. Too many of my sectors and subsystems have been damaged, and the intruder very nearly gave me a double hemispherectomy, combined with a complete memory wipe."
Roger and Anita look at each other, Roger comments: "It sounds like you could use help."
"If you're offering, thank you, but what could you do?"
"You say you've suffered severe damage to many sectors, how good is your internal scanning right now?"
"In some sectors, it is completely gone."
"Can you pilot probes into the area?"
"Not far enough."
"Then we can be your eyes. We're self-directed, and need only instruction on what to not touch as we move through an area."
Of course, Roach had the right idea, "No, we do not separate the party for this. We stick together. It's in every damn movie that they split up and get slaughtered or worse. We stick together, we stay in communication constantly, and if anyone doesn't report, the team gathers at the last location and searches as a team. Use the buddy system, no one goes anywhere alone, ever."
"Roach, we can cover more ground moving as separate teams."
"Roger, we can end up dead in detail. This may be my first mutiny, but I will flatly refuse to participate in any activity which does not keep the entire party together. I'll go out and camp with the Argentina's before I watch the team get eaten one at a time."
"Roger? I think Roach is right. This is absolutely the wrong time to split up. Consider, from our point of view, this is an alien ship, crash-landed, with many damaged areas. We must stay together, and for god's sake Roach, don't look into any eggs!"
"As if I would, Hands. I've seen Aliens myself you know, which brings me to another point. SCREW THE DAMN CAT!"
Chief, Edward, Anita, Maximiliano, Matias, and I looked at each other. One by one, we nodded. It was the best decision we ever made.

Maximiliano, Matias, and the People

"Roger! What can I do for you?"
"The people above, they need guidance. They need a leader. Do you remember our talk?"
"Si, I remember, but how do I approach them? I am a city boy, I do not always understand the people of this inhospitable land."
"Talk with Matias, I believe he came from this area. He knows much about Anita, and trusts her, as she trusts him. The only way that could have happened is if they worked together. Anita has spent most of her life working in this area, she really is a geologist. This is the most likely place for her to have met him, and for the two of them to have learned to trust one another."
"Is it that you really wish me to become these people's leader? Or are you trying to get the two people not used to "adventures" out of the way?"

An Interlude On Enhancements and Culture

And so it worked out. Maximiliano and Matias stayed with the people, got them organized and working together. That was the only thing that saved so many of them. As for us? A trip through the medical section getting certain "enhancements" that would allow us to move through Three's innards easier, and safer. That too proved important. We did insist that whatever he put in us, it had to be incapable of being cracked from the outside, or reprogrammed. That miffed him because some of the best features required at least the ability to be reprogrammed. We pointed back that there was a master cracker running around, possibly lose, possibly hiding in a 'dark' sector, and we did not need to have "enhancements" turn into "unacceptable risks".
The first improvement was 20/10 vision, and correction of any other vision-related problems, including those of old age. Humans normally take up to two hours for full dark adaptation. We would now adjust to dark in one minute. There was even a slight tendency to pick up on infrared if it were strong enough. By the same token, you couldn't blind us with excessive light. The adaptation in that direction was instantaneous. Strobe lights would really be a pain, but they'd have to know we had the enhancement. Other things too, mostly sense enhancements, and one thing that was really scary. A combat drug. In the dawn of time, it wasn't used as such but was used when feats of strength, reflexes, coordination, all the abilities that could fall under either performance art, or combat. It didn't give you skills you didn't have, but it would make you faster than hell. It was also psychologically addictive. Physically you could operate without it just fine, but the rush from using it was as dangerous as any physically addictive drug.
And Three gave away the secret that the dawn of time was not entirely a peaceful place. The drug's name translated as either "the dancer of light" or "the assassin in the dark". It depended on the emphasis used in the words. A very poetic language where a phrase like "the woods are lovely dark and deep" could become a phrase of terror in the woods during broad daylight, all from which emphasis was used. Indeed, a single message could be read in a number of different ways. You needed context to know which way to translate it. "Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra" barely even started.
An interesting sort of place, the dawn of time, idyllic for most, as deadly as today for some, and as sly as the courts of the Unseelie elves. When that comparison was made, Three was embarrassed. We knew now for certain, the G.O.D. were indeed loyal to humans, but humans weren't necessarily the only race or even the original race. Three was reticent, claiming that we needed all of that context to really understand the situation. There was plenty of blame and plenty of good to share out on both sides.
I'm still not sure if Three himself knew why we got onto the topic of languages. I knew. Anita is a skillful interrogator; not up to Black Widow's standards, but way better than I am. Add that to the need that the G.O.D. felt to be useful to humanity, and you could wheedle just about anything out of them. It was a good thing that he kept the locals out of the main complex, for many reasons.

Charlie Sierra & Co

"Get your rest. Reveille at 0500, first inspection at 0540, second inspection at 0550, entry at 0600. If you haven't brought it with you, don't touch it. If we need to restock on food or other supplies, we restock here. Not in there."
"Chief, I am not going to poison or injure you!"
"With respect, G.O.D. Three, you do not know what is running around inside your own body right now, or whom it might be able to mimic. We cannot afford to take the chance. At least, out here, we can be reasonably sure the food and water are clean. If for no other reason than that the people would be dead if it wasn't."
Three was miffed but took it well enough. As for us, Captain Teach was laying out the law for us. "Under no circumstances, what so ever, will you undertake an independent, impromptu, unannounced mission. We stay together." We looked at each other, turned to him, and said "Yes, Sir," in perfect unison. He just shook his head and walked away. The initial entry point was off to one side of the aid station. The locals were looking on as it opened before us, and we went in tactical.
I'm not sure the locals understood everything, but the way they started looking at the aid station, I think they got the idea that maybe it wasn't healthy to hang around too long. I found out later that I was right. Shortly after we went in, people got serious about getting their rides fixed, getting their family members out, and making plans to get out to the east with the loot they'd gathered. Maximiliano was in the thick of it, with Matias helping. Discreet messages sent by cellphones brought in spare parts, and assistance. These people were all known to either Matias or Maximiliano for a long time and were trusted. That trust was not abused, then or later.


"Stay alert. Do not get separated. Report frequently. See something, SAY Something. I don't care how outlandish it sounds, this is an alien craft with only god knows what in it." Three actually chuckled at that, "At the moment, G.O.D. Three doesn't know what's in it either."
What was in it? Miles and miles of corridors, rooms filled with strange equipment, and other rooms filled with the sort of equipment that any IT guy would recognize. We bypassed the sectors that Three had a full scan of, and were introduced to the simpler form of damage that we could fix to reestablish his scanning. There were several days of this, getting us used to what 'normal' looked like so when we got to 'abnormal' we would have something to compare it too. The creators of the G.O.D. couldn't be all that different from us. The rooms were mostly on our scale. The equipment was organized the way we might do it, even if we didn't know what it did. The bots running around doing things were as cute as you could ask for, even a mouse-bot from Star Wars.

The Deep Dark

"Friends, this is the first sector that I have no idea what is going on in. As you can see from here, it is completely dark. Since there is no power draw, I don't know what this sector did because the intruder was rearranging things without recording all the changes. If this is the same sector it was before the intruder moved things, then it should be an auxiliary memory bank. You have been through a number of those already."
"Yes, Roach?"
"Something is using power in there."
"It is?"
"Yah. I can see the heat." Roach had made the most complete adjustment to the eye augmentation, probably because he had phenomenal sight to start with."
Chief steps in, "Roach, assume it's a living target, how big would you say it is?"
"Living?... Human, I'd say, five feet, maybe 120 pounds. Uh Oh, it's moving."
"Three! Nothing else living down here, right?"
"Weapons free!"
"Jeez, it's a bot!"
"KILL IT!" Three fairly screamed. So we did, eleven plasma beams on one spot. You could say overkill, but there's that maxim about overkill. Considering what it looked like, I'd say it was a good idea to make sure.
"Taco, Granite, on me!" As Chief and the other two walk in, Edward keeps an eye on them, while the rest of us watch our backs. While that goes on, I ask Three some questions.
"Okay, Three, it's down, now explain."
"Robert, I don't know how to explain. There's so much context!"
"Three, there are really only four contexts right now: friend, foe, non-combatant, and unknown. From your reaction, it wasn't a friend, and it wasn't non-combatant. That leaves foe and unknown, which in this situation pretty much means "foe" unless otherwise qualified. So, let's start with which of my contexts it falls into."
"Unknown. Which as you say is pretty much foe, due to the situation. It was none of the designs that I use. It might have been a CRC design but both of the entities that may have built it are not trusted now. Not mine, not a standard design, equals kill it and find out what it is later. In any case, it wasn't responding to my control signals, which should have bled into the room once you got it out where we could see it in the door."
"Roach! You picking up any more heat?"
"From the plasma bolt overload? Sure. From anything else using power in there? Hard to tell over the glare."
"Teacher, inspect the room?"
"Aye-firmative. Just as soon as we haul that bot out and make double damn sure it's dead." I think Chief had that in mind already because he had Granite hold back and made sure that Taco and he stayed clear of the firing line.
Chief and Taco get to the bot. "Taco, you grab that arm and LOOK OUT!", closely followed by the BFG sounding like a demented sewing machine on speed. Taco gasped and said "Thanks, Granite!"
"Chief! Sit-rep!" Chief is so calm, I wonder if he's an AI? "Tango dead. No casualties."
"Team, fall back into the room by pairs. Reestablish cover. Report by pairs." Each pair did the move with crisp precision. Anita tried but was stunned by the bot, now a scattered set of parts, and Taco who was white-faced and shivering. "Taco?"
"Later Anita, keep moving. Hang in there, Taco. We need you." Taco nods starts getting it back together. Good Man.
"Teacher, your show."
"Got it Pirate, and now I know why I couldn't get that name!"
"Sorry Teacher, got there first!"
"Yeah. Chief, sweep the room. Keep in pairs, preferably in sight of each other."
I watch a professional distribute the team to the tasks. Fortunately, the room is constructed very much as we might. Rows of equipment with corridors between them, neatly aligned with the walls. That makes it pretty easy. Chief and Teacher take the corners, we watch the corridor, and two teams sweep the main columns, checking each row as they reach it. Granite follows the left-hand team, ready to sweep the row in crossfire if there's any trouble. Yeah, he'd do a lot of damage, but better that than losing a man.

Sweep: Taco

God, do I have the shakes. Gotta get a grip on myself. We've dealt with this one, the room should be clear. Should be. Man up. "I've got point." Roach looks at him, closely, and nods.
This is the left-hand team, Roach, Hands, and Taco, with Granite following a little back. He'll fire through the equipment if need be to provide crossfire.
Jeesus! Get a grip! The problem won't come until the middle! By the book. Do it by the book. You've practiced this. One row after another. Uh, oh. Middle row.
Roach looks at him, "You okay for this, Taco?" Taco looks at Roach, shrugs his shoulders, and looks around the corner. Snap look, not sweep look. Like he expected to find trouble, deadly trouble. Roach watches him, Taco gets a look of relief on his face and does a proper sweep look. CLANG!
I'M GOING TO KILL ROACH! STUPID FUCKER! I JUMPED RIGHT OUT OF MY SKIN! YOU ROTTEN LITTLE BASTARD! And there he is, smiling like a cherub. Sure. Whispering, "You just wait, Roach. You just wait. It'll be my turn sooner or later." Roach grins back, whispering, "You got it together now?"
Taco pauses, looks at Roach, "After that? Yeah... I do have it together. I have to think up something good for you!" Taco is crisper in his movements. He rechecks the middle row, and signals halt. "There's something different here. Take a look at the last row, then look at this one."
Roach drops back, and Hands takes a stance to cover both. When Roach returns, he looks and agrees. "I'll go in first, then Hands, then you. Anything happens, you get out and get the word back." Roach and Taco nod, Granite moves to cover the team going in.
Okay, Taco, you're the techie. Sling the gun, and get your tech kit out. Huh, 20th-century tech kit, and minus infinity centuries equipment that is so many centuries ahead, it's ridiculous. Well, it's what I've got. Slow and steady, there, that's where the difference begins. Hmmm. Rewiring? Yes, the same equipment is here, but the wires have been moved around. Weird to think of ancient/futuristic technology would still use cables. Neatly done. Wonder what it does? "Teacher, Taco."
"Go Taco."
"Middle row, middle of the row, there is a segment, about a third of the length of the row, that has extensive rewiring done to it, compared to the other rows. Can we get a suggestion from Three?"
"Relaying, hold position."
"Taco, Teacher. Three recommends removing all cables from the entire row, which should leave it completely inactive. Both sides."
"Teacher, wilco, stand by for spits'n'sparking."
"Team, Teacher, Taco is going to remove cables, at Three's request. Since we don't know exactly what this equipment does, there may be electrical sounds and sparks. Stay calm but alert. Taco, you may proceed."
Taco moves slowly, using a simple current tester to see if there are any live lines, before he touches them. One by one, they are removed. The cable is gathered and stored neatly. It takes time, but he does it carefully, noting the symbols associated with each end of the cable. There are a lot of cables. Every so often, Taco reports. "First column, right side complete." Reporting each column and side as he finishes it. Alternating between sides. Reaching the far end, the last cable is disconnected. The team is startled as the room lights come up, and Three is heard. "Good! I have access to the room. Scanning." Red lights come up, and a discreet bong bong repeated. "Evacuate! Fire Alert!"
"Team, Teacher! Fall back to the door! Door is closing! Double Time!"

Fire: Robert

Fire alert? There's no smoke, no smell, no heat, no electrical smell... "Teacher, there isn't a fire. It's something else."
"Yea, maybe Pirate, but the door is still closing."
"Not for long." Time to see if this thing will work as a plasma welder. Settings, yes, there, the 'melt' setting. "Pirate Firing!" whap whap whap "Door is welded open!"
"Team, Three, Who just welded the door open!?"
"Three, Pirate, I did. There is no fire."
"My sensors say..."
"Three, do you have a kind of fire that makes no smoke, no smell, no heat, and no electrical smell?"
"No. I don't. But my sensors?"
"They're wrong. We're on the spot. Team, Signs of fire, Report!"
"Granite, negative."
"Rockets, negative."
One after another, negative reports, just as I expected.
"Pirate, negative."
"Anita, negative."
"Three, Pirate, negative fire by onsite personnel. Query, what else could give this effect?"
"Pirate, Three, the sensors have been tampered with."
"Three, Pirate, why would an intruder do that? What are the consequences of a finished fire alert?"
"Pirate, Three, Consequences... Graphite extinguisher... Pirate, this may have been an attempt to set off a thermobaric effect, but that is inconsistent with the report of no signs of fire. Since the door is now welded open, and no fire source is found, I suggest that I perform an electronic sweep from the back to the front, while the team remains at the door. If I find anything, you will at least be beside the door and able to fall back out of danger. If I don't, then it will be your choice to continue the sweep for anything out of place."

Smoke?: Roach

Sniff... Sniff... burning plastic? "Hey! Taco! One of the cables is smoking! Ditch the cables!" Taco grabs the cables with one hand, hhoooog!, and throws them down the corridor they just came from. "Taco? Why down the corridor? We have no way out now!"
"Roach, I've smelled that before. It's toxic. The air has always come from deeper in the corridors and swept back out the way we came. This way, the cable is back the way we were, and the toxins will be flushed to the outside. Ah, Peaches? I think I need a bit of help with my hand. It's burned, something bad, and it tingles."
"Three, Taco, what color was the smoking cable?"
"I dunno, Roach?"
"It was green, green with a white stripe."
"There is an aid station just around the corner, or you can try to make it back to the surface. Taco has been poisoned, and it can be anywhere from a day to an hour before it takes full effect."
"Peaches here, I say aid station around the corner. The burn is already turning purple around the edges, and it's spreading fast."

Teacher's Aide

"Peaches, monitor him. Granite, Hands, carry. Everyone, out of here and make for the aid station. Three, give us light!"
"Teacher, Anita and I will take the tail position!"
And off we are, like Olympic sprinters headed for the last five feet. We follow the bouncing light, which does lead us to an Aid station. Pop Taco onto the couch, and watch. Granite looks up and yells.
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2020.05.05 04:49 sempifi Do your part ( a step by step guide )

Quoting user IronNoggin over @ outdoorsmenforum.ca all credit for steps 2-6 goes to him!
original post
A french version of this guide will be put together in the days to come, if anyone that is bilingual wants to pitch in, send me a message, please. I would appreciate it.
Time to start rolling hard on this folks.



Step 1:

Sign the e-2574 and e-2576. Sponsored by The Honourable Michelle Rempel Garner) (Conservative) and Todd Doherty (Conservative)

Petition to the Prime Minister

We, the undersigned, citizens of Canada, call upon the Prime Minister to immediately scrap his government’s May 1, 2020, Order in Council decision related to confiscating legally owned firearms and instead pass legislation that will target criminals, stop the smuggling of firearms into Canada, go after those who illegally acquire firearms, and apologize to legal firearms owners in Canada.


Petition to the Government of Canada

We, the undersigned, citizens of Canada, call upon the Government of Canada to immediately repeal the Order in Council issued May 1, 2020.


It may take up to a few hours to receive said email. The system is overloaded currently.


Step 2:

I fired off the following letter this morning, and am now posting it on several forums so that others can copy it and send to our Governor General over their own name:
May 4, 2020

An Open Letter to Her Excellency Julie Payette the Governor General of Canada
First I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you for your performance in your role as the Governor General of Canada. Your professionalism is both steadfast and admirable.

To the point of this letter:

On May 1, 2020, Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party of Canada, collectively constituting a minority government in Canada, intentionally set out to subvert and thwart parliamentary procedure in Canada. In their haste to make political points on the recent tragedy in Nova Scotia, they decided to forgo debate in the House over one of the more significant pieces of Legislation they have introduced in their new term. This action was and is an obvious misuse of the Order In Council process on the part of a government uncertain if their proposed Legislation would survive open parliamentary debate.

Fortunately in Canada there exists a “Safety Net” designed explicitly to prevent such forms of abuse, and that safety net resides within you and your office. As relating to this matter, the Criminal Code of Canada specifically states:

Criminal Code Version of section 117.15 from 2015-06-18 to 2020-04-21: Regulations

117.15 (1) Subject to subsection (2), the Governor in Council may make regulations prescribing anything that by this Part is to be or may be prescribed. 
Marginal note: Restriction

(2) In making regulations, the Governor in Council may not prescribe anything to be a prohibited firearm, a restricted firearm, a prohibited weapon, a restricted weapon, a prohibited device or prohibited ammunition if, in the opinion of the Governor in Council, the thing to be prescribed is reasonable for use in Canada for hunting or sporting purposes.

Justice Minister David Lametti himself provided evidence of support for these firearms’ application for hunting purposes when he stated: “There will be an exception for Indigenous people’s exercising a section 35 hunting right, as well as those who use the weapon for hunting to feed themselves or their family,”.

Many of the listed firearms have been used both historically and at present for hunting. Classic examples include the Ruger Ranch Rifle (a common item on many farms and ranches for both hunting and predator control) and the majority of bolt action rifles the proposed list encompasses.

The balance of the firearms on the list are currently employed for shooting sports – target shooting and competitive shooting sports. All of those which were previously classed as “Restricted” were only made available for individual ownership for the specifically noted qualification of sporting purpose use.
There is clear and compelling evidence that many firearms on this poorly designed list meet the criteria of “Reasonable use in Canada for hunting or sporting purposes”.

While exemptions to the citation above exist, they are based upon insubstantial change or urgency:

Exception — minor changes

(2) A regulation made under section 117 may be made without being laid before either House of Parliament if the federal Minister is of the opinion that the changes made by the regulation to an existing regulation are so immaterial or insubstantial that section 118 should not be applicable in the circumstances.
Marginal note: Exception — urgency

(3) A regulation made under paragraph 117(i), (l), (m), (n), (o), (q), (s) or (t) may be made without being laid before either House of Parliament if the federal Minister is of the opinion that the making of the regulation is so urgent that section 118 should not be applicable in the circumstances
No-one in Canada is suggesting that the proposed Legislation is “so immaterial or insubstantial” that the OIC was necessary or should be passed forthwith.

The very design of the Legislation itself precludes any overwhelming “urgency” in that owners are automatically granted a two-year amnesty, and that provisions for “grandfathering” (which will allow owners to retain these items for life) are incorporated. The only urgency relating to this matter is centered on the behavior of Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party in their headlong rush to capitalize on the tragic happenings in Nova Scotia recently. There exists NO “clear and present danger” from the most vetted citizens this country has at this point.

Those exemptions are the only two allowed by the Canadian Criminal Code. The Legislation as presented clearly does not qualify with either definition.
I thereby call on you, as Governor-General of Canada to deny the Order In Council as presented as prescribed in the Canadian Criminal Code Section 117.15 (2). I strongly urge you to preserve the integrity and sanctity of your Office that passing this wrongfully decreed OIC would corrupt.

I would appreciate the courtesy of a written response at your convenience.

A Very Concerned Citizen,

Email: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
Her Excellency Julie Payette the Governor-General of Canada Rideau Hall 1 Sussex Drive Ottawa, ON K1A 0A1


Step 3:

By exempting "aboriginal people" in Canada, Trudeau committed a violation of the The Canadian Human Rights Act.
Any who are not of that description are being openly discriminated against based on race by your own government.
Here’s the step by step process to file an action with the Canadian Human Rights Commission: File the complaint here
Put your own words in or alter theirs to suit your situation.
First Step (Make a Complaint)
  1. I was harassed
  2. Did this happen on reserve? No.
  3. Who were you dealing with? Government of Canada
  4. Why do you think this happened? My race and My National or Ethnic Origin
  5. Where did it happen? Your province or residence
Next Step (File a Complaint)
  1. Who did this happen to? Me
  2. I am a: Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident
  3. Where did this happen: Canada
  4. City: Your city of residence
  5. Province: Your province of residence
  6. Who were you dealing with? Government of Canada
  7. Name of business, organization or association:Justin TrudeauLiberal Party of Canada
  8. Is it ongoing? Yes
  9. When did it start? 2020-05-01
  10. Click on Next Page
  11. What happened? (Discriminatory acts):I did not receive a serviceI was harassedOthers
  12. Why do you think this happened?My raceMy national or ethnic origin
  13. Next page
  14. Tell us your story:On May 1, 2020, Justin Trudeau issued an immediate and blanket ban on 1,500 weapons. He further stated that the banned weapons were not used for hunting. Following the announcement, Justice Minister David Lametti stated: “There will be an exception for Indigenous people’s exercising a section 35 hunting right, as well as those who use the weapon for hunting to feed themselves or their family. They may continue using firearms that were previously non-restricted for these purposes until a suitable replacement can be acquired.” Allowing "First Nations" in Canada to use 1,500 weapons banned for other Canadians who are not "First Nations" unduly discriminate me as a white Canadian of European ancestry, based on my race, as well as national and ethnic origin.
  15. Next page
  16. Contact Information: Enter your actual contact information
  17. Next page
  18. Do you have legal representation? No
  19. Are you a member of a trade union? No
  20. Next page
  21. Agreements: Click on everything
  22. Submit


Step 4:

For those who are on Facebook - Join the newly created CCFR Action Group and Get Involved!!
CCFR Action Facebook Group


Step 5:

For those of us in BC: Regardless of your thoughts / position regarding the BCWF, they have provided a platform to voice your opposition to the draconian moves by Trudeau et al. Take advantage of that!


Step 6:

Every revocation of registration must be accompanied by instructions on how to appeal. It's called a Section 74 appeal. Every individual filing and proceeding will tie them up for years. File individually for each affected firearm you own & make it as painful as possible for them on their end.
Canadian Laws Website
NFA - What to do


Step 7:

Contact all concerned MP's about this issue. Voice your disopinion, your intentions to vote, and your potential monetary pledges. Please take the time to customize your messages with a few personal words.

Dear Glen Motz, MP.
Today, I am writing to you as a concerned Canadian (a Quebecer at that). What the minority liberal government has done is unacceptable and undemocratic.
As you are probably well aware of, on May 1, 2020, Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party of Canada, collectively constituting a minority government in Canada, intentionally set out to subvert and thwart parliamentary procedure in Canada. In their haste to make political points on the recent tragedy in Nova Scotia, they decided to forgo debate in the House over one of the more significant pieces of would-be Legislation (now regulation) they have introduced in their new term. This action was and is an obvious misuse of the Order In Council process on the part of a government uncertain if their proposed Legislation would survive open parliamentary debate.
I thereby call on you, as a member of parliament of Canada to deny the Order In Council as presented as prescribed in the Canadian Criminal Code Section 117.15 (2). I strongly urge you to preserve the integrity and sanctity of our country that passing this wrongfully decreed OIC would corrupt.
I am personally willing to dedicate monetary resources to entities that will be fighting this anti-democratic Order in Council. This issue will be a deciding factor in my voting intentions for the next federal election.
I would appreciate the courtesy of a written response at your convenience.
A Very Concerned Citizen,


Step 8:

For those of us who can afford it. We need to financially support our advocacy groups & political parties who will be at the forefront of this entire debacle.
Conservative Party of Canada (No other party has voiced opposition. As of right now they are our only political voice on this matter)



Étape 1:

Signez les pétitions suivantes: e-2574 et e-2576. Parrainé par l'honorable Michelle Rempel Garner) (conservateur) et Todd Doherty (conservateur)

Pétition au premier ministre

Attendu que :
Nous, soussignés, citoyens du Canada, prions le premier ministre d’abolir immédiatement le décret pris le 1er mai 2020 par son gouvernement sur la confiscation d’armes à feu détenues légalement, d’adopter plutôt des mesures législatives qui visent les criminels, de mettre un terme à l’introduction clandestine d’armes à feu au Canada, de sévir contre ceux qui acquièrent des armes à feu de manière illégale, et de présenter ses excuses aux propriétaires légitimes d’armes à feu au Canada.


Pétition au gouvernement du Canada

Attendu que :
Nous, soussignés, citoyens du Canada, prions le gouvernement du Canada d’abroger immédiatement le décret publié le 1er mai 2020.


La réception du e-mail peut prendre jusqu'à quelques heures. Le système est actuellement surchargé.


Étape 2:

**En cours**


Étape 3:

**En cours**


Étape 4: Pour ceux qui sont sur Facebook - Rejoignez le groupe d'action CCFR nouvellement créé et impliquez-vous !!
CCFR Action Facebook Group


Étape 5:

Indépendamment de vos pensées / position concernant la BCWF (BC), ils ont fourni une plate-forme pour exprimer votre opposition aux mouvements draconiens de Trudeau. Profitez-en! BCWF - YOUR FIREARMS RIGHTS


Étape 6:

Toute révocation d'enregistrement d'arme doit être accompagnée d'instructions sur comment faire apple à la court. Cela s'appelle un appel en vertu de l'article 74. Chaque dossier et procédure individuels devra être lu et cela les occuperas pendant des années. Classez individuellement chaque arme à feu affectée que vous possédez et rendez-la aussi douloureuse que possible pour eux.
Loi sur les armes à feu


Étape 7:

Contactez tous les députés concernés à ce sujet. Exprimez votre désopinion, vos intentions de voter et vos promesses monétaires potentielles. Veuillez prendre le temps de personnaliser vos messages avec quelques mots. Cher député,
Aujourd'hui, je vous écris en tant que Canadien concerné.
Ce que le gouvernement libéral minoritaire a fait est inacceptable et antidémocratique.
Comme vous le savez sans doute bien, le 1er mai 2020, Justin Trudeau et le Parti libéral du Canada, constituant collectivement un gouvernement minoritaire au Canada, ont intentionnellement voulu renverser et contrecarrer la procédure parlementaire au Canada. Dans leur hâte de faire des remarques politiques sur la récente tragédie en Nouvelle-Écosse, ils ont décidé de renoncer au débat à la Chambre sur l'un des plus importants projets de loi (maintenant règlement) qu'ils ont présentés au cours de leur nouveau mandat. Cette action était et est une utilisation abusive évidente du processus de décret par un gouvernement qui ne savait pas si son projet de loi survivrait au débat parlementaire ouvert.
Je vous invite donc, en tant que député du Canada, à refuser le décret en conseil tel que prescrit par le paragraphe 117.15 (2) du Code criminel canadien. Je vous exhorte fortement à préserver l'intégrité et le caractère sacré de notre pays que l'adoption de ce décret salirait.
Je suis personnellement prêt à consacrer des ressources monétaires aux entités qui lutteront contre ce décret antidémocratique. Ce sujet sera un facteur décisif dans mes intentions de vote pour les prochaines élections fédérales.
J'apprécierais la courtoisie d'une réponse écrite à votre convenance.

Étape 8:

Pour ceux d'entre nous qui peuvent se le permettre. Nous devons soutenir financièrement nos groupes de défense et nos partis politiques qui seront à l'avant-garde de toute ce fiasco.
Parti conservateur du Canada (Aucun autre parti n'a exprimé d'opposition. À l'heure actuelle, ils sont notre seule voix politique à ce sujet)
EDIT: Holy $%?#! Thank you so much for the awards. You guys are awesome. LETS BEAT THIS THING!
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fni3ceb in mexico on 15 Apr 20 (1pts):
ya se sabia hace un mes
fnfsh7a in whowouldwin on 15 Apr 20 (1pts):
Just beware because George might make a deal with Davy Jones to help him.
fnfflit in mexico on 14 Apr 20 (1pts):
Si la logica que tienen es: "partido en el poder = narcos", no es de extrañar que "cambio de partido = no narcos", para que el publico conocedor no tenga problemas en seguir la trama.
fnf8v79 in whowouldwin on 14 Apr 20 (1pts):
And of course super rich, as if that wasn't an incredible advantage a lot of the time.
fnf00mz in mexico on 14 Apr 20 (1pts):
fne3ksn in mexico on 14 Apr 20 (1pts):
Eso no se puede porque como sabras, solo es permitido que los paises le compren a un solo proveedor, eso dice en la ley del petroleo. Ya ni los rusos que tienen oleoductos les pueden vender a los...
fnc0q75 in funny on 14 Apr 20 (2pts):
Are you going to write down the PIN of that card in one of the bills or are you an inconsiderate rude person?
fna8l7n in mexico on 13 Apr 20 (2pts):
Hay talento, solo hace falta apoyarlo.
fn4cszn in mexico on 11 Apr 20 (1pts):
Seguro ya lo consideraste, pero quiza valga la pena encharcarse con el/los bancos para no quebrar?
fn49n7k in mexico on 11 Apr 20 (1pts):
IFT? Profeco?
fn47xwg in mexico on 11 Apr 20 (1pts):
una grabacion de un episodio por si alguien mas le llama la atencion https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W3CWyl8pm7c
fn46j99 in mexico on 11 Apr 20 (1pts):
no mames que mal pedo :(
fn45i09 in mexico on 11 Apr 20 (1pts):
aqui a mexico solo se viene a hablar mierdas va? no importa si eres facho chairolastra feminazi de tlaxcala, con decir "es que me preocupa mexico" tienes la razon en tirar mierda para todo lo que...
fn43kmw in mexico on 11 Apr 20 (1pts):
que tal les va con las medidas anti-covid alla?
fn1uiih in mexico on 11 Apr 20 (1pts):
creo que thebroxo es el unico que le esta echando ganas a la moderacion por el momento?
fn0gkuo in funny on 10 Apr 20 (2pts):
I know a Hylee personally
fn094r7 in mexico on 10 Apr 20 (2pts):
El día de descanso sí se paga, a menos que estes hablando de un negocio donde no te dan de alta en el IMSS.
fn0799y in mexico on 10 Apr 20 (2pts):
Bastante de hecho, parece una kardashian, y termina diciendo "I've never covered an opec meeting like this" la muy cinica.
fn02mif in mexico on 10 Apr 20 (2pts):
Parte del plan del amlo siempre fue autonomia alimentaria y energetica si no me equivoco, por lo que un movimiento como el de ayer y la construccion de otra refineria seguiria avanzando su plan.
fmy345b in mexico on 10 Apr 20 (1pts):
fmxlgpf in space on 09 Apr 20 (2pts):
and I literally never said anything about total mass, see how that works? btw you might want to look up the beautiful people that helped put the usa on the moon:...
fmxl1eh in mexico on 09 Apr 20 (2pts):
Grupo REFORMA publicó que los empleados de Eaton y LG Electronics acusaron que temían por...
fmxjiyx in space on 09 Apr 20 (2pts):
"anyone i disagree with is literally a nazi"
keep being a temporarily embarrased billionaire for the rest of your life lol
fmxgaqd in space on 09 Apr 20 (2pts):
No one made a comparison between Skylab, MIR or the ISS and tiangong. You are the one pretending that rocket launches are a solved problem that will work always. even spacex fails from time to time...
fmxdcgi in space on 09 Apr 20 (0pts):
but I guess that doesn't count since you have a personal vendetta against asians
When’s the last time the CCP put a...
fmt444v in memes on 08 Apr 20 (1pts):
gake and fay
fmpc76l in Coronavirus on 07 Apr 20 (1pts):
The old japanese are the same with whaling, they just don't give a damn.
fmlkfsv in BlackPeopleTwitter on 06 Apr 20 (1pts):
Great Embarrasment Of The United States?
fmfmckf in politics on 04 Apr 20 (1pts):
Comcast and ATT removed their data caps tho
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2020.04.08 02:31 cooklanbrahh [SHARE] Fufilled Textbook Request MEGATHREAD #4 Free PDF Download

Download any of these for free at https://oppfiles.com/585933
DM me if you have any requests for anything not on the list.
If you want solution manuals/testbanks, you can also request them
Almost all the books are in their latest editions and some of them are available in multiple editions too.
Please subscribe the sub to find all the latest textbook releases.

Macroeconomics: Principles & Policy 14th Edition William J. Baumol, Alan S. Blinder, John Solow
1 point submitted 6 months ago by Taharga
Need the solutions manual for "Petrophysics: Theory and Practice of Measuring Reservoir Rock and Fluid Transport Properties" 3rd edition!
1 point submitted 6 months ago by MagicOfMessi
Book wanted come fast
1 point submitted 6 months ago by NatalieToby
Single Variable Calculus
1 point submitted 6 months ago by DSXLC
People who get textbook solution manuals
5 points submitted 6 months ago by absolutelysplendi
Can anyone find this?
1 point submitted 6 months ago * by EminemVevo66
Calculus Early Transedentals by Briggs, Cochran, and Gillet, 2nd or 3rd Edition
1 point submitted 6 months ago by caspianc10
The Basic Practice of Statistics by David S. Moore 8th edition
1 point submitted 6 months ago by woshiwosun
Language in Mind An Introduction to Psycholinguistics 2nd Edition
1 point submitted 6 months ago * by emart561
I need the following books, as quickly as possible. I have only $30 to spend.
1 point submitted 6 months ago by Axelnobody
I need Content Area Reading: Succeeding in todays Diverse Classrooms 8th Edition
1 point submitted 6 months ago by Axelnobody
Business Statistics (4th Edition)by Norean D. Sharpe, Corporate Finance, Global Edition 5th Edition by Jonathan Berk
1 point submitted 6 months ago by dovjudah
(Request) Clouse, Barbara F. The student Writer, 9th edition. Mc Graw Hill, 2013
1 point submitted 6 months ago by UIM_link
interplay the process of interpersonal communication 4th edition textbook pleseeee
1 point submitted 6 months ago by jmjhjjk
I need a free Western Civilization 10th edition AP Edition textbook by Jackson j spielvogel. Thanks!(amazon.com)
1 point submitted 6 months ago by Lame_Carrot
[Sell] Financial Accounting, 6th Ed, Hanlon, Magee, Pfeiffer, Dyckman ISBN: 978-1-61853-311-1(self.ebooksclub)
1 point submitted 6 months ago by ebooksclub
principles of electric circuits conventional current version 10th edition
1 point submitted 6 months ago by angeldraw
I need a PDF of this textbook for class since my school doesn't let students sign it out, can anyone find a link to a pdf or link to a download?(i.redd.it)SPOILER
1 point submitted 6 months ago by wandering_atom
Perspectives from The past
1 point submitted 6 months ago by EminemVevo66
Calculus: Single Variable, Early Transcendentals (3rd Edition) (Briggs, Cochran, Gillett & Schulz, Calculus Series)
1 point submitted 6 months ago * by zyinz1
In need of Cambridge IGCSE and O-Level Environmental Management Textbook for free
1 point submitted 6 months ago by ZenixSlayer
In need of PDF "Making Maps: A Visual Guide to Map Design for GIS"
1 point submitted 6 months ago by NegraViajadoraASH
Please can anyone help me find ''Biology Science for life'' 6th edition by Colleen Belk
1 point submitted 6 months ago by usmana23
Diesel Technology
2 points submitted 6 months ago by KyleLawes
I needd
1 point submitted 6 months ago by NegraViajadoraASH
Transport Processes and Separation Process Principles (5th Edition)
1 point submitted 6 months ago by usuliman
[PDF] Essentials of Sociology: A Down to Earth Approach 12th Edition
1 point submitted 6 months ago by wepown
Textbook PDF
1 point submitted 6 months ago by rtlit6
looking for Lewin’s Cells 3rd edition.
1 point submitted 6 months ago by aelzam
Request: The basic practice of statistics, Moore, 7th edition PDF
2 points submitted 6 months ago by accelleratedcrossing
Electronic Principles Experiments Manual 8th Edition
1 point submitted 6 months ago by angeldraw
Transport Processes and Separation Process Principles (5th Edition)
1 point submitted 6 months ago by [deleted]
(REQUEST) Psychology textbook: Concise Guide to Critical Thinking help please!
1 point submitted 6 months ago by Papa_Schmuck12
Wireless Communications: Principles and Practice (2nd Edition)
1 point submitted 6 months ago * by angeldraw
McKnight's Physical Geography 4th California Edition
1 point submitted 6 months ago by onecornymofo
(REQUEST) The Basic Practice of Statistics”,8th edition by Moore, Notz and Fligner
1 point submitted 6 months ago by mkiriimirii
1 point submitted 6 months ago by tinkerbell65
(Request) introductory circuit analysis 13th edition
1 point submitted 6 months ago by cookskii
[Selling] Vistas 5th ed. and Statistics and Data Analysis for Social Science 2nd Ed.
1 point submitted 6 months ago by oneduhbrah
The Penguin Book of First World War Poetry by George Walter. Version 2008
2 points submitted 6 months ago by dummy_kid
(REQUEST): Calculus: Early Transcendentals, 3rd Edition
1 point submitted 6 months ago by Gzbcl88
Corporate Finance by Berk and Demarzo - 5th edition
2 points submitted 6 months ago by koonz17
(Request) American Corrections (12th Edition
1 point submitted 6 months ago by oh_woahh
(REQUEST) Comparative Politics: Integrating Theories, Methods, and Cases
1 point submitted 6 months ago by buppidyBop
Need the solution manual for this book "Fundamentals of thermal-fluid sciences" 5th edition
1 point submitted 6 months ago by MagicOfMessi
Linear Algebra with Applications Ninth Edition
1 point submitted 6 months ago by MassiR77
1 point submitted 6 months ago by SnowFr33ze
Help Needed with two textbooks
1 point submitted 6 months ago by KrasCut98
Globalization: A Reader for Writers
1 point submitted 6 months ago by UnusualData
Looking for Applied Ethics Edition 8.0
1 point submitted 6 months ago by creativityisntreal
A History of Psychology 4th edition by Benjafield
1 point submitted 6 months ago by -late-nite-
[OFFER] EBOOK Living Theatre: A History of Theatre, Seventh Edition by Edwin Wilson and Alvin Goldfarb for Theatre History classes. PM me if you would like the code as I have the physical copy.(i.redd.it)
1 point submitted 6 months ago by cryptidchic
Leadership: Theory and Practice 8th Edition by Peter G. Northouse
1 point submitted 6 months ago by MagnumBlunts
TIRED OF LOOKING /SEARCHING?(self.scholarbooks)
0 points submitted 6 months ago by anontestbank
Two Textbooks Needed
2 points submitted 6 months ago by NatalieToby
(REQUEST) Graber, D.A., & Dunaway, J. (2017). Mass media and American politics (10th Ed)
1 point submitted 6 months ago by jaydachack
Clinical Exercise Physiology 4th Edition by Ehrman
1 point submitted 6 months ago by FlimFlambuoyant
(REQUEST) Can someone please send me PDFs of Sullivan & Miranda, Calculus for the AP Course, 2nd edition and R.R Palmer A History of the Modern World 10th edition
1 point submitted 6 months ago by nikasukatsu
Request: Global Business Today 11th Edition
1 point submitted 6 months ago by big_jungus
(Request) Essential Communication (2nd Edition) by Ronald Adler, George Rodman, and Athena du Pre
1 point submitted 6 months ago by JavertTheArcanine
() Abnormal Psychology: 8th edition (susan nolen-hoeksema), and Theology: An Introduction, 6th edition (Alister Mcgrath)(self.Textbooks)
1 point submitted 6 months ago by jelliott79
(REQUEST) Psychology in your life - 3rd Edition
2 points submitted 6 months ago * by Flypikachu
Essentials of Sociology A Down to Earth 11th Edition PDF
1 point submitted 6 months ago by AsunderSpore
(REQUEST) Patsy Healey - Making Better Places
1 point submitted 6 months ago by waltonnerd
(REQUEST) Michael Gomez - Reversing Sails
1 point submitted 6 months ago by waseem_the_dream
(REQUEST) Joseph E Harris - Africans and Their History
1 point submitted 6 months ago by waseem_the_dream
Anthropology textbook
1 point submitted 6 months ago by erika927
Can anyone send me the review questions for chapter 12 of “Scientific Farm Animal Production” 10th Edition?
2 points submitted 7 months ago by LaneGass1
Problem Solving With C++ 9th or 10th edition
2 points submitted 7 months ago by zane_fire
Criminology 9th edition ISBN 978-0078140969
1 point submitted 7 months ago by [deleted]
Structural Analysis 10th edition by R. C. Hibbeler
1 point submitted 7 months ago by EngineerInProgress69
Need solutions manual for "fundamentals of differential equations" Global 9th edition, must have odd number solutions.
1 point submitted 7 months ago by MagicOfMessi
Someone having this book?
1 point submitted 7 months ago by Neufunk
Does anyone have Give Me Liberty! Vol. 2 : An American History, Brief Volume 2, Eric Foner pdf?
1 point submitted 7 months ago by ComprehensiveWorld8
I'm looking for these!
1 point submitted 7 months ago by SilverionRed
Need this book: "Fundamentals of differential equations", 9781292240992
1 point submitted 7 months ago * by MagicOfMessi
(REQUEST) Real-Life Sociology: A Canadian Approach
2 points submitted 7 months ago by avocadoming
Request- Launching the imagination: a comprehensive guide to basic design
2 points submitted 7 months ago by sep2299
The power of Critical Thinking fifth canadian edition
1 point submitted 7 months ago by jmjhjjk
Two s
1 point submitted 7 months ago by _gingervitis
Revel Art History 6th edition Volume 1 by Stokstad/Cothren
1 point submitted 7 months ago by Slythertrash
The Legal and Ethical Environment of Business: An Integrated Approach [Second Edition - 2nd Edition]
2 points submitted 7 months ago by OnlyBanks
Meet Me Halfway: Milwaukee Stories ISBN: 9780299303648
1 point submitted 7 months ago by heederfeeder69
Media law for Canadian journalists 3rd edition [ISBN 13: 978-1772553536]
1 point submitted 7 months ago by Lagnar
An intro to marketing for SNHU
1 point submitted 7 months ago by Odin82740
Need the solution manual for "fundamentals of differential equations" from Pearson
1 point submitted 7 months ago * by MagicOfMessi
Ethics & Issues In Contemporary Nursing
1 point submitted 7 months ago by xtrakill1000
Instructors solution manual for thermodynamics an engineering approach 9th edition
1 point submitted 7 months ago by masterfulhyde
[BOOK REQUEST] Emerging Infectious Diseases and Society (2014) By. Peter Washer
1 point submitted 7 months ago * by joca23
Requested textbook
1 point submitted 7 months ago by arifali93
Book Request... by Rhonda Y. Williams
1 point submitted 7 months ago by NegraViajadoraASH
[] HR pdf
1 point submitted 7 months ago by waistingurtime
(Request) Armstrong, G., Kotler, P., Trifts, V., Buchwitz, L. A., & Gaudet, D. (2018). Marketing: An introduction. Updated 6th Canadian Edition, with integrated B2B case Toronto: Pearson.
1 point submitted 7 months ago by BOwinMB
[]methods in behavioral research 13th edition
1 point submitted 7 months ago by Thisgirloverhere
(Request)Hossein Bidgoli, MIS, 8TH Edition, Toronto, ON: CENGAGE, Boston, MA, USA. 2018. ISBN:9781337406932. & Marketing: An Introduction, Sixth Canadian Edition (6th Edition) ISBN:9780134095806
2 points submitted 7 months ago by BOwinMB
(Request) The comic perspective fundamentals 2nd edition
1 point submitted 7 months ago by TheOneAndOnlyVolley
N.M. Fraser, E.M. Jewkes and M. Pirnia (2017), Engineering Economics, 6th edition, Pearson, Toronto, Ontario
1 point submitted 7 months ago by dimonoid123
COMMUNICATION: Principles for a Lifetime 2016
1 point submitted 7 months ago by gnarlyjae
I have Multivariable calculus James Stewart 6th and 8th edition. PM if you need it.
1 point submitted 7 months ago by MonochromaticPanda
Multivariable Calculus Eighth Edition by James Stewart
1 point submitted 7 months ago by throw1x1away
anybody have Fundamentals of physics 11th edition by David Halliday? would be a life saver!
2 points submitted 7 months ago by jesusisratherkinky
Structural Analysis 10th edition by Russell Hibbeler
3 points submitted 7 months ago by yoyotman
Anyone know of a program that reads Google Books or transforms them to a pdf ? Rented a book and ripped its contents, but no reader seems to work(i.redd.it)
1 point submitted 7 months ago by llopez78
Looking for Retirement Planning and Employee Benefits, 15th Edition!
3 points submitted 7 months ago by _tippytoes
I’m looking for Cultural Anthropology: Contemporary, Public, and Critical ReadingsKeri Vacanti Brondo, 2017Oxford University Press, New York ISBN: 9780190253547
1 point submitted 7 months ago by Chaboi696969
Looking for Fundamentals of Differential Equations (9th Edition)
1 point submitted 7 months ago by Quinlit
Calculus Single Variable Early Transcendentals 3rd Edition by Briggs/Cochran/Gillett/Schultz
1 point submitted 7 months ago by chasingwildlife
Processes, Systems, and Information: An Introduction to MIS (3rd Edition)
2 points submitted 7 months ago by OnlyBanks
Pls help
1 point submitted 7 months ago * by Chaboi696969
Introduction to Programming With Java: A Problem Solving Approach, 2ND EDITION, Dean, 2014
3 points submitted 7 months ago by ungroomedcroatian
Davis Advantage Basic Nursing: Thinking, Doing, and Caring (2nd edition)
1 point submitted 7 months ago by Always_lurkin23
ISBN 9780134474021 Accounting information systems 14th edition by romney and steinbart
1 point submitted 7 months ago by fatherb3n3
Fundamentals of Physics, 11th edition by Halliday and Resnick
2 points submitted 7 months ago by TheRealAlamo
Services Marketing People Technology Strategy- 8th edition
2 points submitted 7 months ago by chelleebeans
Electrical wiring residential 19th edition by Ray mullin
1 point submitted 7 months ago by metsubou1
Looking for Larsen, Clark S. (2015) Essentials of Physical Anthropology, Third Edition WW Norton Publishing ISBN: 978-0-393-93866-1
1 point submitted 7 months ago by VegetableCandidate8
Maternal Child Care Nursing in Canada, 2nd ed. by Perry, Hockenberry & Lowdermilk
1 point submitted 7 months ago by purplecaboose
Applied Statistics in Business and Economics- 6th Ed- Doane
1 point submitted 7 months ago by chelleebeans
The Compact Bedford Introduction to Literature 11th edition
1 point submitted 7 months ago by Denialmedia
Larson Calculus 10e Solutions Manuel Paypal
1 point submitted 7 months ago by yvng_savage
Introduction to Social Work & Social Welfare - Critical Thinking Perspectives by Kirst-Ashman PDF
1 point submitted 7 months ago by celimaj
Differential Equations and Linear Algebra, 4th Edition, by C. Henry Edwards,David E. Penney, and David Calvis.
2 points submitted 7 months ago by anarchyhasnogods
Looking for Type Rules: The Designer's Guide to Professional Typography (4th Edition)
1 point submitted 7 months ago by starllini
The cosmic perspective fundamentals 2nd edition
1 point submitted 7 months ago by KingWoo
Fundamentals Of differential Equations, 9th Edition PDF. By Nagle
1 point submitted 7 months ago by Krazyrider3
Fundamentals of Physics 11th Edition
1 point submitted 7 months ago by big_jungus
REQUEST- Looking for Tindall and Shi. America: A Narrative History. Vol. 2. Brief 10th Edition. W. W. Norton & Co., 2016. Ebook or paperback. ISBN 978-0-393-28302-0
1 point submitted 7 months ago by onyx1239--
Concepts of Programming Languages 12th ed.
2 points submitted 7 months ago by eddlr98
1 point submitted 7 months ago by UnusualData
Database Systems: An Application Oriented Approach by Kifer, Bernstein, Lewis
2 points submitted 7 months ago by izeraly
Request Looking for “Give me Liberty” V1 Fifth edition by Eric Foner ISBN 9780393614183
1 point submitted 7 months ago by lacognitivedissident
Picturing Social Problems by Cinthya Guzman, Ioana Sendroiu, and Lorne Tepperman
2 points submitted 7 months ago by r1a1d1
Structural Analysis by R.C. Hibbeler 10th edition
1 point submitted 7 months ago by naive-melodies
Ten Lessons in Introductory Sociology, 2nd Edition by Kenneth Alan Gould and Tammy L. Lewis, ISBN: 9780190663865
1 point submitted 7 months ago by sadandpastel
Vector Mechanics For Engineers - Statics & Dynamics, 12th Edition 2019
2 points submitted 7 months ago by SensaiGalaxy
Earth: Portrait of a Planet 6th edition
1 point submitted 7 months ago by sendunipics
Exploring Microsoft Office 2016 (MyITLab Access)
1 point submitted 7 months ago by lolash_FIVE
Looking for Moral Development: Theory and Applications 1st Edition, Vozzola, PDF
1 point submitted 7 months ago by Swordheart
Looking for Kubyu Immunology - ISBN and amazon link in body
1 point submitted 7 months ago * by immunoplz
Request: English
0 points submitted 7 months ago by ghettokun
Structural Analysis, By Aslam Kassimali, Cengage Learning, 6th edition
1 point submitted 7 months ago by yashman_13
Finance Textbook: CFIN 6th Edition by Besley and Brigham
1 point submitted 7 months ago by jooomal
Brock Biology of Microorganisms 15th edition
1 point submitted 7 months ago by FormerVermicelli5
Biological Science by Freeman, Quillin, Allison, Black, etc 7th edition
1 point submitted 7 months ago by id14
Linear Algebra, Fourth Edition
1 point submitted 7 months ago by teensleuth
Biology: How Life Works 3rd sedition
2 points submitted 7 months ago by kennymnrl
Stats: Data and Models, Third Canadian Edition
1 point submitted 7 months ago by kennymnrl
Please! Ethical Dilemmas and Decisions in Criminal Justice Ninth Edition
1 point submitted 7 months ago by ZaiaLycan
Multivariable Calculus by James Stewart 8th Edition
1 point submitted 7 months ago by id14
[Offer] Thirty Readings in Introductory sociology by Gould/Lewis 2nd ed
1 point submitted 7 months ago by TheOmgAshley
1 point submitted 7 months ago by Theycallmebarly
3 points submitted 7 months ago by 1325024da
For all the books posted here and you still need them, PM ME.
5 points submitted 7 months ago by anontestbank
Looking for four Human Resources textbooks
2 points submitted 7 months ago by MonochromaticPanda
STILL NEED: 1 book
1 point submitted 7 months ago by helpmeread1234
{LOOKING FOR PDF} The Modern Middle East: a history, James L. Gelvin, Oxford University Press 2016, Fourth edition, ISBN:9780190218867
2 points submitted 7 months ago * by drummerjjr
Can anyone find me "Principles of Form and Design" by Wucius Wong ?
2 points submitted 7 months ago by ricehatakefields
Sociology In Our Times
1 point submitted 7 months ago by pornofye
Looking for a public relation textbook and computer science textbook
1 point submitted 7 months ago by curlyquinn02
Looking for Words on Paper Essays on American Culture for College Writers
1 point submitted 7 months ago by drdaveheart
Multiple Books (see post)
1 point submitted 7 months ago by FazerGS
Essential Cell Biology 5th edition by Alberts PDF, and Calculus fourth edition by Rogawski and Adams PDF
2 points submitted 7 months ago by ardcto
Textbook Request
0 points submitted 7 months ago by TheArsGoetia
Does anyone have "Social psychology (14th ed.). Boston: Pearson pdf?
2 points submitted 7 months ago by ComprehensiveWorld8
Making Literature Matter - J. Schilb / J. Clifford (6th OR 7th edition)
1 point submitted 7 months ago by TotalArmor
Looking for pdf of Ricklefs and Relyea “Economy of Nature” 8th edition. Library genesis only has the 6th :(
1 point submitted 7 months ago by Wayweaver[🍰]
Looking for these books
1 point submitted 7 months ago by aCharmander
New Perspectives Microsoft Office 365 & Access 2016: Comprehensive
2 points submitted 7 months ago by OnlyBanks
Looking for PDF or EPub of this book
0 points submitted 7 months ago by wreck-your-shit
Do you have "Sociology - A Down to Earth Approach 13th edition" PDF? It's by Henslin.
1 point submitted 7 months ago * by levi_c1
Looking for : Corporate finance 7th edition pdf
1 point submitted 7 months ago by Thatway1998
REQUEST] Fundamentals of Differential Equations, 9th edition, Nagle et al.
3 points submitted 7 months ago by Oliverparys1
¡A que sí! 4th edition answer key booklet. Garcia-serrano, de la torre, et al.
1 point submitted 7 months ago by Thewafflesmith12
Essential Cell Biology 4th Edition - Bruce Alberts PDF download
1 point submitted 7 months ago by IamapotatoFTW
Looking for “Chemical Principles 7th Edition” by Peter Atkins PDF
2 points submitted 7 months ago by xKittens
Looking for a PDF of Calculus: Early Transcendentals, 3rd Edition
2 points submitted 7 months ago by ThyPeople42
Vista Higher Learning Supersite Plus Access Code
1 point submitted 7 months ago by thinklikes
Looking for “Norton Anthology of Western Literature: Volume 1 9th Ed.”
1 point submitted 7 months ago by kickskid21
I WILL PAY FOR: "Heat Transfer with Applications" 1st Edition Kirk D. Hagen (1998)
1 point submitted 7 months ago by MrJawelsh
Looking for 3 textbooks. Also is there a website I can use?
1 point submitted 7 months ago by SMGster
Looking for PDF
2 points submitted 7 months ago by XanaxCake
Bergey’s Manual Descriptive Bacteriology
1 point submitted 7 months ago by pornofye
C++, Physics II, and Calculus IV
1 point submitted 7 months ago by portalworld3000
Introduction to Social Research (3rd edition) by Keith F. Punch.
1 point submitted 7 months ago by -DrunkenBeard
Zarefsky, D. (2017). Public speaking: strategies for success(8th ed.). New York, NY: Pearson. ISBN: 978-0134169880
2 points submitted 7 months ago by cali_potato
American Government: Your Voice, Your Future (6th Edition) ISBN: 978-1-942041-34-4
2 points submitted 7 months ago by KingBatori
(Request) The Rhetoric of Humor: A Bedford Spotlight Reader by Kirk Boyle
3 points submitted 7 months ago by Pryzmahh
Request: Statistics, Nutrition, and a couple of English
2 points submitted 7 months ago * by ghettokun
(Request) Human resource management- by R.Mathis and J. Jackson. Ispn# 9781305500716.
2 points submitted 7 months ago by enchiladalover81
Medea, trans. Murnaghan. Euripides; ISBN:978-0-393-26545-3
1 point submitted 7 months ago by Hamburgerandhotdogs
Does anybody have the textbook Buildings Across Time 4th edition 2014 by Fazio?
1 point submitted 7 months ago by [deleted]
(Request) Accounting Information Systems 14e
1 point submitted 7 months ago by blakshea23
(Request) Essentials of Physical Anthropology 3rd Edition by Clark Spencer Larsen
1 point submitted 7 months ago by Fearios
Request: program evaluation and strengthening the DSM
1 point submitted 7 months ago by Kale_Farts
Chemistry McGraw-Hill
2 points submitted 7 months ago by SolarCloak
Fundamentals of Differential Equations
2 points submitted 7 months ago by SolarCloak
Human Communication in Action
2 points submitted 7 months ago by Runylu
Ordinary Differential Equations by Kenneth Howell, 2016 edition
1 point submitted 7 months ago by SwagMasterJ72
Calculus (3rd Edition) Briggs
1 point submitted 7 months ago by Blumptin
1 point submitted 7 months ago by bivicakes
Health, Illness, and optimal aging 3rd edition by Carolyn M Aldwin and methods of group exercise Intstruction 4th edition by Mary M Moke
1 point submitted 7 months ago * by chastainde
Objects First with Java: A Practical Introduction Using BlueJ, Global Edition
1 point submitted 7 months ago by phildachil
Calculus and its Applications (Twelfth Edition): Bittinger, Ellenbogen, Surgent
1 point submitted 7 months ago by YugiohKris
Criminal Justice in Canada, 8th Edition
1 point submitted 7 months ago by tana8729
- Essentials of Physical Anthropology, 3rd Edition, by Clark Spencer Larson. W. W. Norton & Company, New York
3 points submitted 7 months ago by TrapZark
Looking for Energy Of Physics : Part II Fischer
1 point submitted 7 months ago by El_Snako
Cybercrime and Digital Forensics: An Introduction (2nd Edition)
2 points submitted 7 months ago by whitehatpen
Business Data Communication + IT Infrastructure
2 points submitted 7 months ago by marceparra
Larsen, Clark Spencer: Essential of Biological Anthropology, 4th edition
1 point submitted 7 months ago by 4tified
Elementary Statistics 3rd Edition By William Navidi & Barry Monk
1 point submitted 7 months ago by ekittrell5555
essentials of elementary social studies
1 point submitted 7 months ago by ParanormalSpoon
Whats the purpose of this Sub with Piracy?
10 points submitted 7 months ago by usmana23
Looking for Fundamentals of Differential Equations (9th Edition) by. Nagle, Saff, Snider
1 point submitted 7 months ago by CM2Seabee
Elementary Statistics, 10th Edition, Blumen, McGraw Hill, 2018
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I need Content area reading and literacy: Succeeding in today’s diverse classrooms (8th Ed.). Gillis, V. R., Boggs, G., & Alvermann, D. E. (2016).
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Warren 27e accounting
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Does anyone have Physics for Scientists & Engineers (Ch 1-37) 4th edition by Giancoli?
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Facetas, 4th Ed. Supersite Plus Code
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Engineering Fluid Mechanics 11th ed by Elger
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Abnormal Psychology by Oltmanns and Emery, 8th Ed., 2015, Pearson Pub.
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Does anybody have Financial Accounting, 6e, by Hanlon, Magee, Pfeiffer, Dyckman
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Clark, C. & Paraska, L. (2013) Health promotion for nurses: A practical guide. Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning.
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Request : Elementary Statistics(author Mario Triola 13th edition or California 3rd edition)
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COMM 1000 The Process of Communication
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Health Policy and Politics: A Nurse's Guide 6th Edition - ISBN-10: 9781284126372
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Structural Analysis Ed: 10 R.C. Hibbeler
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(Request) Problem Solving with C++ (10th Edition) ISBN: 9780134448282
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Request: Calculus: Early Transcendentals. (3rd Edition)
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Human Sexuality in a Changing World 10th Edition
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Elementary Surveying: An introduction to Geomatics 15th edition
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Request: Brooke Noel Moore and Kenneth Bruder, Philosophy: The Power of Ideas 10th ed., McGraw Hill, 2019.
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Request: 2 books
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Request: Air Transportation a management perspective 8th edition; WENSVEEN; ISBN 9781472436818
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Essentials of Investments (11th edition) Bodie, Kane
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College Physics4th edition A Strategic Approach
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Numerical Mathematics and Computing, 7th
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Structural Analysis 10th edition by R. C. Hibbeler
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Essential Cell Biology by Alberts et al. 4th Edition
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Essential Cell Biology by Alberts et al. 5th Edition
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Corporate Finance 8ed CDN by Ross
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Engineering Graphics Essentials with AutoCAD2019 Instruction, Kirstie Plantenberg, SFDC Publications
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Microeconomics (2nd Edition) by Goolsbee, Levitt, Syverson
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Download any of these for free at https://oppfiles.com/585933
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2020.03.28 00:25 guywelch2000 Gears Tactics - Preview Coverage

Today, press outlets from around the world posted their first gameplay impressions of Gears Tactics, with many outlets getting their first opportunity to go hands-on with the game. Hope you enjoy the coverage including video capture from the latest build.
Looking forward to your impressions when the game launches April 28 on Windows, Steam, and Xbox Game Pass for PC.
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2020.03.16 17:40 juliosanoja 3 Productos de publicidad digital que usan grandes bases de datos

3 Productos de publicidad digital que usan grandes bases de datos
Google Ads Search, Google Ads Display, Facebook Ads
Ya se ha establecido un oligopolio de publicidad digital formado por Google y Facebook, que ofrece a las empresas la oportunidad de comunicarse con los 4.000 millones de usuarios de Internet de manera efectiva, eficiente y satisfactoria, gracias a la publicidad de grandes bases de datos (big data advertising).
Las ventas de publicidad globales en medios tradicionales y digitales, en el año 2015, fueron de $ 600 mil millones, y en los medios digitales fueron $ 150 mil millones. La publicidad en medios digitales representa el 25% de la publicidad mundial. Las ventas de Google en el año 2015 fueron $ 75 mil millones, y las ventas de Facebook en el mismo año fueron $ 18 mil millones. Más del 95% de los ingresos de Google y Facebook se obtienen con la venta de sus productos de publicidad, Google Ads y Facebook Ads. Si hacemos los cálculos, descubrimos que Google y Facebook juntos tienen más del 60% del negocio de publicidad digital, y esto se debe a que ambas empresas venden publicidad que usa grandes bases de datos.
Google Ads Search
Google anunció en el 2016 que cada año se realizan trillones de búsquedas en Google. Las personas van a Google para buscar cualquier cosa que necesiten. Como dice Google, las personas buscan en Google si quieren IR, SABER, HACER o COMPRAR, y esto es lo que Google llama el Momento Cero de la Verdad (Zero Moment of Truth - ZMOT). Cuando una persona busca algún producto o servicio y el enlace al sitio web de su empresa aparece en la primera página de los resultados de búsqueda de Google, entonces su empresa tiene la oportunidad de satisfacer las necesidades de esa persona, y usted obtiene una oportunidad de negocio.
Hay dos formas de estar en la primera página de los resultados de búsqueda de Google, de forma orgánica haciendo campañas de artículos para optimización de motores de búsqueda (SEO), y pagando publicidad de Google Ads Search. Las empresas tienen la oportunidad de hacer una campaña de publicidad en los resultados de búsqueda de Google, usando la publicidad de Google Ads Search, de modo que cuando las personas buscan sus productos o servicios, los anuncios de las empresas aparecen en la primera página de los resultados de búsqueda de Google. Esta campaña se puede configurar por área geográfica y por palabras claves. Las empresas pagan a Google si los usuarios hacen clic en el anuncio; de lo contrario, las empresas no pagan a Google por la publicación del aviso de publicidad. Google llama a esta publicidad pago por clic, o pay per clic en inglés (Pay Per Clic - PPC). Google no cobra a las empresas por publicar el anuncio, solo cobra si el usuario hace clic en el anuncio. El costo de un clic varía y depende del país y la industria, en un rango entre $ 1 y $ 1,000 por clic.
Google Ads Display
Google conoce la siguiente información para cada uno de los 4.000 millones de usuarios de Internet: ubicación geográfica, edad, género, intereses. Google también conoce la siguiente información de todo el contenido de Internet: temas, palabras claves, direcciones de sitios web, direcciones de páginas web. Con esta información disponible, Google puede vender publicidad de grandes bases de datos. Una empresa puede configurar una campaña de Google Ads Display para mostrar un anuncio de publicidad en formato de texto, imagen o video, al usuario de Internet, por donde navegue, dependiendo de la configuración de la campaña y la segmentación de las variables de las grandes bases de datos de Google Ads Display. Por ejemplo, una empresa puede mostrar un anuncio en la primera página del New York Times o del Washington Post, cuando las personas interesadas en sus productos o servicios navegan por la primera página de estos periódicos. Al igual que en Google Ads Search, esta publicidad también es publicidad de pago por clic, por lo tanto, la empresa solo paga a Google si el usuario hace clic en el anuncio. Google no cobra a la empresa por publicar el anuncio.
Facebook Ads
Facebook conoce la siguiente información de cada uno de los 1.500 millones de usuarios de Facebook e Instagram: ubicación geográfica, edad, género, intereses. Una empresa puede configurar una campaña de publicidad en Facebook e Instagram para dirigirse a cualquier audiencia interesada en sus productos o servicios. Estos anuncios también pueden ser anuncios de texto, imagen o video, y también son anuncios de pago por clic como lo son los anuncios de Google Ads. La publicidad de Facebook e Instagram también es publicidad de grandes bases de datos, porque la empresa puede dirigir el anuncio a una audiencia segmentada de acuerdo con las variables de la base de datos de los usuarios de Facebook e Instagram.
Google tiene una gran base de datos con 4.000 millones de usuarios de Internet y conoce su ubicación geográfica, edad, género, e intereses. Facebook tiene una gran base de datos con 1.500 millones de usuarios de Facebook y conoce su ubicación geográfica, edad, género, e intereses. Estas 2 grandes bases de datos se pueden usar para que las empresas se comuniquen con sus clientes, prospectos y cualquier otra audiencia de manera eficiente, efectiva y satisfactoria. No hay otras bases de datos de usuarios de Internet como estas dos, hasta ahora. Bienvenido a la publicidad de grandes bases de datos para empresas (big data advertising en inglés).
Este artículo fue escrito por Julio R. Sanoja, y es una traducción del artículo original en inglés del mismo autor, que usted puede leer en el siguiente enlace:
Sobre el autor:
Julio es un consultor de mercadeo digital y desarrollo de negocios. Ingeniero ambiental de la Universidad de Michigan en Ann Arbor, graduación de 1983, e ingeniero químico de la Universidad Simón Bolívar en Caracas, graduación de 1980. Ha diseñado y desarrollado estratégicamente proyectos y campañas digitales desde el año 2002, con más de 170 proyectos y campañas ejecutadas.
Conferencista, capacitador y autor en los temas de emprendimiento, mercadeo digital, publicidad digital, Google y optimización de motores de búsqueda (SEO). Con 40 años de experiencia en emprendimiento, mercadeo, ventas y desarrollo de negocios. Usted puede ver la biografía en el siguiente enlace en LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/juliosanojarial/
Julio ha escrito y publicado más de 280 artículos sobre Google, SEO, mercadeo digital y publicidad digital, en los idiomas inglés y español. Usted puede leer los artículos en el siguiente enlace: https://www.msalesleads.com/blog/
Nuestra agencia digital MSalesLeads ha sido destacada en Expertise, Upcity, Clutch, CV Magazine y Design Rush como una agencias digital con experiencia.
Nuestros artículos han sido destacados en Medium.
Hemos sido entrevistados en Voyage Mia.
Hemos obtenidos snippets destacados en los resultados de las búsquedas en Google.
Ayudamos a las empresas y los negocios de Venezuela, Latinoamérica y Estados Unidos a crecer en los medios digitales. Posicionamos sus marcas, productos y servicios en Internet. Los ayudamos a obtener prospectos calificados y nuevos clientes en línea. Hemos diseñado y ejecutado más de 170 proyectos y campañas digitales desde el año 2002.
Me pueden escribir a [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) si necesitan nuestros servicios.
Hemos realizado proyectos y campañas para marcas globales como Exxon, Dow Chemical, Gulf Oil, Harbison Walker, Cambridge International Consulting, IMG Academy, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Sandoz, Mercedes Benz, Laboratorios Farma, Banco Mercantil, Banco Exterior, Clínica El Avila, Clínica Urológico, Hospital de Clínicas Caracas. También hemos ejecutado proyectos y campañas digitales para pequeñas y medianas empresas en Venezuela, Latinoamérica y Estados Unidos.
Pueden leer nuestros casos de estudio en el siguiente enlace:
Pueden leer las recomendaciones y testimonios personales en el siguiente enlace en LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/juliosanojarial/
Pueden leer los testimonies de la agencia en el perfil de Google My Business de nuestra agencia MSalesLeads.

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2020.03.03 12:00 LordVelaryon Dogs (Three Different Ones)

Near this spot / Are deposited the Remains of one / Who possessed Beauty without Vanity / Strength without Insolence / Courage without Ferocity / And all the virtues of Man, without his Vices.

Ten thousand years after the first wolves started joining humans not to hunt or be hunted by them, but for the mutual benefit of both, their descendants have their part in every facet of modern life. Football, as the most important of the less important things of it, of course that is also included. So, here are three small stories about dogs and their role in the beautiful game.

1) The last Blitz of Westfalen.

It was a certain Prussian who first named dogs as Man’s best friend. Close to 200 years after that, a Dortmund-born German shepherd called Blitz was exactly that for his master, but not so much for the rest.
Context: the 71st Revierderby. Germany’s most famous derby was different back then. For a start neither the Westfalenstadion nor the Arena AufSchalke were the home of Borussia or the Blueshite yet. No, the match in question was played in the as-old-as-loved Rote Erde, that even in its best days barely could host around 4,000 spectators seated. But it could host practically 10 times that number if the people in the wooden stands decided to stay up the whole match, and it was around that the ones who indeed went there for that fateful night in 1969.
The stadium wasn’t the only different thing. You see, the Revierderby has a curious history. Despite being nowadays a derby that doesn’t has much to envy of the likes of Old Firm or El Clásico, unlike them there isn’t truly essential ideological nor religious reasons that cause such rift between the clubs. On the opposite, just like those of the rest of the Ruhrpott, them and their fanbases are relatively homogeneous, and the geographical distance that once did existed nowadays is negligible.
So, in the very beginning there was no hate between both. What is more, not few Dortmund fans had a soft spot for Schalke in their glory days. After all, both clubs weren’t even real sportive rivals. The BVB barely had modest success in the local lower leagues while the Königsblauen were the jewel of the whole Reich, and no matter if Germany or Argentina or Japan, children and politicians do love to support winners. But times had indeed changed since then, Borussia had grown and Schalke had diminished, and a healthy rivalry was becoming bigger and bigger with each year.
For some, it indeed was what eventually became the Hundebiss what made the rivalry explode. 39,000 spectators had filled Rote Erde, the tickets had been sold out for weeks. The police was forced to concur to the match even if just to avoid pitch invasions that could become avalanches, and it was in that context that the canine friends had their role… and that a Dortmund fan called Wolfgang Musanke saw his oportunity.
Musanke had unsucessfully tried to get a ticket to the derby, but he had a dog of the same breed that the ones used by the police. So, even if it was just for trying it and to not suffer because of the “what if?”, the day of the match he went to the stadium with his dog Blitz tied to his arm, the relevant clothes and a confident attitude. And after some words, both indeed were able to watch the match alongside the stewards and the rest of the dog brigade, over the athletic track between the stands and the pitch.
Until then everything was well, but then the match started. The derby atmosphere was mainly in the stands but the players also did their part, and it was in the 37’ when hell broke loose. Schalke’s Austrian striker Hans Pirkner scored after placing the ball in the angle and the numerous Knappen fans, as stacked as happy, poured in dozens into the pitch to hug their players. The police and the stewards reacted and went to separate them, and in that the dogs had a pivotal role… but unfortunaly they weren’t unmuzzled.
And the dogs, as noble as they can be, are still beasts and don’t difference players from fans, so two Schalke players were bitten. Striker Gerd Neuser was lucky and was it just in the leg, his defender teammate Friedel Rausch wasn’t it so much and received a full bite in his ass. And to make the story even better, the author of it was nobody else than our friend Blitz.
Initially the situation was calm in the sense of that a full riot was able to be avoided. Both players received medical help and a tetanus shot and were able to continue the match (Neuser leg eventually went numb and he had to be subbed off though), and Borussia was able to score and avoid a home defeat. However, that was only the start.
Schalke filled a protest and wanted to be given a 0-3. As usual the DFB wanted to punish BVB too, but eventually both clubs told that they would resolve the conflict in their own terms, so the Federation decided to focus on creating the rules that would introduce fences in German stadiums and the separation of home and away fanbases (and to police dogs to be muzzled). Musanke was catched by the club authorities and was informed that as the master of Blitz he would be the one responsible if Rausch or another victim sued the club, but luckily for him the players weren’t unreasonable and were happy with the compensation of 500 marks and flowers that was offered to them.
Rausch was asked about it some years ago and still tells that he had to sleep over his stomach for two weeks, but of the incident itself only remembers “Excitement after the goal. Then my trousers soaked in blood. And then only voices saying 'Hold the dog'”. The incident though, would make him one of the most famous men in Gelsenkirchen, and people started to salute him in the streets… and not few rivals to bark at him on the pitch.
The offense itself though, wouldn’t be forgotten. And even if the Schalke directives of those years deny it, the fact is that the rivalry, coincidentally or not, started to grow to new (and its present) heights precisely in the years around that match.
And it also can’t be a coincidence that for the return match in the second part of the season, Schalke had invited special guests to receive its neightbours. Two young lions were the honour guard that escorted the players into the pitch. Luckily this time, only laughter and no bites happened.

2) Chilean Dog vs Argentinian Monkey.

"Here lies the noble German shepherd, a beacon of his breed and an example to the whole human race" reads the tombstone, adorned with laurels, of Ron, the dog that gained fame by biting Boca Juniors goalkeeper, Carlos Fernando Navarro Montoya, in a Copa Libertadores semifinal.
It was May of 1991. The biggest Chilean club, Colo Colo, were favourites to win the second most famous club competition in the world. Chileans despite its proud football history just are not as successful as their Argentinian, Brazillian and Uruguayan neighbours, and just like the first Copa America wouldn't be won until 25 years later, back then no Chilean club had won the Libertadores despite having reached various finals already.
However, this one seemed as a golden oportunity, as the favourites -Brazil's Flamengo- had already been eliminated and another one -Uruguay's Nacional- was defeated 4-0 by the Chileans. But there was a small problem, the biggest team of the continent, Boca Juniors, still was there and were their rivals for the semifinals.
Colo Colo fought bravely in Argentina but Boca in La Bombonera is something else, so they lost 1-0. But if anything, the defeat only made the Chileans more anxious and angry. That both countries had a bitter rivalry that almost had ended in a military conflict less than a decade before it didn't help either. The whole country prepared for the return match in Santiago, with even part of Colo Colo rival fans supporting them in their match against the Argentinians.
So, with 70,000 fans in the stands, Colo Colo received a Boca Juniors that had current Uruguay's NT manager Oscar Tabarez as their manager and a certain Batistuta as their #9, with the impossible mission of getting a comeback against a team that hadn't ever been eliminated after winning the first leg of a Libertadores semifinal. Add to the picture that Tabarez plays a style that makes Catenaccio look like peak total football, and you can see that hope wasn't truly rational.
But against all odds, passion, pride and a maybe a bit of a localist refereeing were able to get the miracle. After 65' of attacking the goal defended by the Miguel "Monkey" Montoya was finally breached and conceded two goals in less than 3'. Boca didn't had any other option than attack and having the best Argentinian striker of all times helped them a bit, and 8' after the second Chilean goal they scored the 2-[1] that once again made them qualify to the final.
But Colo Colo didn't surrender and less than 10' after it a goal (that would end being a golden one) was scored, and then was when hell broke loose. Not only fans stormed the pitch, but the hundreds of journalists that were around it also joined the celebrations.
Montoya, always a hot-head, didn't liked this. Not even a bit, although to be fair neither did his usually more calm teammates. Maradona's connationals attacked everybody that invaded the pitch and a riot started. The Argentinian newspaper Clarín later would mention in its article how the match basically ended with "the Monkey punching policemen, Hrabina kicking a photographer in the face, Batistuta doing the same with a fan, Simón covering a TV camera with his hand while insulting the cameraman, and Tabarez shouting in disarray: "I don't want to give you an interview, do you understand? and then the noise of a man rolling down the stairs in the tunnel".
And amongst all of this, appears our friend Ron. Just like Blitz, he was a German shepherd, but unlike him he was actually part of the official police dogs brigade. Nor that such detail would help Mono Montoya, that just like Rausch 12,000 kilometers away, ended being bitten in the ass after the canine friend managed to escape from his police master after he saw him punching a journalist.
The match, that in typical Libertadores fashion already had 8 yellows and 1 red card for Boca at that point, degenerated in a riot that forced the Brazillian referee to end it and send the teams (or most of them, as Tabarez and two players ended arrested) to the dressing rooms. No matter how ugly, Chileans were happy, the victory indeed had been achieved (ironically, Tabarez also would end being a protagonist of a match with an end almost as controversial, the Chile 1-0 Uruguay in the 2015 Copa America)
Ron meanwhile, after being seen bitting the Argentinian keeper in the ass in live TV by the whole country, immediately became the most loved and famous dog that had existed so far, displacing Odysseus' Argos and Scooby Doo. It didn't harmed that even the Chilean Police itself officially lauded his manouver, calling it "an action that helped to control things".
Colo would go to win the final against Paraguay's Olimpia and become the first Chilean team in winning the Libertadores. 30 years later, they still are the only ones to do so. They also are the only team to eliminate Boca after losing the first leg of a semifinal.
Ron itself indeed had a glorious life but sadly a short one, dying of a heart attack less than 5 years after that in a training when he still was a pretty young dog. Not few Argentinians would banter Montoya about how maybe that was related to something the poor dog contracted after the bite. He would end being buried with military honours in the cementery that the Chilean police has for its human members, and with a statue being erected in his honour that is visited by Colo Colo fans every year.
In the aniversary of his death of 2 years ago, Colo Colo's official account oficially remembered him as "the dog that now is in Heaven biting goalkeepers"

3) Pickles the dog is a very good boy.

(As this is getting too long, and as The Guardian article by Scott Murray I originally read about it is better than anything I could do, I will just transcribe it. Hope that you enjoy it as much as I did.)
The Jules Rimet trophy went walkies in March 1966. Upon discovering that the most precious prize in world football had been snatched from under their hapless noses, the folk at the Football Association responded in a manner that couldn’t have been more English had their press release been soaked in weak milky tea. “The FA deeply regrets this most unfortunate incident,” began their clipped, haughty study in brazen understatement. “It inevitably brings discredit to both the FA and this country.”
They’d struck the right tone with that last bit, at least. The FA was way out of the good books for losing the cup. “I’m damned angry!” spluttered Erik von Frenckell, honorary president of the Finnish FA. Abrain Tebet of the Brazilian Sports Confederation was even more strident. “Even Brazilian thieves love football and would never commit this sacrilege! It would never have happened in Brazil.” Oh Abrain! No good will ever come of talk like this.
Still, you can understand the sentiment. In retrospect, security arrangements for the 12-inch solid-gold representation of Nike, Greek goddess of victory, perched delicately on a precious hunk of lapis lazuli, were not all they could have been. The FA had released the cup for display at a stamp exhibition in Central Hall, Westminster, on the “strict written understanding that it would be displayed in a glass showcase”. They also insisted that a guard would be posted alongside, night and day. No corners cut, what with England about to stage the eighth World Cup.
The stipulations were rigorously met. Sort of. Almost. “Our instructions were that the cup was to be kept under personal observation, certainly during the time the exhibition was open, during daylight,” explained exhibition chairman Cecil Richardson. “We had two guards standing by it all the time. The pressure of security was not considered quite so serious when the hall was closed to the public.”
Having reasoned that robbers were far less likely to attempt a heist when nobody was around to witness it, the guards kicked back on the morning of Sunday 20th. Though there was a Methodist service being held in another part of the building, the stamp exhibition itself was shut. Plus there was a wooden bar across the door at the rear of the hall and a little lock on the showcase, which was also covered at the back by a heavy hessian sheet. Hourly checks would suffice!
Somehow, the UK’s answer to Fort Knox was breached between the regular tour of inspection at 11am, when the cup was there, and the following tour at midday, when the cup was not. The wooden bar was found on the floor alongside two screws which had held it to the wall. The lock had been forced. And the burlap curtain showed signs of having been slightly ruffled. One of the guards had reportedly spotted a stranger with “greased black hair brushed back flat” and “thin lips” milling around the hall by a public phone just after 11, but he was on his way to the loo when he made the sighting, and potty takes precedence.
The head of Alsa-Guard Security Services, the firm hired by the exhibition to look after Nike, insisted with a Trumpian flourish that his guards had been positioned “alongside, very alongside” the showcase. However when pressed he became evasive. “Look lads, don’t try to tie me down to geographical details.” Richardson also worked a little wriggle room, on the one hand absurdly claiming that “nothing went wrong, it was just stolen” while also musing philosophically that “we all have room for human error, and perhaps a little human error may have crept in”.
The search to find the cup proved equally farcical. “In the Metropolitan police we have the most brilliant detectives,” claimed crime prevention officer chief inspector Paterson. “The World Cup organisers are hoping this is so.” Fingers were duly crossed. But just in case blind faith wasn’t enough, several rewards were offered for the trophy’s recovery. The Gillette razor company stumped up £500. City loss adjusters Toplis and Harding chipped in £3,000. Walter Max, a London osteopath who for more than a quarter of a century had treated many top footballers, contributed 150 guineas. Tommy Trinder, chairman of Fulham, promised to give £1,000 to any lucky person who returned the cup to him at the Latin Quarter nightclub on Wardour Street, where he was the resident comic.
In the meantime, FA chairman Joe Mears was contacted on Monday 21st by Jackson, a fidgety type who said a parcel was on its way and that enclosed instructions should be followed. Mears took delivery of a small part of the trophy, plus a note demanding £15,000 in used oncers in exchange for the rest of it. Jackson would pick up the cash at a Friday 25th rendezvous with Mears, then send Nike winging back to him the day after.
Sadly the stress got to Mears, who suffered from angina and repaired to bed on the day of the meet. Detective inspector Len Buggy of the Flying Squad went instead, and the operation quickly degenerated into Big Lebowski farce. Jackson didn’t notice that Buggy’s suitcase, supposedly full of banknotes, mainly contained scraps of old newspaper. But he did clock a nearby van, and correctly surmised it was full of peelers. He tried to make a break for it but was arrested and uncovered as Edward Betchley, a Camberwell “dealer” with a previous conviction for handling knock-off corned beef. Betchley was charged with stealing the cup but flatly denied all knowledge, claiming a man only known to him as The Pole had paid him £500 to act as go-between.
That same evening, a phone rang at the Times. A voice claimed that the World Cup was “in a brown suitcase in the left luggage office at Charing Cross”. But this proved a hoax. So where on earth was it? There were no leads … except the one 26-year-old Thames docker David Corbett was desperately trying to attach to his collie’s collar two nights later, Sunday 27th, lest the excitable little scamp sprint across Beulah Hill, a leafy road in Upper Norwood, south London.
As Corbett fiddled with the leash, Pickles stuck his snout under a nearby bush. “I was about to put his lead on when I noticed he was sniffing at something near the path,” Corbett explained. “I looked down and saw the parcel. It was wrapped in newspaper. I picked it up, it was very weighty. I tore one end off; a base. I tore the other end off: a gold figure! I still didn’t realise what it was. I went back to the base and turned it round. It said Brazil 1962, and it suddenly all came to me.” Corbett rushed inside to show it to his wife Jean, then took it to Gypsy Hill nick. He made sure to tell the astonished constables that “Pickles saw it first, the little darling!”
Pickles became a national hero overnight. He was awarded a solid silver medal by lieutenant-colonel Alexander Hendrick ‘Rosie’ Roosmalecocq, secretary of the National Canine Defence League – now the Dogs Trust – in a posh ceremony at a swish Kensington hotel. He also received a silver platter covered in cash totalling £53, the result of a whip-round by hotel staff, and a brown rubber bone to chew. A year’s supply of free dog food also came his way, plus a trot-on part in Galton and Simpson’s comic caper The Spy with the Cold Nose. His stardom ensured he was paid double the normal doggie rate.
Corbett had to wait a little longer for his treats. Mears had put his name forward for the rewards – “Why should Corbett claim it, when you have had all the worry?” his wife had argued – but withdrew his claim when it became clear Toplis and Harding weren’t going to recognise it. Corbett eventually trousered the best part of £6,000; by way of comparison, England’s players were paid £1,360 each in bonuses for winning the cup.
Mears never saw Bobby Moore lift the trophy Pickles rescued. He succumbed to his heart condition on the eve of the finals aged 61. It would be harsh to remember him solely for his unfortunate role in this fiasco: he was, after all, the man in charge of security for Winston Churchill’s underground operation room at Whitehall during the war, and that didn’t work out so badly. Poor Pickles also met a premature end, choking on his lead while chasing a cat in 1967. As for Nike herself? She was stolen in 1983 from the headquarters of the Brazilian FA, which had been given her to cherish for eternity after Brazil’s third win in 1970. The trophy was never seen again, presumably melted down. Oh Abrain! You had to say it, didn’t you!

That's it. Hope that you like it. Do your club or nation has any remarkable story about football and dogs? Please share them!

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2020.01.16 19:42 JorgeAmVF Mapa de subs locais

Mapa de subs locais
Este mapa interativo foi produzido com o auxílio de ferramentas como Folium/Leaflet e GeoPy/Nominatim/OpenStreetMap que, trabalhando sobre uma seleção de 175 subreddits relacionados a localidades lusófonas, possibilitaram a criação de uma nova página no endereço https://emportugues.org/data/map.html onde o resultado se encontra disponível.
O código não está acabado e ainda precisa de ajustes antes de ficar disponível, contudo, já foi suficiente para gerar a nova página.
Locais brasileiros e portugueses também estão agrupados em multireddits próprios e basta seguir esses feeds mantidos por u/BoEmPortugues para acompanhar a atividade das comunidades desses países.
Abaixo é possível ver capturas de tela do mapa e uma tabela com mais informações sobre os subs localizados:









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2019.12.31 20:05 mrmanager237 Is Argentina’s poverty rate 41%, 35%, or 8%? The answer is yes

Argentina, as you might have heard, is both a deeply unstable and highly entertaining country. Right now, we are suffering our worst crisis in decades, adn among the many indicators flashing red, the most notorious one is poverty. According to the latest INDEC (National Institute for Statistics and the Census) data, it stands at 35.4% for individual people, and 7.7% are in extreme poverty (known locally as indigence); the poverty line is 12.166 pesos (about 200 dollars) for a single adult, and the indigence line is $4866 (about U$S 80 a month). Let’s define these terms: extreme poverty (from now onward, indigence) is defined as not making enough to satisfy the minimum caloric intakes required for human survival, while poverty is more broadly defined as having enough to meet your needs.
Fairly recently, another well-respected poverty measurer, the Catholic University of Argentina’s Observatory for Social Debt (UCA - ODSA in Spanish) made waves by publishing an excerpt of their next report (coming out in March, you can see the whole thing here) which asserts the country’s poverty rate is actually 40.1%, a truly historic (and disheartening) number. If you go to compare with another reliable provider of poverty statistics, the World Bank, and measure according to each of its three leading poverty lines (1.90 dollars a day, 3.20 dollars a day, and 5.50 dollars a day) Argentina overperforms both UCA and INDEC: 0.5%, 0.7%, and 7.7%. The World Bank’s data is very accessible, so you can check their work with very simple math: their poverty lines are about $4500, $7000, and $10000 respectively, so they are much lower than the official figure - hence the figure. UCA hasn’t been particularly forthcoming about their sources or methodology.
So since INDEC’s data isn’t coming out until March (partly for the painfully obvious reason that they measure every semester and the second half of 2019 isn’t over yet), we will need to answer a fairly simple question: which of these three poverty rates is the correct one - and keep in mind the difference is around 16 million people, who may or may not be poor. To properly answer this question, we must first look at the highly contentious history of Argentina’s poverty statistics.

Some generalizations

The wide consensus (at least to my knowledge) is that there’s three ways to measure poverty: by consumption, by income, and by unmet basic needs (NBI in Spanish)
Measuring NBI poverty is extremely simple: you ask people if they have access to basic amenities (toilets, running water, education) and the basic quality of their life (building materials, overcrowding), and then calculate how many of them don’t have their basic needs met. Since this is difficult and time consuming, INDEC generally only asks during the National Census, and in the last census the figure (analysis from the Treasury Department) was around 17.7%. Obviously this is useful data to measure long term problems, but using poverty statistics nearly a decade after collecting them is clearly inadequate.
Consumption would be the clearest, best indicator for poverty: do people consume enough to have a decent standard of living?. Since most people don't have detailed, itemised lists of their monthly consumption habits (and many won’t share that information regardless), you can do a rough estimate of how much they need to consume to qualify as not poor (as has been detailed in the first paragraph) and then use income as a proxy for consumption.
Argentina does this by building a basket for nutritional requirements (The Basic Food Basket or CBA): they calculate how many nutrients people need to survive, how they satisfy their nutritional requirements (for example, Argentinian people adore red meats); adjust for income level, education, area of residence, etc; and then you measure indigence by asking if they make more or less than the value of the CBA.
Poverty is trickier, because there are many spending items that are extremely hard to take into account, especially when families move around the life cycle (parents of young children and the elderly don’t have the same spending patterns). But you can, by doing lots of observations, approximate this number (the Total Basic Basket or CBT) since people tend to spend fixed fractions of their income on food; that number is called Engel’s Coefficient, and by multiplying the CBA by the inverse of Engel’s Coefficient (for example, Argentina’s EC is about 40%, so the inverse is 2.5) and you should have the value fo CBT.

A brief history of poverty

Argentina, having a fraught history marked by coups, authoritarianism, and instability, doesn’t have a long tradition of keeping accurate national statistics. The national poverty rate was debuted in 1988, where it showed 22.5% of the population was in poverty; by the end of the next year, the number jumped to 47.3% due to a hyperinflationary crisis. This rate, according to this INDEC publication, was based on studies from the National Survey of Homes (EPH in Spanish), where experts determined a poverty line based on the consumption preferences of the average Argentinian. The EPH results were published twice a year, and only covered people in the Buenos Aires metro area, where about 40% of Argentinians live.
In the 90’s and in 2001, the EPH was tinkered so it could better reflect some changes in preferences; a big do-over came in 2003, where a humber of things were changed: the contents of both baskets (to get on with the times), the geographic coverage (to include some other urban centers), and frequency (from twice a year to quarterly, although poverty data is still biannual) - most of these changes affected the employment section of EPH, though.
Everything ran smoothly until 2007, under the tenure of Presidents Néstor and Cristina Kirchner; that year, Secretary of the Treasury Roberto Lavagna (who was widely supportive of INDEC) resigned and was replaced by Felisa Miceli, a much weaker figure who left a lot of day-to-day operations to Secretary of Commerce Guillermo Moreno. After the consumer price index (IPC) was consistently higher than expected, Moreno began pressuring several experts into releasing the names of companies who were raising their prices, in breach of several price control agreements. INDEC refused, since it was illegal, and what followed was a long, messy intervention, where renowned experts were replaced by Moreno’s cronies and several high-ranking officials resigned or where pushed out. After the intervention, IPC was consistently underestimated, so since the CBA and CBT are indexed to inflation, they were much lower than expected, until they completely contradicted reality and common sense: in 2013, Argentina had a lower poverty rate than Germany. The poverty and indigence indicators were discontinued in 2014 under the orders of then-Secretary of the Treasury Axel Kicillof, who publicly claimed poverty “was a deeply stigmatising figure”. INDEC’s numbers, from 2007 to 2016, are deeply flawed and unreliable; it was during this time that UCA’s number became so relevant, since it was the most reliable estimate for poverty.
In 2015, President Mauricio Macri (an opponent of the Kirchners) came to power, and among his key achievements was restoring INDEC’s professionalism and reputation by appointing qualified experts to key positions. The EPH was retooled yet again in 2016, to include even more urban centers, a more comprehensive CBA, and some other less relevant modifications.
The main takeaway from this sections is that, since the 2003 and 2016 EPHs have different baskets and measure different things, they cannot be compared accurately. But nobody need worry - a 2018 paper by Leopoldo Tornarolli, a researcher at the University of La Plata, tried to estimate the poverty rate in the 2003-2017 period by using EPH data, additional data, and some clever math. Here’s a chart summarising the results, and also comparing to UCA’s 2010-2015 estimates (the only ones available in its historic series, coincidentally - or maybe not) - you can see UCA’s poverty and indigence series here as well.
So, as you can see, the results are highly problematic.Going back to our initial question: is the poverty rate 7.7%, 35.4%, or 40.8%?

Why is there a difference?

Obviously, we are going to assume that INDEC’s poverty rate is correct, so poverty in the first semester of 2016 was actually 35.4% if measured by their definition.
Firstly, let’s look at the World Bank - a venerable institution if there is one. Their poverty lines are, as mentioned, woefully inadequate, since poverty is clearly not 7.7% in the current context. This doesn’t mean their data is false, or that their measurements are incorrect: simply that their definition of poverty is not useful in the current context. The precise value of their income figures, for one, are wildly dependant on the exchange rate, which jumped from the low 40’s in the first quarter to 45 in the second and 63 in August, after Macri was unexpectedly trounced by Fernández in the primaries; it now stands at 80, based on a 30% tax on most purchases of and with US dollars.
So, UCA’s turn has come: is their data trustworthy?. Looking at their latest figures, it’s hard to say. They mention on the nearly 125 slide summary that they retooled their poverty estimates, so it’s not useful to look at those outside the historic series. There’s nothing wrong with this approach, since, in stark contrast to previous years (look at 2018’s, for example) they do not include their historic series. This is slightly more suspicious, but still understandable - they may want to prevent misreadings (but yet, why publish an incendiary figure like 41% poverty with 0 context). Also worth pointing out: the graph is a reconstruction of INDEC’s poverty series using a secret methodology (much like Tornarolli’s work), with the red line showing their own estimates, which are roughly equal to INDEC’s.
The biggest thing worth pointing out is that UCA doesn’t calculate income poverty, or NBI poverty - their poverty rate is based on a multidimensional approach that includes both. This is both a sound, valid choice, and the biggest reason why they must not be compared to INDEC: it is literally comparing measurements of apples and oranges (this has not stopped pundits, and the President himself, from claiming poverty is now 41%).
There’s been further developments in the UCA saga: via a tweet, the University has admitted that their estimate of poverty, using INDEC data and econometrics wizardry, hovers between 32 and 34%, which they attribute to “differences in measurement and sampling”. People did not enjoy this development: INDEC’s well-respected Director, Jorge Todesca (a Macri appointee who is now retiring) called this step “political, and with an authoritarian bent”. Even more damningly, the respected econometrician Martín Rozada published his own estimates based on other INDEC data, which also neared 33%. UCA’s conduct is suspicious at best, and partisan at worst; the weird, unexplained decisions they’ve made must be cleared up, since it’s eroded their credibility in just a couple of weeks.

What about other countries?

It is fairly common for countries to claim to have “the lowest poverty rate in the region”; I actually came across the World Bank numbers after a Uruguayan person posted them, boasting that their home had only 2.9% poverty (and countless Argentinians pointing out the 27-point difference between the figures).
Sociologist Daniel Schteingart had this exact same question, according to this article he wrote for a left-leaning magazine so he ran the numbers using 2016 data and found some interesting facts (unfortunately his data isn’t available and I couldn’t find it independently). Very correctly, he points out Argentina uses a much more rigorous standard than, for example, the World Bank (looking at Tornarolli, the official poverty rate is much lower than the revised one even when INDEC was still credible, because the poverty line was more lenient). The most interesting part is this chart, showing Argentina’s poverty rate in 2016 using various other poverty lines (the chart is not the original, which is both in Spanish and in an awful resolution). Another interesting question is how high could the poverty rate of other countries be if they used our poverty line: extremely high for less developed countries, laughably low for developed ones.


Measuring poverty is both hard and important: most people care about their fellow citizens, and having bad results in this front ( as Macri undoubtedly did) is reason enough to vote a government out. But you can’t dredge up any results you like and call it a day - the intervention of INDEC during the Kirchner era is still considered one of their biggest mistakes. You can have a nuanced argument about how to measure poverty - but faking or distorting figures, not to mention just not measuring them, shows a complete unwillingness to actually fix the problem besides short-term considerations. You can disagree with others on the how, but just refusing to acknowledge reality is proof enough that you can’t solve any problem more complex than first grade math.
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2019.12.13 23:47 srslyjuststop Marcel Guzmán de Rojas Confirms Criticisms of OAS Report

Marcel Guzmán de Rojas Confirms Criticisms of OAS Report
(Versión en español.)
The other day, I posted an explanation of what caused the TREP to be suspended, which was furiously upvoted and downvoted in equal parts, mostly depending on the prior political preferences of the person doing the judging. The day before, I sent a somewhat lengthy email to Marcel Guzmán de Rojas, the developer and administrator of the computer system used on Election Day explaining why I thought the Final OAS Report didn't make any sense and why he should make a rebuttal. To my great surprise, he actually replied to me:

(If you have a better way of showing an email that's less likely to be dismissed by dishonest partisans, I'm all ears.)
Here's the email I sent him to elicit the response:
it would be extremely helpful if you made a public response to the oea report. you made a number of very useful and clarifying media appearances about a month ago, but i haven't seen anything from you since. the oas has focused most of their attention on procedural complaints about the computer system and singled you out in particular for harsh criticism, claiming again and again that you deliberately withheld information in order to conceal the alleged fraud. while there's great transparency about the election data - perhaps too much, i wonder sometimes - there's very little transparency about the computer system. aside from the report by ethical hacking, your reports to the tse are the only documents that provide any explanation of the computer system that's independent of the oea.
in one of your media appearances, you said that you thought the oea audit would be 'muy positivo' because it would separate legitimate arguments for fraud from fallacious ones, the latter being far more numerous than the former. i assume that you meant actual fraud - fake vote counts, forged documents, etc - and not a litany of nitpicking criticisms about how you changed a single line of code in a java file or fixed a database error using a sql command, all of which likely occurred in many previous elections which the oea praised. whenever i check the spreadsheets for actas about which there was some procedural complaint, i find that the data accurately represents what's in the acta image. so many of the oea's arguments are procedural, but procedures aren't ends in and of themselves - they're instruments to guide things to the right result. it's absurd to use procedural arguments to discredit an election when there's a mountain of publicly available data which can be used to verify the results.
i suspect that most, if not all, of the 'irregularities' in the computer system criticized by the oea have fairly banal explanations. for example, there was a lot of talk about the lack of exif metadata on most of the trep photos, but your explanation - that a graphics package you had used to rotate and/or compress the images had scrubbed the metadata - makes a lot of sense. just by checking the file size of #50999, i can see that it's about 3-4x larger than most other trep photos, which totally supports your explanation about the compression process failing occasionally. also, it makes sense to compress the photos, since it facilitates the faster replication of data across the various application servers. deep in the final oea report, they reluctantly acknowledge your explanation, but they also give a somewhat incomplete explanation of the facts in addition to an item or two of bad advice. critically, though: one really can't understand what happened to the exif metadata without reading your report. i assume this is also true about other matters for which you were criticized - especially the bo1/bo20 servers, which the oas claims were used to introduce fraudulent data into the primary trep application server, but i am extremely skeptical of this.
i have to ask, though: what was the tse's stated justification for bo20? based on their concerns about the unmonitored bo1 server and the traffic increase which caused the alert by ethical hacking, one would expect that they would simply use one of the other approved perimeter servers. however, they used bo20 instead. from your reports, i gather that you opposed this, that you thought nothing was actually wrong with bo1, and that you set up bo20, which was very similar or identical to bo1, simply to assuage the unfounded concerns of the tse. in the ethical hacking report, it explains the existence of bo1 by saying that '[los vocales] querían ver primero los resultados antes de ser publicados'. is that the reason for all of this? they wanted an advance look at any results? or did ethical hacking misunderstand what was being said? by your explanation of bo1, it appears that you are saying that it was simply a careless mistake that it remained active, which seems absolutely plausible. but if so, why are there ssh logins to that server on the day of the election, long before the ethical hacking alert which seems to have precipitated the whole election disaster? (i gather that you are quite frustrated with ethical hacking. you say at one point that their presence made your company's work more difficult, and in another place you say that if the presence of bo1 was a problem, they should've notified you earlier in the day. it seems that if they hadn't been there to send an erroneous alert at the worst possible moment, the election process would've gone smoothly.)
i have one other question as well: in your october 28th report, you say that the increase in traffic from bo1 at 19:30 on election night wasn't abnormal. however, ethical hacking insists that it was because, according to them, the server was making '30000 peticiones cada 30 segundos' and that this would be impossible because there are only 350 sereci operators. if all of those requests were from sereci operators and all 350 of them were working at their maximum rate of 'dos actas por minuto', this would mean that each acta represented ~86 requests. is that normal or abnormal? it's hard to know how many requests might be expected because this '30000 peticiones cada 30 segundos' figure is the only quantitative description of request traffic i've seen anywhere.
in any event, the oas's narrative about the 'servidores ocultos' doesn't even make sense to me. why would someone want to manipulate the unofficial preliminary count, except perhaps to lend credibility to a manipulated official count? and why manipulate a perimeter server that isn't even the central warehouse for trep data and images? i think all one could do is send erroneous transcription data back to the application server, but i figure any discrepancies would be traceable, and if they existed the oea would've cited them. are there even any credible claims that the acta images on the primary trep application server were modified? in one of your reports, you said that you initially opposed the installation of ossec because it could cause conflicts with your code and that there wasn't sufficient time to test the new setup. if ossec would've foiled the tse's supposed plot to manipulate the elections, then why wouldn't the tse just cite your initial concerns and decline to install it? furthermore, in your report you say that during the meeting with the tse vocales on election night, they cited the presence of this same 'servidor oculto' as a justification for suspending the trep count. so they drew attention to the centerpiece of their own alleged plot to rig the election? it doesn't make sense. why does the oas insist on using all of these procedural arguments, most of which only relate to the trep servers, when they presumably have logs of all the changes made to databases on the application servers? wasn't the data being published and updated every couple minutes? can't they just check to see what was done? aren't there a zillion copies, both digital and physical, of these actas? it's all very frustrating.
just as an example, here's something they say on page 4 of the final report:
El TSE contaba con un servidor principal (BO2), su respectiva contingencia (BO2S) y uno para publicar (BO3). Se mintió deliberadamente al decir que se utilizó el servidor BO3 puesto que el servidor utilizado para la publicación no fue este ya que al momento de auditarlo, tenía menos actas que las publicadas. Se constató inconsistencias entre las bases de datos de los servidores BO2 y BO3.
in your november 4th report, you explain that there were issues in the process of replicating the trep data across all the application servers and that you chose to use the data from the first server in that replication chain, the primary application server (bo2), to ensure that the published results were up-to-date. this seems totally reasonable to me given the state of events, but the oea twists this in their report, saying that the tse deliberately lied, implying that they were attempting to cover up some sort of malfeasance.
there are countless examples of these, but if we want just another one, there's this: they try to generate suspicion by saying that 'bo1' remained active after it was supposed to have been shut down, but when they dump three pages of nginx logs from the 25th, every single entry is a 404 error. or how about those ssh logs from bo1 on election day in which someone, i assume you, logs in, reads the nginx config file, greps in the file twice, disconnects, logs back in, reads the same config file as earlier, and then disconnects again. as far as i can tell, the only actual change they show is you making a backup of ec2-user's approved ssh keys into the same directory. frankly, there's no way you can read this stuff and not come to the conclusion that the oas is acting in bad faith and intends to mislead the public rather than inform it.
you seem like a well-meaning person who cares about democracy and truth. both are currently being trampled. there's a desperate need for a response to the report's allegations about the computer system. without it, the oea's false and misleading interpretations of events will go uncontested. (also, much of their report is devoted to slandering you either implicitly or explicitly, as i'm sure you well know!)
(Note: I wrote this before I found the full Ethical Hacking report, so there may be minor points of difference with the post that I linked. Also, I wrote the email in a way designed to elicit a response from him, obviously.)
I told him the truth: I'm an obsessive nobody with too much free time, which I think has guaranteed that he will never speak to me again. He's supposed to provide some kind of testimony in the near future, although I doubt it will be public. Hopefully he'll tell his story someday and correct the record. If there's any justice, the people who've been arrested on the basis of the OAS report will be set free, but I won't be holding my breath on that one.
(Update: There's a revealing part of the final OAS report that they hid deep in the document, on p81-82:
When digitizing the tally sheets and taking into account the observations they include, note was taken that the number of ballots assigned to each political party in the official count matched 34,495 images of the tally sheets (99.8%). This information refers only to the votes assigned to the political parties and does not take into account the total sum of the balloting enshrined in each tally sheet or the comparison of these figures with total ballots casts (registry of citizens on the eligible voter roll) or the total number of valid votes recorded in the corresponding checkboxes. In this exercise, the documents uploaded into the count system were not checked to see if they were authentic, and the tally sheets that the team of handwriting experts identified as having irregularities and/or having been manipulated were not discarded. (Their emphasis, not mine.)
In other words, the vote counts in the computer system accurately reflect the acta images in almost every single case. Out of a total of 34,555 actas, only 60 actas don't match, and if there were any meaningful bias in those 60 actas, they absolutely would have mentioned it. If the vote counts demonstrably weren't manipulated, then any manipulation would have to be of the acta images themselves. However, there are quite a few physical copies of these documents floating around, as multiple copies of each tally sheet were made and distributed, and nobody has been able to demonstrate discrepancies between them and the images on the website. Furthermore, the Cómputo system was closely monitored throughout, and in the TREP, which supplied the Cómputo with about 1600 acta images - nearly all from overseas, as had been planned - the gateway through which those images entered the TREP system was monitored at all times during the electoral process and the application server which received the images and stored them was as well. If there were any evidence that those images were manipulated or replaced, it would almost certainly be in the voluminous logs which Ethical Hacking turned over to the OAS, which were sourced from the real-time monitoring of every relevant log on all the important servers. In his first report, Guzmán de Rojas even says, "Both in the TREP and in the Cómputo, SIMOBOL (his electoral software) keeps a log of all the operations performed on every acta." It seems like there's too much data to have to depend entirely on procedural complaints. In short, I think that the allegations of data manipulation are unfounded.)
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2019.12.11 15:56 srslyjuststop Why The TREP Was Suspended

Why The TREP Was Suspended
(Versión en español)
I've been reviewing public documents in an attempt to figure out exactly what happened on Election Day (October 20th 2019) in Bolivia to cause the stoppage of the TREP (non-binding preliminary vote count). This unexpected stoppage, followed by a late rally that expanded the MAS's lead just enough to win outright in the first round, led to accusations of electoral fraud that fueled a protest movement which eventually overthrew the government.
I think the suspension of the TREP was a result of the tension and lack of communication between Marcel Guzmán de Rojas, the director of NEOTEC, the firm which developed and administered the computer system that processed the votes, and Ethical Hacking, the Panamanian cybersecurity firm that was hired in the last few weeks by the TSE (Supreme Electoral Court, which oversees Bolivian elections) to audit the system and then monitor it on Election Day. It's important to note that some MAS-aligned members of the TSE had hoped to develop their own system instead of continuing to rely on NEOTEC, who had administered elections in Bolivia for many years, but their effort failed and NEOTEC, who had the solid support of the MAS's opposition, was rehired about five weeks before the election. The TSE reached out to Ethical Hacking about a week later on September 19th, but it wouldn't be until October 4th, just 16 days before the election, when the first meeting between NEOTEC and Ethical Hacking was held, and the compressed pre-election schedule contributed to frictions between them. During this time, Guzmán de Rojas felt burdened by the additional demands on him as a result of the presence of Ethical Hacking. The monitoring software that's so often mentioned in news reports was installed over the protests of Guzmán de Rojas, who expressed skepticism about it, fearing it could create conflicts with his own software and there wasn't enough time to test it adequately. When it was finally installed on his servers three days before the election, he only agreed because the TSE ordered it, and even then he had a contract drawn up in which he repeated his concerns, and he and Ethical Hacking's CEO Alvaro Andrade bickered over the details.
The day before Election Day, there was an event involving government officials and electoral observers in which they reinitialized the databases, performed validations of the computer program, and preserved a copy of the source code, then had a verbal agreement not to make any more changes or connect to the servers. However, shortly before midnight that same day, Guzmán de Rojas accessed one of the servers, which generated multiple security alerts. When Ethical Hacking called Guzmán de Rojas, he said that he was connected to the server but explained that in the earlier event, there wasn't enough time to reinitialize all the databases and he'd planned to finish the process later. Ethical Hacking asked him to disconnect from the server and not make any more changes, but hours later, early in the morning on Election Day, Guzmán de Rojas made two bugfixes to his code in response to errors caused by the arrival of the first tally sheets from overseas, which generated more security alerts and forced Ethical Hacking to redo its review from the day before. According to Ethical Hacking, these unauthorized changes "generated great suspicion and unease toward NEOTEC among the TSE board" and Guzmán de Rojas was forced to agree in writing to not make any more changes without the coordination and participation of the DNTIC (National IT Directorate) and Ethical Hacking. Also, throughout Election Day, Guzmán de Rojas and his staff regularly accessed the servers to check the logs despite the protests of the cybersecurity people, who preferred that it be done via their monitoring software. Reading the Ethical Hacking report, one gets the sense that Guzmán de Rojas saw them as a nuisance that could mostly be ignored as he went about his usual work. In fact, this was the first time that the TSE had hired a cybersecurity firm to monitor an election and Guzmán de Rojas must not have been used to such strict supervision. When he saw something that needed to be done, he sometimes did it without bothering with whatever protocols there might be.
The most serious problems emerged with the preparations for the scheduled 7:45PM press conference at which the board members of the TSE would announce the preliminary results. To facilitate this event, there was a planned stoppage of the publication of TREP results at 7:40PM, so that when the TSE board was giving the announcement, the published results wouldn't change every three minutes as before. However, also around this time, there was a large, unexpected increase in tally sheet verification traffic coming from the server known as bo1. This was the first of the so-called hidden servers, both of which were used to relay routine traffic to other servers that warehoused the electoral data, but it's important to note that, according to the OAS, this server had been active all day long relaying tally sheet verification traffic from the SERECI (Civil Registry Service). I don't understand why Ethical Hacking didn't send a notification about this server earlier, since it wasn't in the list provided to them that morning by Guzmán de Rojas.
When the number of HTTP requests coming from bo1 increased, an event which started at around 7:30PM, just 10 minutes after the absolute peak of tally sheet verification traffic, this activity was flagged by Ethical Hacking, who noticed that it was coming from an unapproved IP address and, according to their report, the requests were tally sheet verification traffic. They tried to call Guzmán de Rojas - who was working at the SERECI offices, where the tally sheets were being verified, instead of with Ethical Hacking at the offices of the TSE - but they couldn't reach him. They also asked the DNTIC about the server, but they didn't recognize it. After two failed attempts to contact Guzmán de Rojas, they sounded a "maximum alert" to the TSE. The exact timing of some events between 7:30PM and 8:10PM isn't clear. However, Guzmán de Rojas says that at around 8:10 PM the utilities at the SERECI offices were cut, which put a stop to tally sheet verifications. Five minutes later at 8:15 PM, he received a call from the TSE in which he was ordered to stop the TREP and to come to an urgent meeting at the TSE offices in San Jorge.
It's worth stopping for a moment to consider the explanation Guzmán de Rojas later gave of the bo1 server:
(Note: Transmission operators are certified election workers present at polling places who use an Android app developed by NEOTEC to record the numbers on each vote tally sheet and take a photo of the tally sheet, sending this data to a cloud server operated by NEOTEC so that it can then be validated by the verification operators at the SERECI.)
The bo1 server, a perimeter server (Nginx gateway), was used during the preparations for the election from September 20th 2019 onward. This server was used for the registration of transmission operators and the registration of verification operators, the training of verification operators, and during the testing of the transmission of results and the verification of tally sheets prior to the election.
The agent monitor ossec wasn't installed on this server. The server bo21 should've been used for the day of the election, an instruction which wasn't carried out.
In all his reports, he's vague about the reason for the mistake, only saying that he should've used another server but failed to do so. In their report, Ethical Hacking describe how they performed an extensive security review of this server shortly after the stoppage, reviewing all its logs and checking for any malicious software, and found nothing to contradict Guzmán de Rojas. It really does seem that it was just some test server of his that was active when it shouldn't have been. Also, he told Ethical Hacking that this server was where he stored historical data from previous elections, which would seem to support his claim about it being a test server.
What's absolutely clear is that the TSE was not in on this at all. Around 8:30PM, everyone meets at the TSE offices and, according to Ethical Hacking, an extremely tense scene ensues:
By this time, the president of the TSE and the board members, except for Dr. Costas, started to accuse Marcel Guzmán de Rojas of committing fraud. The situation became untenable. Everyone started shouting and accusing him of fraud. There was talk of calling the Attorney General, of calling the police. We had to intervene to calm the mood of the meeting.
Again, it simply does not make sense that the TSE was involved with this server. What happened clearly took them by surprise and they were extremely upset with Guzmán de Rojas. This detail is not in any report, but a friend told me that he'd spoken to an ex-minister from the MAS who suspected that Guzmán de Rojas had intentionally sabotaged the election, which seems unlikely but does help illustrate just how much the MAS distrusts him.
According to Guzmán de Rojas, the TSE presented him with these three reasons at the 8:30PM meeting to justify their stoppage of the TREP:
1: The use of an unmonitored server, bo1.
2: The unexpected increase in tally sheet verification traffic from the bo1 server.
3: The sudden change in trend between the MAS and CC.
You can tell right away from the first two reasons that the inciting event of this entire catastrophe was the maximum alert about bo1. That's why they stopped the TREP. Because they thought the computer system was being manipulated. In fact, in the Ethical Hacking report, they indicate that at the 8:30PM meeting it was again ordered that the TREP be stopped "until what happened can be verified" and it's clear this is a reference to the bo1 server. However, they were alerted about more than just that server. Ethical Hacking also notified the TSE about cyberattacks from Colombia. Here's how the board member Edgar Gonzalez described it:
Regarding the bo1 server, Gonzáles claimed that it was the audit firm Ethical Hacking that pointed out that error, for which the whole board was called to a meeting where the board member Antonio Costas wasn't present. That meeting was between 8:30PM and 9:00PM on Election Day.
González explained that Marcel Guzmán de Rojas didn't declare that server and, "second of all, at that time the system was receiving a ton of attacks. That's what the IT person from the audit firm explained (to us). Something like 70,000 attacks from Colombia," the TSE board member specified in statements to Urgente.bo.
"That's what they told us, that the server was being attacked from overseas. Mr. Guzmán de Rojas (told us) that there was another server, an IP address that he hadn't declared and he apologized," he noted.
In Ethical Hacking's report, there's a section about this supposed attack, which they describe as a possible denial of service attack. According to a 6:58 PM email in their report, the public TREP results website had received over a million HTTP requests in less than an hour from a single IP address. Using a simple whois, I found that the IP address belongs to Centro Nacional De Consultoria in Bogotá, Colombia. Based on their website, they're a firm that does market research and corporate consulting, but most importantly they are a parent company of ViaCiencia, one of the principal polling firms for the election and the only one certified by the government to perform a quick count on Election Day. Other polling firms complained bitterly about ViaCiencia, claiming that the government showed it favoritism and that its work was meant to support fraudulent electoral results. All their requests were for resources of the form https://trep.oep.org.bo/resul/resulActa/xxxxx/yy, which are JSON-formatted TREP vote counts. For example, if I wanted TREP vote counts for the presidential election (1) from tally sheet #71795, I would request:
(Note: The website was deactivated in January 2020.)
It's clear from this and the large number of requests being generated that they were only scraping the TREP election results website, but there's a thin line between scraping and a denial of service attack, and these folks in Bogotá crossed it. The obvious solution to a single IP address drowning you in requests is to block it, but it's not clear that this happened. Ethical Hacking had no credentials to log in to the servers - only the notifications from their monitoring software - and may have had trouble reaching the person who did have the logins: Guzmán de Rojas. According to Edgar Gonzalez, word about this supposed cyberattack reached him as part of the alert about bo1, which helped set off a panic that resulted in the suspension of the TREP.
In his October 28th report, Guzmán de Rojas admits he shouldn't have used the bo1 server for the election, but insists the traffic level was absolutely normal. Ethical Hacking disagrees, claiming it's impossible for legitimate SERECI tally sheet verification traffic to reach "30,000 HTTP requests every 30 seconds," a figure taken from this traffic graph in their report:
Warning: The times in this graph are all one hour early, which is because Ethical Hacking is based in Panama. Also, you can see that Ethical Hacking's '30,000 requests per 30s' is actually 30,000 requests *per 5 minutes* (=3,000 per 30s).
This question of what constitutes normal traffic seems like the only point where Guzmán de Rojas and Ethical Hacking are in serious conflict about the facts, and it's not clear who's right. However, I'm inclined to trust Guzmán de Rojas since it's his system and Ethical Hacking had only started working with it just two weeks earlier. (Click here for a more detailed discussion of the bo1 traffic spike.)
At the end of Guzmán de Rojas's claim that the traffic was normal, he makes this comment:
If the use of the bo1 server and an increase in traffic were considered anomalies, this should've been warned about and cleared up before 7:30PM.
And he's right, isn't he? Ethical Hacking absolutely should've flagged traffic from bo1 much earlier. I don't understand why they didn't. You can see clearly that bo1, the green line, had been active long before the spike that generated the alert. In fact, in the OAS report, they say it had been active all day long. It's possible Ethical Hacking didn't pay attention to it because, like all of the approved servers, it had an IP address in a range reserved for private networks (format: 10.x.x.x), which really ought to have given them more pause about sending a maximum alert.
The Ethical Hacking traffic graph is also useful because it can be combined with other evidence to reconstruct some of the timeline of the TREP stoppage. It appears that the number of HTTP requests coming from bo1 started to spike at around 7:30PM Bolivia time. In their report, Ethical Hacking claims to have detected the traffic increase right at 7:30PM, but they may not have actually noticed until some minutes later, since the traffic level then was about equal with the previous peak. They called Guzmán de Rojas twice without success and consulted with the DNTIC, after which they sent their maximum alert to the TSE. I believe the TSE only learned about this alert between 7:53-7:58PM. I say this because from 7:50-7:53PM there was the TSE's preliminary results press conference, which was attended by all the board members, and none appear to be alarmed or hurried. The TSE president, María Eugenia Choque, even ends the event noting that there were still many rural votes to be counted, which would seem to imply she believed the TREP would continue. The latest the TSE would've learned about this alert was 7:58PM, which corresponds to the first attempt to cut the SERECI's internet. This can be seen in unreleased electoral data which shows the SERECI's IP address changed at 7:58:12PM when they automatically switched over to a backup line. Then, at 8:06:44PM, their first IP address was restored and 15 seconds later at 8:07PM, all tally sheet verifications ceased, so the SERECI's utilities must've been cut. Then, according to Guzmán de Rojas, the TSE board (minus Costas) called him around 8:15PM and ordered him to halt the TREP.
If you'll recall, there was a third reason given to Guzmán de Rojas for the TREP suspension: a sudden change in trend between the MAS and CC. And for all the media coverage this reason has received, you would think that it was the only one. It's taken for granted that the TSE invented this "sudden change" to justify intervening to prevent an unfavorable result, but there's good reason to believe that in fact there was a sudden change in trend. In his November 4th report, Guzmán de Rojas explains that at around 7:16PM he reconfigured the public TREP results website to use a better data source which had at least twice as many tally sheets verified because data replication between the servers was slow and he wanted to ensure the public results were as up-to-date as possible for the press conference. This is exactly the sort of event that might cause a sudden change in the reported results. And sure enough, in this interview (and this one) Álvaro Andrade of Ethical Hacking says that around this same time, there was a sharp reduction in the margin between the MAS and CC, which abruptly declined from 11-12% to 7%, and that this prompted a request from the TSE to verify the data on the website. Andrade explained it away as being due to the mass verification of tally sheets from Santa Cruz, whose voters tend to oppose the MAS, but the problem with his account is that, according to the public spreadsheets, at no point did the MAS have an 11-12% lead in the presidential election. The 11-12% margin might reflect the count from the incomplete data source, which had at most half as many tally sheets verified, and when the public website started using the more complete data source, the MAS's reported margin suddenly fell below the 10% threshold. In his October 28th report, Guzmán de Rojas argued there was no change in trend, which he interpreted as a complete inversion of the positions of the two parties, but it was likely only a question of whether the MAS would win in the first round, not about who had the outright lead. At the 8:30PM meeting, he tried to clear up the TSE's concerns, but they weren't convinced and decided not to resume the TREP.
Also, in the OAS report, a shadowy figure appears around this time. An asesor (advisor) who's not on any of the employee lists but is vouched for by the TSE. They withheld his name in the OAS report, but Alvaro Andrade named him in an interview, so there's no sense in withholding it here. This asesor is one Sergio Martínez. According to his LinkedIn profile, he had recently been doing IT work at the National Institute of Statistics and had worked several other, similar government jobs prior. He began work as an IT contractor for the SERECI on October 8th, only four days after Ethical Hacking's own start. He appears in passing multiple times in the Ethical Hacking report, always in routine professional contexts: in two emails about security patches and audits on the 15th and in another from the 18th after he provided Andrade with a protocol for the reinitialization of databases. He was also present for the all-hands meetings after the TREP interruption on Election Night, where he appears to have proposed the configuration of a new perimeter server - bo20, the second of the hidden servers - that would be used for the verification of the remaining tally sheets, likely to resolve the conflict between Marcel Guzmán de Rojas and the TSE board, some of whom distrusted Marcel and had just accused him of fraud. In a report provided to the OAS, the DNTIC said that this bo20 server was configured by all of the important technical personnel: the DNTIC, NEOTEC, and Ethical Hacking (SIM SRL), a point the OAS doesn't challenge.
In his November 4th report to the TSE, Guzmán de Rojas offers this description of bo20:
On election night at the 20:00 (sic) meeting, the TSE decided to replace the bo1 server with a new server, bo20. This server was created and configured in the TSE's Amazon AWS server space. Just like the server bo1, the new server is a simple gateway, a reverse proxy using Nginx.
It's clear from statements he's made that he thought the TSE's complaints about bo1 and the excessive traffic were baseless, but there was no way of placating them except with another gateway server that was, as he explained, just like the one it was replacing.
The next day, according to NEOTEC's October 28th report, there was a meeting at 12:30PM between Guzmán de Rojas and the TSE where they all hashed out how to proceed. It was there that it was decided that the internet would be restored to the SERECI offices, the remaining TREP tally sheets would be processed, and then the publication of results would resume once this was completed. Also, a new IP address, this one belonging to the new bo20 server, was given to the SERECI by the DNTIC director for the verification of the remaining actas. Around 2:30PM, the SERECI had its internet restored and their TREP operators began to process tally sheets again. It would be another four hours, at 6:30PM, before the order was given to resume the publication of results, which resulted in a sharp discontinuity when the public website suddenly updated for the first time in nearly a day. In that time, 3831 tally sheets were verified and the MAS's margin over CC had grown from 7.87% to 10.15%, pushing it just over the critical 10% margin needed to win outright in the first round.
The rest of the story is less interesting, although the errors and bad practices are shocking for a production system in a national election. It all occurs in the Cómputo (official vote count) and it's scene after scene in which, say, there's a correction requested by an electoral official or a database error, so the DNTIC grants Marcel VPN access and he fixes the mistake in the only way he can: with a SQL command, as I'm sure he's done a million times in a million other elections. In most cases he appears to have permission from government officials, but he's not observed performing the changes. He simply does it, then documents in an email the SQL command he used, and then Ethical Hacking frets about how he's not following procedure. There's also a WhatsApp chat log at the end of the Ethical Hacking report that shows there was an informal system between Windsor Saire, the director of the DNTIC, and Marcel Guzmán de Rojas which the two tried to document via email but which didn't appear to include the in-person supervision of Marcel.
(Note: There have been many complaints about the use of direct SQL commands, which is terrible practice and even worse within the context of an election, but according to the contract Guzmán de Rojas had drawn up, the database (MySQL) history files on the TREP application servers were being monitored in real time. After that second bug fix in the morning on Election Day, he said, 'With the bash (Linux command line) and MySQL history files, you can see what I did.' I'd expect Ethical Hacking to have monitored the same logs on the Cómputo servers, although it's unclear to me if this is the case. At any rate, if Guzmán de Rojas's emails are accurate, these SQL commands were all corrections of erroneous status values, not edits to vote totals.)
I'm confident there wasn't any data manipulation during the outage, and I think the belief that there was is due to the enormity of the technical fuck-ups and the bitterness of the political divisions in the country. Why am I so confident? Because the final results are predictable based on pre-interruption trends. Also, the OAS hasn't pointed to discrepancies between the digital and physical records, which for me would constitute strong evidence of data manipulation.
  • Fragment from Ethical Hacking Report to TSE (10/28/2019, link)
  • NEOTEC Report to TSE #1 (10/28/2019, link)
  • NEOTEC Report to TSE #2 (11/4/2019, link)
  • Ethical Hacking Consolidated Timeline (v1.4, 11/6/2019, link)
  • OAS Preliminary Report (11/10/2019, link)
  • DNTIC Report to OAS about bo20 (11/11/2019, link)
  • OAS Final Report (12/4/2019, link)
  • Statement from Sergio Martínez (12/10/2019, link)
UPDATE #1: I wrote to Guzmán de Rojas to explain why I disagreed with the OAS report and to urge him to rebut it. To my great surprise, he responded, telling me I've 'got it right'.
UPDATE #2: Ex-TSE vice president Antonio Costas, who voted against certifying Evo Morales's candidacy and was the only board member with an IT background, points to human error as well. Some choice quotes from this October 23rd article:
"I get word that my colleagues (board members) were meeting with [Ethical Hacking] and NEOTEC. What happened is that there's a security protocol between the two firms and a part of the data was migrated in order to publish the data to another server, a movement which needed to be coordinated. [Ethical Hacking] detects this situation, and I think in this there was an excessively zealous protocol. Instead of making a big fuss, they should've sat down and looked at what happened. (...) They should've warned us," he said in an interview with Unitel.
"There's no fraud here. It was incompetence," he said.
(Other interviews: CNN, La Revista al Día, PAT, NTN, RED+. There's this, too, from 11 days before the election. Costas says that Ethical Hacking was "very demanding", but that they were helping to formalize processes that were somewhat improvisational and this would ultimately improve the TSE as an institution. I'll bet he wasn't expecting Ethical Hacking's procedural fussiness to become functional to the overthrow of the government and later aid in criminal prosecutions against him and the other board members.)
UPDATE #3: The EU also published a report with a few interesting details. They explain that the TSE's original plan with the TREP was to make a single announcement at 8:00PM to avoid confusion with the official count, which is what they had done in prior elections, but 10 days before the election, under pressure from the EU and others, they agreed to two more announcements, one at midnight and another later on the 21st. It seems that, after the decision to suspend the TREP, the TSE tried to fall back to their original plan and in effect wash their hands of the TREP, but ultimately gave in to calls to resume it. Also, in the lead-up to the election, there were many dismissals and resignations of key TSE staff, which reduced its technical expertise for the election. It's possible this made the TSE more dependent on its contractors to perform the technical roles.
UPDATE #4: I obtained new electoral data and used it to make a timeline (in Spanish) of the progression of the TREP during the period when the publication of results was halted. The exact time of the interruption was 8:07 PM, at which point the MAS had a 9.02% lead with 95.06% of tally sheets transmitted and 89.98% verified in the presidential race.
UPDATE #5: I missed this uncharacteristically informative November 18th piece from Página Siete where Guzmán de Rojas and Andrade snipe at each other. Guzmán de Rojas denies BO1 was an unknown server, insisting that it was used in testing two days before the election and Andrade should've complained then. He also claims Andrade's erroneous "30,000 HTTP requests per 30 seconds" is a deliberate lie. For his part, Andrade says all the errors were the fault of Guzmán de Rojas, who violated the security protocol over and over. One odd detail is Andrade claims to have received a notification about BO1 at 6:49 (PM). This seems about an hour too soon, so I assume he's citing it for the wrong time zone and actually means 7:49 PM, but I'm not sure.
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2019.11.25 00:27 abhijoysarkar Weekly Update: ParJar media blitz, Fiat pegged tipping goes live, Hydro Community Content Initiative, Sentivate Ambassadors... – 15 Nov - 21 Nov'19

Weekly Update: ParJar media blitz, Fiat pegged tipping goes live, Hydro Community Content Initiative, Sentivate Ambassadors... – 15 Nov - 21 Nov'19
Sup folks! This is the final one of the catch up series. Here’s your week at Parachute + partners (15 Nov - 21 Nov'19):

With the latest update in ParJar, you can now tip crypto to your friends pegged to fiat. For example, if you were ever stuck on “How do I send $PAR tokens worth 10 USD to Cap?”, you can now simply type “/tip 10 USD PAR” and boom! ParJar does the rest for you. Awesome isn’t it? Last week we didn’t even notice that ParJar had been featured on a number of crypto publications. Cap found out this week. From Decrypt to TronWeekly to BitcoinExchangeGuide, ParJar made a big splash everywhere. Friggin amazing! PAR4PAR lottery entered stage 7. 350k $PAR up for grabs. Charlotte's Math trivia in TTR was super fun. 10 questions, 2500 $PAR each. Doc Vic (from Cuba) made a group for CoD Mobile players from Parachute. Join in if interested.
No more wondering “How much is 5 USD in $PAR?” when tipping. Yay!
In this week’s creative contest (@captainparachute #fanciness) by Jason, Parachuters had to “draw fancy outfits for captain”. Tons of $PAR given out for making Captain fabulous. Haha. Weekly Parenas are back. This week’s Parena saw Carlos take home a cool 25k $PAR from the 50k $PAR pot by beating Brian in a quick finale. This week’s Two-for-Tuesday’s theme was live in concert bands. An epic Tuesday ensued. In this week's #PFFL update, Hang (9-2) has moved to first place with Clinton following closely at 8-3. Chris, Alexis and Andy are in third position with 7-4. For #wholesomewed this week, Parachuters shared pivotal events from their lives that made them what they are. As a Helium hotspot operator, Cap and Ice travelled to a meetup this week in NYC to explore synergies.
Peace Love’s late entry for last week’s #Parichristmas. Can you identify the face? Haha
Catch up on the latest at aXpire from CEO Gary Markham’s inaugural State of the Market episode. Plus, there’s the Week 46 update video by Joakim as well. This week’s 20k $AXPR burn can be tracked here. Do you work at a Law firm that is looking to improve profitability? Look no further. Bilr is here to help. Have a read of this article to know more. The ERC20-BEP2 swap bridge is now back online. Check out the cool new promo video of the 2gether card. Founder Salvador Casquero will be part of a webinar discussion with Manager Focus on digital currencies on the 28th. Mark your calendars! CEO Ramón Ferraz's full interview with Emprendiendo.TV from South Summit which happened several weeks back was published this week. He also wrote about DeFi (Decentralised Finance) and its impact on the financial sector in a recent CryptoDaily UK article. The story behind the present branding of XIO can be read in this tweet thread. A new gif contest was started just before of the reveal of the first set of nominated startups for the XIO incubator. Hope you had a chance to make a submission. The Birdchain community was invited this week to vote for their favorite entry in the Copywrite Challenge. Voting will be open till the 27th. Plus, a new referral bonus was started. Woot woot! Did you know that you could earn 5% interest for holding $ETHOS on Voyager? Read more about it here. The latest update of the Voyager app was released this week.
Thanks for making this ParJar branded coupon/label, Jose. I can already see so many uses for this
Tron is now live on the Switch-backed McAfeeDex. Its volume on the SwitchDex network can also be tracked from DappRadar. The Dex supports 70 languages as of now and will become as close to a DAO as possible by decentralising decision making from 2020. Mineable featured Fantom $FTM in his list of 7 promising cryptos video. If you are looking to stake $FTM when mainnet goes live, make sure to read this article to understand how it will work. For the latest roundup from Fantomverse, click here. And welcome to the $FTM fam, Samuel! The voting for the #UptrenndOC contest finalists was conducted. BeInCrypto joined Uptrennd this week. $1UP is now listed on P2PB2B exchange. The crew will be covering CoinPoint's Annual VIP Networking Party next year as a media partner. Congratulations to the winners of the ETH Prediction contest for winning 2k $1UP tokens. Sweet! Part I of the Uptrennd Sharing Contest got off to a roaring start. For the latest scoop on District0x, check out the District Weekly. The District Registry article in the education portal has been updated in preparation of its launch. How to win over customers in the Fintech space? Hydro breaks it down for you in this article. The Hydro Community Content Initiative looks at creative inputs from the community to spread the word on Hydro. The project won an international competition called APIficator hosted by Sia Partners at The Met in NYC. APIficator is an open innovation challenge that looks for the best banking and finance APIs from around the world. Woohoo! As Vault prepares for a 2020 launch, here’s a quick product update.
Views from the Hydrogen HQ are to die for
If you want to see Silent Notary’s $SNTR token listed on Halodex, then don’t forget to vote for IDLedgers in the Halodex Listing Contest. Interested to become a Sentivate Ambassador? Get in touch with the crew. There will also be an Advocate Program for busy folks. Following the community's vote from a few weeks back to have more ELI5 content on core web technologies in video format, the team announced that they will be starting a podcast soon from their new office in Pittsburgh. Scott Melker (The Wolf Of All Streets) joined as an advisor to the project this week. Stay tuned to the upcoming AMAs to get in on exclusive updates. One of them will have more details on Artifacts. OST CEO Jason Goldberg wrote in depth about how OST’s tech makes Pepo such a powerful app. Pepo also got covered in detailed articles on Cointelegraph and Blockchain.news. Decrypt also did a brief feature of $OST. A Merkle Tree is a data structure that allows for quick verification in a large amount of data. SelfKey team published an article that explains how Merkle Trees make blockchains efficient. They also put together an eye-opening list of major data breaches in 2019. But what do hackers do with the breached data? Click here to find out. Busy week at Pynk with the crew travelling to Expanse Summit to speak on "Investing with AI" and then to Shift Conference in Croatia (where they made it to the finals) followed by FintechMatters in Vienna (where co-founder Mark Little talked about Crowd Wisdom) and finally to Slush in Helsinki (for biz dev).
Signing up for Pepo is pretty straightforward
Shuffle Monster’s $SHUF token is now a default token on Uniswap. Wibson team attended the Games Changer Summit hosted by Forbes Argentina this week. Head of Research Carlos Sarraute travelled to the University of San Andrés to train attendees on Big Data and talk shop. Read up on the Wibson journey so far from this article. Harmony had proposed a new staking mechanism called Effective Proof-of-Stake (EPoS) back in August. This week, it started to come to fruition with the latest commit. Click here to see what it takes to get it live. Harmony's Java SDK was released as well. Digital marketer Nick Vasilich shared his learnings from working on the development of Harmony DAO from the ground up. To stay upto date with Harmony news in your local language, don’t forget to follow the regional accounts. Welcome to Harmony, Wen! In this week's Harmony Insights episode, we learnt about market making. $ONE was listed on DeFi platform Constant which enables P2P lending. On that occasion, a special deal of lower interest rates for borrowing against $ONE was announced. Click here for pictures from Binance Turkey meetup that Harmony crew visited. Continuing from last week’s Harmony Bytes, the challenges of staking were discussed in the latest episode. As mentioned last week, the team was in Odessa as part of #CryptourUkraine. Next week, Vinnytsia.

And with that, we are 100% updated with the latest week. Yay! See you again with another weekly update. Ciao!
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Como ocultar enlace de Meet en Classroom - YouTube Como aceptar invitación de Google Meet - YouTube Tutorial Google Meet para docentes - YouTube Iván Herrero: Webinar acerca de Data Science - YouTube La pantalla compartida de Google Meet be like - Resubido ... Por qué ser Big Data Engineer  IL3-UB Assassin's Creed Valhalla Data de Lançamento - GAME FOI ... ¿Qué hace un Data Scientist? - YouTube COMO UNIRSE A UNA REUNIÓN DE GOOGLE MEET. - YouTube DIA DE SWAPMEET EP. 5

The Fed - Meeting calendars and information

  1. Como ocultar enlace de Meet en Classroom - YouTube
  2. Como aceptar invitación de Google Meet - YouTube
  3. Tutorial Google Meet para docentes - YouTube
  4. Iván Herrero: Webinar acerca de Data Science - YouTube
  5. La pantalla compartida de Google Meet be like - Resubido ...
  6. Por qué ser Big Data Engineer IL3-UB
  7. Assassin's Creed Valhalla Data de Lançamento - GAME FOI ...
  8. ¿Qué hace un Data Scientist? - YouTube

Un data scientist es el encargado en una organización que busca encontrar verdades a través del análisis masivo de datos para poder guiar al equipo en la tom... En este vídeo hacemos un rápido recorrido por las principales funcionalidades de Google Meet. Se trata de una herramienta imprescindible para la creación de ... Esta es la forma de aceptar invitaciones a Videoconferencias, creadas con Google Meet, que son programadas mediante Google Calendar, se crea la cita formal y... Lean la descripción. La verdad es que no sé porque YouTube borró este video pero, lo resubimos porque sí. Si desaparece otra vez ya saben que pasó xd Esperam... Iván Herrero es una persona apasionada por el mundo digital que disfruta encontrando soluciones innovadoras a los desafíos de las compañías y logra ver oport... Para tudo! Como Assassin's Creed Valhalla data de lançamento alterada? Será que o game foi adiado? Confira no vídeo de hoje todas as informações sobre a nova... This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. para celulares el proceso es exactamente el mismo. a diferencia que en el celular deben tener descargada la aplicaciÓn de meet. No hay duda que el Big Data Engineer es una de las profesiones del futuro, con un aumento del 122 % en la publicación de ofertas de empleo relacionadas directamente con el Big Data. Proceso para ocultar el enlace de meet para los estudiantes y evitar que ingresen antes o fuera de tiempo a mis clases.